The Truth About Fear Of Storms

The massive sound effect in case of fear of storms is all the more disturbing, which seems painful for both your ears and your psychological set up.

Jan Heering

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In case of this type of fear just one loud noise and everything gets distorted. However, storm phobia has other names too. People popularly refer it as astrapophobia, keraunophobia, tonitrophobia, astraphobia, brontophobia and ceraunophobia.

Those who suffer from fear of storms in most cases deny admitting their condition. Thus, hardly their phobia gets treated. A dormant phobic condition due to long-term negligence can give form to panic attacks and convulsions.

Therefore, it is better that you act instantaneously to get rid of your unnecessary state of fear.

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People who suffer from thunderstorm phobia at times behave madly. They become so confused that they simply don't know how to react to situations.

If they see a cloudy sky early in the morning they settle down before the television and keep on changing the channels to have information about the latest weather updates.

They ring up their friends and relatives to talk about weather and impending thunderstorm. If you are such a person, you would prefer to stay at home locking up all your doors and windows.

You are afraid to go out and always have the feeling that your life is in danger. Thus, as a victim of storm phobia you tend to become extra observant and extra protective about yourself.

Several statistical researches have proved that more than 66 people die due to fear of storms each year.

Thus, it is significant for you to have an idea how you can best combat storm phobia thereby promoting a healthy and normal existence.

How NOT to treat storm phobia?
Exposing the victim to the condition of phobia is one of the ways of treating thunderstorm phobia. This involves playing records of thunderstorms or showing the victim several clippings of thunder situations..

However, the success of exposure therapy is in fact a matter of great doubt.

How can you alleviate fear of storms with effective self-help techniques?
NLP techniques work appropriately in taking care of this particular phobic condition and it does so quite quickly and steadily. NLP self help techniques enable you to face reality in life and act rationally.

This is a perfect way of restructuring your “mental constructs” that helps you to have a better control over your emotions and sentiments in life.

Once you are able to free yourself from fear of storms, you don't need to keep your doors and windows closed or hide yourself under the bed for the fear of an approaching thunderstorm.

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