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by: Anonymous

I can't be around them i have a panic attack when my teacher even puts a sticker on my book and even my wrst fear is to have one on me. It gives me nightmares. Im even shaking while i write about this

by: Anonymous

I can't be around them i have a panic attack when my teacher even puts a sticker on my book and even my wrst fear is to have one on me. It gives me nightmares. Im even shaking while i write about this

My story is a little different...
by: Anonymous

Ever since I was little, I am afraid of BANDAIDS.
I guess you can call this a phobia sticker because bandaids are like stickers. Right?
I was 5-7 year years old when I found out I was afraid of bandaids. I could not see them or touch them; if I did I would, I bcame so disguested that whole day. Even when I got flu shots at the doctor,I made my mom take off my bandaid right went we went to the car about the doctors.
Which is even more worst, I am 14 now. It started not to bother me because I started not to see bandaids often. When I did, I'll just walk away. Anyways, Ever since December of 2014, I now check under my covers every night. I feel like a bandaid is stuck onto my sheets.
I honestly can stand it, I am so afraid, I dont sleep with the covers on, but I end up having it on when I wake up. Before sleeping, I wave the covers into the air to check if I have any bandaids. I dont, so I go back into my covers and I feel so disgusted.

My story is a little different...
by: Anonymous

Ever since I was little, I am afraid of BANDAIDS.
I guess you can call this a phobia sticker because bandaids are like stickers. Right?
I was 5-7 year years old when I found out I was afraid of bandaids. I could not see them or touch them; if I did I would, I bcame so disguested that whole day. Even when I got flu shots at the doctor,I made my mom take off my bandaid right went we went to the car about the doctors.
Which is even more worst, I am 14 now. It started not to bother me because I started not to see bandaids often. When I did, I'll just walk away. Anyways, Ever since December of 2014, I now check under my covers every night. I feel like a bandaid is stuck onto my sheets.
I honestly can stand it, I am so afraid, I dont sleep with the covers on, but I end up having it on when I wake up. Before sleeping, I wave the covers into the air to check if I have any bandaids. I dont, so I go back into my covers and I feel so disgusted.

Whew not the only one
by: Anonymous

I especially hate to see wet torn stickers at a corner in an old bus. I almost puke whenever i see them. So when i see stickers i HAVE to move away from them.

Whew not the only one
by: Anonymous

I especially hate to see wet torn stickers at a corner in an old bus. I almost puke whenever i see them. So when i see stickers i HAVE to move away from them.

I hate bandaids
by: Anonymous

I can't remember the last time I ever had a bandaid on. I won't even go near anyone that has one on. It gets tough at times because my girlfriend and kids love them. If my girlfriend is wearing a bandaid then I sleep on the couch until it's gone. I thought it was only me with this hangup.

by: Anonymous

Stickers (especially on fruit), glue, those fake tattoos and tape disgust me. I thought I was the only one. I thought I was a freak. I haven't even had a traumatic incident to make me hate them. I just do.

by: Anonymous

Stickers (especially on fruit), glue, those fake tattoos and tape disgust me. I thought I was the only one. I thought I was a freak. I haven't even had a traumatic incident to make me hate them. I just do.

Me exactly!!
by: Anonymous

I have read most of these. Very similar to my fear. I'm glad I'm not alone. I hate stickers but apples sticker are the WOOORRRSSTTTT!

Why does this make me feel like this?
by: Anonymous

So I've had a fear of stickers for a long time and a dislike of tape and writing on yourself and I don't know why. I told some of my friends and they like to mess with me a bit but one of them put a sticker on my binder and I threw it in the garbage and went to the bathroom to wash my hands for like 4 min strait I don't know I know it's stupid and I got a zero on my homework because I wouldn't touch it but let me know what you think

Why does this make me feel like this?
by: Anonymous

So I've had a fear of stickers for a long time and a dislike of tape and writing on yourself and I don't know why. I told some of my friends and they like to mess with me a bit but one of them put a sticker on my binder and I threw it in the garbage and went to the bathroom to wash my hands for like 4 min strait I don't know I know it's stupid and I got a zero on my homework because I wouldn't touch it but let me know what you think

Why does this make me feel like this?
by: Anonymous

So I've had a fear of stickers for a long time and a dislike of tape and writing on yourself and I don't know why. I told some of my friends and they like to mess with me a bit but one of them put a sticker on my binder and I threw it in the garbage and went to the bathroom to wash my hands for like 4 min strait I don't know I know it's stupid and I got a zero on my homework because I wouldn't touch it but let me know what you think

i just cant
by: Anonymous

just being around stickers i cant breathe, i feel like im going to breathe in something bad and i cannot deal with a sticker being on my clothing, skin or anything that has anything to do with me.
i hold my breath whenever im near and it makes me feel so pathetic, when ive mentioned it to my friends they think im messing with them but omg i just cant.

