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I feel you.
by: Anonymous

I know how you all feel, I'm 18 years old and still get scared when I see one. Well ... scared is a bit of an understatement, I've had complete panic attacks over these little devils. It has become so bad that I can pick out just the sound of them flying from across the room. What's worst is the little buggers are fearless, you can throw anything at them and they'll just sit there and dare you to try and kill them. I know the cure, but unless needed I'd rather just avoid them the best I can.

My biggest Fear.
by: Anonymous

Stink bugs are ruing my life. they're everywhere I turn. I've been sleeping downstairs for over a month now because most of them are in my room. I've only developed this fear about a year ago. I don't know why because I could atleast gett rid of them before, but now I can't even be in the same room as them. I'm only 14 and they make turn crazy. Everytime There is more than one I cry my eyes out and make someone get rid of them. After that I feel like they are everywhere around me. If i feel or think I feel anything touch me I grab my chest and pull my hair. Whenever there is one flying I drop to the floor and instantly start crying. My relationship with my parents is going downhill because of this. My dad is getting angry at me and I can't even cry to my mom anymore about it because she gets mad too. Nobody knows how I acually feel because They're not scared of them. They don't get it, so I can't talk to anyone about it. They don't understand that I acually have a fear of stink bugs. I've considered going to the doctor many times, but my parents refuse to take me. I don't know what i'm going to do because there are so many stink bugs in this world and they will not stop coming in no matter what I do. I can get all the sprays and traps and whatever else I want, but they won't stop them. Maybe for a while, but not forever. everytime I completley clear my bedroom of them and acually sleep in there they always come back the next day. I'm sick of it! I wish they don't exist, but they do and there is nothing I can do about it. I don't want to be stuck with this fear for the rest of my life. I've tried many times to conquer it by acually trying to kill one, but I can never bring myself to do it. I know they're harmless, but it doesn't help. Not one has touched me yet fortunatley, but imagine is one did. My worst nightmare.

I hate stink bugs.
by: Steph

It's awesome to know that I'm not alone in this. My fear of stink bugs began about two years ago, when I was 17. While everyone else can pick them up and kill them with no problem, I panic even the thought of being near one. I've killed a few, trying to get over my fear. But it doesn't help. Just now, I tried killing a stink bug that was lingering on my wall. It had escaped through my 4 paper towels, sprayed me, and flew away. Now, I fear sleeping in my room because I do not know where it is and I am afraid it will attack again. I wish I could just get over this. Good luck to you all, and stay strong!

by: Anonymous

Ok, so I'm 14 and I am terrified! I saw the first bug this fall and I laughed at my grandmother for being scared! Then slowly, very slowly I became frightened by these things. I keep trying to find ways to keep them out of the house but the 'bug experts' say that we can't do anything about them! Every time I see one I scream and someone has to kill it for me! They tell me to keep an eye on it but that just makes me sweat even more! I can hardly sleep, I feel like they just crawl all over my body! I'm glad this has a name, but I'm still mad my family thinks I'm just trying to get more attention! They are freaky!!

These things are evil
by: Anonymous

I haven't had a problem with these things till last year. When literally everyday I would go into my room and five of them would be on my window or wall or my bed.since then I have had a uncontorable fear of them. I am 18 and I play sports and stuff and my friends would ask me what my fear is and I would simply reply stink bugs. Every one thinks it's so stupid because they are harmless. But just something about them I wish every one luck that shares this fear.

by: Anonymous

I know I havve a phobia when they touch me I have to take a shower asap I scrub untilll my skin is red the brake me out I get the shakes an chills and its like they watch you just waiting for the right moment the are so ugly bt its like I can hear them everywhere I go if I kill 1 or see 1 I can't even pick it up with a tissue I have to use a glove an a tissue and its still hard for me the I have to scrub my hands after that its just ugggh yuck

From Hell
by: Anonymous

I swear stinkbugs are from Hell. They are out to get me every time I try to walk across my house. They dive bomb and land in my hair.. I have even caught one on my arm when I felt something tickling. I freaked out and couldn't sleep in my bedroom for days because I felt that it was still in there waiting for me... The are taking over my life!!!

extreme fear of stink bugs
by: Anonymous

I totally feel your pain.I have had an extreme fear of stink bugs since I was 15, I'm now 49. I'm terrorized by these things while knowing they are harmless doesn't help. They arrive in early fall every year, it's to the point that I dread fall and feel depressed when it arrives knowing what I will have to face once again,Stink bugs!! I know it is a phobia and exposure is one of the ways to overcome this but I can't even look at a picture of one without shaking?? It's horrible to have to live like this .. wish there was help. Just know that you are not crazy or alone.

Fear of Stink Bugs
by: Jessica

I have this fear also & I wish all of you luck in overcoming it. The fear is a phobia & the name of it is called Entomophobia. Look it up. I have been living with it for 2 & a half years. There is no cure either other than to face your fears, something I need to work on myself

Stink Bugs
by: Anonymous

Last year, I saw a stinkbug for the first time. I was reading in my room and when i put down my book there was one on my knee, watching me. Since then, I have been convinced that they follow me. My fear of stink bugs became even worse when I learned they could fly. I made this discovery when one tried to land on me in my bathroom. To this point, they wait for me in doorways, crawl onto my bed, and completely taken over my house. No sixteen year old should be as scared of bugs as i as of those little stinkers.

OMFG 0.o
by: Anonymous

I think I have an actual phobia of these things! I start sweating and flip out when I see one. I have to leave the room instantly when I see one, especially when they start flying in circles. The sound of them flying or hearing any sound they make (flying, bouncing of of walls, etc) makes my eyes start watering and sometimes I hyperventilate. This is the only type of bug that I'm afraid of at all!
Except for those giant camel spider things...they freaky...

I'm with ya on this girl
by: Lauren

I share this fear... Something about them is just, ugh. Our house is over run with stinkbugs. I keep a broom outside the front door because i can't touch the door if there's a stinkbug on it. Do you know if there's a phobia name for this?

by: Anonymous

I'm sixteen and I have pretty much the same problem. I totally flip out when they touch me. One's never been on me for more than 2 seconds... I see my hair move in the corner of my eye and spaz out to try and smack it away incase it's a stink bug. I may actually have to change rooms because they're flying around my head. I did a lot of research into them and just finished clearing my room of them, but left one in there. I named it Clyde and keep reminding myself that "Clyde won't hurt me" I don't know if it will work yet, but give it a try and I'll let you know how it goes for me... Hope that helps a bit.

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