Fear of strange public restrooms and toilets

by LIP

Hello Everyone,

Like most of you, I am so happy to know that I am not alone. Ever since I can remember, I have had an intense and uncontrollable fear of strange public restrooms, toilets that flush by themselves, the long or short silver exposed pipes on toilets, dark restrooms, and black seats. I, too, have nightmares about public restrooms. In my dreams, I am alone in the restroom, and the bathroom entrance disappears. I am in a room full of toilets with the pipes exposed and they all have either a very loud flush or are flooding.

During wake hours when we are in public places, I too, have my husband check out the men's bathroom before I will know whether I can use the bathroom or not. He is patient with me, but doesn't understand my fear. My daughter is 7, and right now she isn't aware of my fear, but I hope that I don't pass it on to her, because it can ruin vacations and limit where you choose to work. Right now, she doesn't like the automatic toilets I wonder where she got that from :-)

If there are a lot people in the bathroom, like at an amusement park, I MIGHT be alright using the public restroom. I am usually alright with the toilets with the white box on the back.

I am 31, and I am finally starting to open up about this fear, and no one I talk to understands, but you all do, and that is some comfort. :-)

I will be thrilled if one day we can all overcome this unusual fear.

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