Grosses out by sticker, tape, used gum, dirty wrappers, fruit stickers etc.
by: Anonymous

I seriously will freak out when something like a bandaid or tape or stickers especially when it is being peeled off or is used, is suck on me, near me. Just gross I only know like 2 other people who are grossed out. I guess you could call it scared but I just hate it so much!!!!! I don't mind when it tape comes out of the roll or if a stickers comes off a sheet or like a bandaid is first put on but peeling it off or seeing a used piece of tape or sticker I just can't!

They make me gag.
by: Anonymous

I thoughtni was alone! I've always hated stickers, people stick them to walls and chairs and tables at school. They make me gag and shiver just looking at them.

by: Anonymous

I have had a fear of stickers since I was in kindergarten. I didn't like my teacher and was shy to begin with. She started putting stickers on the back of our hands at the end of the school day and from then on I have always been afraid of stickers. (And also of that teacher)

by: I Feel Silly, But I'm Not Alone

It makes me feel better to know that there are people out there that hate price tag stickers and fruit stickers. I do my best to avoid them. If I must engage I pull off the fruit stickers quickly, put them under all the trash and wash my hands. Price tags or expiration stickers, I will not buy them and prefer stores that don't use them. For the longest while Fresh N Easy didn't have them. Now they do. YUCK! I heard that they industry may introduce a fruit ink on fruit so that solves part of the problem. But I worry that price guns are here to stay. Why can't they just print the UPC labels on things? Either way, my close friends and family know and help me with this. My grandma pulls off price tags if she gives me anything. Bless her heart.

One time I had a dream that I was in a pool of price tag stickers. I came up out of them and my face and tongue were covered in them. Luckily I can avoid them MOOOOSST of the time. But there are instances where I fixate on them. Either way, finding this board makes me feel a bit better. My partner bought some fruit with fruit stickers on them today. I noticed them. So I turned the fruit over so I can avoid the sticker.

I have a hatred/fear of stickers!
by: Anonymous

any kind of sticker, such as stationary ones, fruit labels, etc. Especially hate ones stuck to me.

by: Anonymous

Omg very happy to read this. I felt like such a freak. I cant stand stickers and band-aids and fruit stickers are the worst. My family also makes fun of me. One time my mom licked the sticky part of the fruit sticker in front of me and it took everything in me not to throw up in my dads truck. I ended up making them pull over caused a scene and proceeded to walk home Thank god for this site.

Yes more people with this phobia
by: Anonymous

Omg one of my friends tried to stick tape on my arm and i totally freaked out. I ended up jumping back, screaming, scratching at my arm (where they tried to place it), and attacking them in the process for attacking me with tape. I can not stand stickers, tape, or labels on my clothing or me. If you have one on yourself fine with me just don't come over and put the darn thing on me. I will freak.

Im not alone
by: Anonymous

I seriously thought nobody else had this phobia. I remember it started when I was about 4 or 5. I would come to my best friend's house and he always had stickers on his walls in his room. I would (and still) don't like to be touching the wall or even near it. Whenever I slept over his house I would sleep on his bunk bed that had stickers on the railing. I seriously would cover myself with blankets and try to b still. I dont know why i do this, I just hate the idea of that sticky stuff touching my skin. It gives me chills just thinking about it. I have to know where the stickers are at all times. I have this phobia with loose garbage (garbage thats not in the garbage can) but its not that bad.

sticker GAG.
by: kev

I've never met anyone with this phobia glad I'm not alone. The ones on fruit are the worst or like any kind that kids play with, scratch and sniff MY GOD I'm gagging even thinking about it. I have hated them ever since I can remember. My gf thinks it's silly and sometimes she makes my lunches a few times she has forgot to take the sticker off of fruit, or a stray sticker ended up on my sandwich I have to throw it away. When I told some of my friends I made it VERY clear that if they tried to "test" my phobia they would be sorry, they did laugh about it but were smart enough to leave it at that. My mom thought I was being silly and gave me a sticker book and stickers to play with I threw it away. Teachers tried to give me stickers on my papers I would rip that piece off and throw it in the garbage. Now I'm 35 and have two sticker loving kids they know I hate them and are only allowed to be played with in their rooms, if I find any around the house garbage immediately, last week I had one stuck to my sock I threw my sock away :( Anyways it's nice to know I'm not alone..

Band aid
by: Anonymous

I really happy that it's not just me with this fear.When I see a person wearing a band-aid I have to look away, and try to think of somthing else, to not puke all over the place, I hate the colour and I'm getting really sick just thinking about it now.

And I've never worn a band-aid in my life. When I was a child I had to wear a sock on my hand instead. I'm also afraid of stickers like those on the apples.

Stickers I hate
by: Anonymous

OMG I really am glad to see that I am not alone. I hate stickers and I hate the inspection stickers on clothes. If I remember I will take them off before leaving the store. They are so gross to me. I remember once opening a package of underwear and I went to put the panties on and there were about 10 inspection stickers in the crotch area some on top of each other OMG it was so gross. Talking about it is making me feel gross I hate stickers. Then this lady at work was marking dwn clothes and we use percentage stickers she had the nerve to put one of them on me that she had on her own skin bc I needed more of that particular mark down sticker OMG that killed me :(

glad I'm not the only one
by: Anonymous

Ever since i was little, i could never touch a tag, sticker or dirty band aids. I always had else rip them of for me!

Dead Cells
by: JayPeeBee

Its the fact that once a sticker is placed anywhere, it automatically is dirty in my eyes. Like when someone puts it on there forehead, i think about everything that is now stuck to the sticker. FREAKING GROSS! I also don't like shiny paper or waterbottle labels

Fear of stickers and candy wrappers
by: Anonymous

For years I thought u was crazy but I cannot stand stickers band aids used candy and gum wrappers , shit makes me itch

labels vs. stickers
by: Anonymous

I can deal okay with labels, if they're in their proper place and not curling up at the edges and not on food. I can deal with tape, if it has a purpose and is clean. Anything else is just unbearably disgusting. I've felt that way ever since I was really young. I'm 25 now, so I don't think it'll ever go away. If I ever have kids, we'll have to think of a different rewards system.

Oh, and am I the only one who thinks it's just mean that my "reward" for voting is a sticker? And then I have to see them stuck to other things for weeks afterword. Gross! Even the word is making me edgy and disgusted.

ewww wet stickers
by: Anonymous

Wet, dirty, peeled stickers really make my skin crawl. What is it about its texture? Seriously? I mean, I can't stand grocery price tags with water on them- EWWWWWW. Or those cheap Chinese shiny stickers that little kids stick on things and then peel them off after they get wet. Am I alone????

Don't like used stickers or bandaids
by: Anonymous

I hate sticky things most off all bandaids ewwwww. Everywhere I got I have to look out for bandaids ,especially public pools.I dont like dirty stickers,used candy wrapper and used gum wrappers. I'm just so happy that not some wierdo who is the only one with this fear.

Stinging Bugs
by: Jim N

Several years ago, I lived in New Jersey and was introduced to the Cicada Killer, by being attacked by a hive full of them!! They're 5 times the size of a normal bumble bee. From that day forward, I'm deathly afraid of anything that stings! What kind of phobia is that??

broken wet price tag makes me pweuk
by: Anonymous

people with name tags on there GWG ect.
price tag on apple.i think grocery store owners should get there licence taken away if they stick it on fruit.
tags or stickers that are worse is when there pealing.
once i saw my brother suck on a pack of matchis and i could also smell the sulfer coming from the matchis.
also wet matchis on the street.
once i ate at my brother inlaw and had spegatti and when i was almost done there was a price tag
it was orange and said 9.99 on it.
also for example like on a car in the back were there is a name like jeep ect... if the name is on one side it doesnt make me sick but i think the car lopsided on the side the name is or heavyer on that side.
you wont see me wering anything that has a name tag.
when i was a kid i would hold my breath when i would pass somebody on the street that would look
like someone i wouldnt whant to be.
i also would have a dream as specially when i was sik that doesnt have to do with wet papers but i think is somhowe my dream it was dark all around me and there would be a telephone hanging in mid air and all around there would be like small litle springs falling like snowflakes and when they would hit the floor ther would be an explosion the streinght of a nucler bomb but without the fire etc... i also felt in my dream that i had small fingers.i am 40 years old i still get this dream if im very sick.
As i was writing this i caught my son liking the yogurt of the paper label and he thinks it bugs me but its made of foil paper on the underside so its not that bad haha.
Im not so bad today with all this but i still wash my hands when i have toutch a sticker or wet peice of paper.
Now theas days i find myself with a diferrent kind of phobia if you can call it thatbut here it is.
Its like having a melody in youre head that you would not reepeat out load.
The melody would be a part of a song but with diferrent words.Thees short melodys are so weird
i wouldnt even sing out to no one,only god knows.Depending on how tired i am they will reepeat over and over again in my head.
After a week of this i have to listen to a song on the radio just to get rid of it.
After writing this i will shurely stay anonomus.

They shouldn't exist
by: Anonymous

I only go to convenient stores that don't use them. When I go to the grocery store I have to find a cart that doesn't have them. The produce section is a nightmare. Why do people have to ruin the good healthy food? What is the point of putting them on there? Ugh disgusting. Like someone else said I also use a paper towel to use ketchup, and then put it away in the refrigrator. I don't like it to be near me or in sight while I am eating. If I'm eating at a restaurant I try to hide condiment bottles if I can. I also won't wear the Hello my is________. Wet dirty paper on the ground like at a festival or fair is also nasty. I watch where I walk to avoid it getting on my shoes. I won't drink out of a bottle of water with a paper label, only a plastic one. The condensation on the paper labels make my skin crawl. Someone else said writing their name on a plastic cup makes them want to cry. I feel the same way. Please don't write my name on a cup! Also don't write on my skin or your own if your with me!

by: Olivia

glad Im not the only one! I have been scared of band aids, stickers, and tape ever since i was 5. we were at a dirty public pool one summer. Well I got hungry and i ordered a hot dog. i take three bites and what did I happen to find? A nasty, ugly, bloody, sticky, used band aid smack dab in the middle of my tongue. I didnt eat any more hotdogs after that little episode.

by: beetlebomb

Like many others have said, I'm glad to hear I'm not alone!!
When I told my friends in middle school, of course (again, like many others have said) they thought it'd be hilarious to put a fruit sticker on me. I think they got something was wrong though when I went dead still and very quietly walked to the trash-can to take it off (instead of, err, running around screaming my head off like they'd hoped?!)
I don't get it. If someone revealed they were afraid of heights, would you blindfold them and put them on top of a roof?
Stickers make me gag. Especially when they are tiny and colorful!! I imagine them getting in my mouth and panic. Ugh, I have to stop writing now...

(But yes, we are not alone and we don't deserve ridicule! Luckily it's esoteric enough that sometimes it's best to just keep it to yourself and hope it never comes up...)

my little boy
by: Anonymous

I am so relieved to find this site. I have a 5 year old who is terrified of stickers and band aides. I feel so bad for him because we encounter them everywhere. I try so hard to help him stay away from them, but they are always around. Thank God for his kindergarten teacher! We warned her at the beginning of year that our John had this fear, so in response she only gives stamps to the class as a reward... no stickers in the classroom!

I thought i was the only one!
by: Anonymous

I am deathly terrified of anything that is relatively sticky.. People at school they may like laugh but i laugh with them because i know that if i dont they will torchure me with stickers and stuff. I am soo happy that i have people with the same fear as me. I thought that i was the only one. In 3rd grade the teacher would be like, "oh good job, here's a sticker" and i was like no its ok!! :) lol

I hate stickers
by: Porky Pine

I try to pick out fruit at the store that doesn't have a sticker on it. Today I was peeling an orange that I thought didn't have a sticker on it and when I was almost done peeling it a sticker was stuck to my finger! Grossest thing ever! I couldn't eat the orange and threw everything away right away and scrubbed my hands. Then I googled sticker phobia and was pretty amazed to see I'm not the only on.

Sometimes there are stickers on newspapers and I have to tear the page apart to get rid of them or there is no way I can read the paper, (or be in the same room as it)

When I was a kid I would have to cover up any condiments with stickers on them with a towel or something or else I couldn't eat if they were in my line of sight.

When I buy bulk compost for my garden, there will be stickers in it from the fruit that composted and it makes me gag.

I'm a 30 year old man and I run and scream like a little girl when my daughter messes with me and tries to put stickers on me.

All that said, after reading all these posts it's a pretty hilarious phobia.

by: Anonymous

At my school my teacher gives them out if you get a question right so I don't even raise my hand. When I do I give them to someone else or fold it in half right away. I hate it when they start peeling!I always ask someone else to take it off. On apples I have to ask my mom to take them off and I avoid to eat the apple where the sticker was. I always get the apples when they don't have stickers. Tape doesn't bug me unless its on someone. I find stickers gross and I always wish they didn't exist. My sister and brother tease me and chase me around the house with them and I scream on the top of my lungs then I take off the sticker and put it in the garbage. I avoid telling people in my middle school because when I do it spreads like a rumor and people always test me. They don't understand that I'm deathly afraid of them!

I'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

I'm in middle school and at lunch one day, I told my friends that I'm terrified of stickers. They all laughed and then told me tht I can't be serious- but why in the world would I lie about that? The next day at lunch again, I was turned around looking at something and they put like 10 stickers on my back. I immediately took off my sweater and demanded them to remove them and throw them in the trash. They did, and then I put my sweater back on. I thought they were done with their little prank, until they put another one on my sweater and I felt my back and I was almost to tears. I didn't talk to them for about a week because I was so mad. We are all still really good friends ( that was a year ago) and they know not to fool around with stickers around me!

by: Anonymous

Omg I thought I was alone! I am 15, and I have been afraid of fruit stickers (or any stickers for that matter) for as long as I can remember. My parents & friends think its funny and always make fun of me for it. One time, my friend put a sticker from an apple on me and wouldn't take it off. I seriously almost cried... I really thought I was the only one.

That's why the word
by: Anonymous

For as long as I can remember, I absolutely cannot stand stickers. I remember getting them on tests in elementary school and I would immediately feel grossed out and have to throw the paper away. I felt the stickers were more of a punishment for doing well! Just like in dance class- after a good practice, the teacher would "reward" the students with stickers and all of the kids would run up so excited to receive them and I would feel repulsed and linger in the back of the room... or stand in line and then when it was almost my turn, I would act distracted and wander away from the line.

Don't even get me started about temporary tattoos- YUCK. My cutest little cousin could be in front of me, but if they have a temp tat on their arm or heaven forbid their face, I will not go near them. I will literally run away (or pretend to play tag) to just get away. When the tattoos start to rub off, it literally makes me sick to my stomach and I automatically judge the child's parents for letting their kid leave the house looking like a dirty hobo. My kids will NEVER have these.

This phobia has even affected me in my adult life. When I go grocery shopping, I inspect my basket before I pick it up and will only use one that is sticker-free. If there aren't any sticker free ones available, I carry my groceries in my hands. I love fruit, but the fruit section makes me cringe. I literally have to muster up courage to tear one of those nasty labels off of my banana or apple. I prefer to buy the apples in the plastic bags, because I know they are sticker free.

I also get anxious around small wet pieces of paper, labels, etc.

The worse part is that when someone new finds out about this phobia they ALWAYS test it. Makes me hate them a little.

by: Anonymous

I'm 17 and I've been terrified of stickers ever since I was little. Everyone I've told thinks it's hilarious, and they really don't understand the severity of this situation. Thinking about stickers makes me cringe, and forget being around them. The worst kinds are the holographic smiley face ones... I have no problems with tape, band-aids or anything like that, it's just stickers. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this fear, because I've always been told that I was. Thank God other people know my pain and disgust with stickers.

they make shiver and gag just thinking about them
by: Anonymous

i thought i was the only only one, i feel better now that i know there's more people that feel the same way. i didn't even know that there was a name for this. i still dont understand much because tape does not bother me. fruit with stickers must be pilled and washed. its starting to be more difficult because i have a 6 and 3 year old and they love stickers.

Oh My Mercy
by: Anonymous

I was only able to read a few comments, but thank God for this website! I am 27 and have struggled with the fear of anything sticky my whole life yet no one ever believes me! I think people who tease people like us are so cruel! If only they knew that when a used sticker or tape comes near me I start to black out. However, I've actually always loved completely fresh, unused stickers. As long as they have no exposed sticky and go directly from their original sheet to another piece of paper I'm ok. But, they only belong on paper. Not fabric, skin, fruit, clothing, tables, counter, cabinets, and especially never, ever on the floor where I could accidentally get one stuck on the bottom of my shoe. Also, I'm terrified of seeing any writing utensil mark on anything other than paper. When people use Sharpie on a cup I'm about to drink from I want to cry! And let's not even mention temporary tatoos!

Thought I was the only one...
by: Anonymous

It's so good to hear that others have this issue. I have always been grossed out by stickers. I have to take the price sticker off of everything and I take the stcikers off of fruit as soon as I get it home. When my daughter gets a sticker at school or a party, I sneak it off of her and throw it in the trash. Everyone likes to tease me about it and put stickers on me. I also can't stand nail polish.

Apple stickers...YUCK!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm fine with tape and paper but fruit stickers, DISGUSTING!! I literally feel like vomiting just thinking about it. I HATE HATE HATE when people put apple stickers on their face or clothes and if there us an apple sticker on the car floor I won't go near the car until the sticker has been put I'm the bin, and the person has washed their hands. With soap. Everyone laughs and teases me but I do NOT find it funny at all!! I'm so glad I'm not alone! I will show this site to all my friends and family and hopefully that will help!

Love ya all xxxx

I'm not alone!
by: Aster

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found this site. I break down and vomit if sticky paper type objects get on me. Even static cling plastic that comes on electronics. My friends used to stick tape on me the first time they found out. The worst is something I can't type because even that makes me sick. It's the thing for cuts that goes with neosporin. I've been this way since I was little and it's making my life difficult because I have two children and when their faces get sticky it disgusts me. My sister in law gave my two year old stickers a month ago without my knowledge and I'm still finding them all over the house. :I
Thank you for posting here. You all have made me feel a little more normal.

Omg! I hate them!
by: Y.B.

Ever since I can remember, I hated stickers and bandaids. They just gross me out! everytime I go to a public bathroom our pool, or anyone's bathroom other than my own, I find myself nervously scanning it for used bandaids or dirty peeling stickers. I will not use it if I find any. My family thinks I'm a weirdo because of this but I think they're the word ones. My kids absolutely love bandaids and stickers. They play with them for fun and I start arguments with my husband for buying them.....Yuck!! I also hate fruit stickers and remove them with a paper towel. I scream to the to of my lungs when my kids leave stickers or bandaids anywhere and make them wrap them in tissue and throw them in the trash or toilet. I avoid getting bandaids at the doctors office too. If I cut myself, I'd rather use tissue than a band aid. Ughhh! I could go on and on.... If someone put a used bandaid on me, or a dirty peeling sticker, I would die!

I thought I was the only one
by: Anonymous

I have always hated sickers and tape since I was young. I thought I was the only one that couldnt stand them. When I would tell my friends or family they couldnt understand that to me it really is a real fear. If I see a sticker or a band aid that has been used i cant eat because it is just discusting. Seeing people with them on or especially children with band aids and stickers is just almost unbearable. I am so glad to know i am not alone in this world.

Never told anyone
by: Anonymous

I've had this fear forever and have never told anyone. The last time I wore a band-aid for more than a couple minutes after I get blood done, was in preschool where I wore a glove over my hand so I didn't have to look at it. I also thought I was alone for the longest time. I don't think I will ever get over this fear.

stickers make me feel needy
by: Anonymous

i am not scared of stickers, i am just scared of the emotional/physical changes i undergo when in contact with stickers.
i get angry, my eyes go red and i have the lust for blood.
i have killed and i may kill again.
the only way out is suicide, but i fear i will rise from the dead as an immortal being of death, the cravings are too much, i must kill my child, as he has a "well done!" sticker from his school.
by the time you read this i will be in mexico hiding from the FBI, only god can save me...

i dont feel so weird now
by: Anonymous

wow i thought i was the only one, ive never meet anyone who felt the sae way. i wont touch anything with a sticker on it, or eat a fruit that has a sticker on it. i dont have kids yet but i have already told my husband that my kids will never be allowed to have stickers, because if they stick them all over the house or themselves or worse me, i will definatly freak out and throw up, just thinking about it disgusts me. just happy im not the only one.

character bandaids are the worst!!
by: Jessica K.

Bandaids and stickers both bother me. The character bandaids are the worst. If I find a dirty one anywhere I get sick to my stomach. Public pools are disgusting. I dont even like the white tabs or bandaid wrappers. I have no idea when this started. Im happy to know I am not the only one.

character bandaids are the worst!!
by: Jessica K.

Bandaids and stickers both bother me. The character bandaids are the worst. If I find a dirty one anywhere I get sick to my stomach. Public pools are disgusting. I dont even like the white tabs or bandaid wrappers. I have no idea when this started. Im happy to know I am not the only one.

by: Anonymous

Ever since I can remember I had to scrub the stickers off of all the videogames and dvds i bought, and being anywhere near an exposed sticker makes we want to vomit. God forbid there's a hair on it... I won't be able to eat for hours. When in high school I told my friends about it, I got constant joking and sticker waving, even a few put on my back on one occasion was enough to violently jolt me into a frenzy. Its gotten better over the years, but I still cant handle band-aids or discarded stickers... gagging just thinking about them

by: Anonymous

I really hate stickers and tape.I can't stand when they are on fruit.I will only eat fruit without stickers.Once somebody had an apple with a sticker and took a big bite out of the part with the sicker.I was about to throw up.YUCK!I hate when people put stickers on their shirts or on their faces.My teacher always gets a roll of tape and she bites it to rip it.:-( I don't tell people about this because they will stick tape to me.I hate stickers that are old and dirty and peeling.I still hate all sticky things.YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK!

by: Aaron Pollock

I have a huge phobia of stickers. My parents tell me its because when i was young an apple sticker got stuck to my favourie blanket, i think thats why i hate apple stickers the most.
I hate fruit stickers, theyre just stupid and pointless, and i cant go near anybody that put them on there hand or cheek, especially forhead!
i also hate the simpsons etc bandaids. i dont mind the fabric ones, but the kids ones are disgusting. i dont mind stickey tape either. but i also hate stickers that my classmates put on books that show there name, geniully white with the black writing, i find them horrible. why is it so hard :(

by: Marissa

I'm really young (11) and my sister and my mom think I am just making it up to get attention until one day my sister stuck one to my back and I started gagging and crying but my sister still messes with me like when I was sleeping she put a sticker on me and I woke up and started gagging and crying I hate it they just don't get it and they mess with me my mom doesn't do it too much anymore and when I go to the store I make my mom get a cart with no stickers in it and I hate telling people that they scare me because they look at me like a freak and gosh I hate it on fruits cause I'm obsessed with fruit but I absolutely have to get fruit with no stickers on it.

fruit stickers!
by: Anonymous

i never realized so many people had this fear! i absolutely hate stickers on fruits and veggies, and price tag stickers! im always afraid theyre going to stick to me and i wont realize. i get so creeped out when i see them ill do anything to avoid it!

i thought i was alone
by: Anonymous

I'm a junior and high school and I can not stand stickers. i flip. i hate when people have stickers on them or on their folders or computers or papers. i just feel like they shouldn't be there. i hate pulling them off and they leave marks and are all nasty and blah. they creep me out. even when i was little my mom noticed i hated stickers, because when i went to the doctors and got a shot they would usually give the kids a sticker but i always said no and refused to take one. I always hated when my teachers put them on my papers too. and on fruit i hate when stickers are on fruit. its like not supposed to be there or something. its dirty. i hate seeing stickers that are coming off or the corners are bent. i just hate them all around.

Sticker and Paper
by: C

I can't go near stickers, of any size. But the smaller the sticker (say about the size of a 2pence piece and smaller) makes me physically sick. I get dizzy and can have panic attacks if i even think that one has potentially got stuck to me.
Also small pieces of paper freak me out, especially if the paper is quite thin.

You cant spell Stickers without ick
by: Anonymous

Im 16 an i have been grossed out b stickers ever since i could remember... whenever i see one i get like a gagging feeling and i have to wash any part of my body that has touched one. Bumper stickers arn't that bad...i actually live them. But the worst are those furry animal stickers *shiver* but i almost puke when i see one on someones face or if its on my face. its horrible and m brother puts them on my face just to see me gag. :(

by: Anonymous

Glad im not the one!!!!!!!!!
I hate them.Whenever we go to a store the workers ALWAYS give my kids stickers.I cringe when they peel them off the paper and give it to my kids. Seconds later we get in the car and one of my kids drops the sticker in the car.I make her pick it up and throw it out the car. Trying not to gag.
At work they know of my fear, because i work with labels and tape. They always try to stick labels or tape on me. I literally run from them!!! Of course they all think its hilarious.
I even hate when they put the stickers on cases of pop or bigger items that dont fit in bags at the grocery store-(that proved you purchase it)

I'm not alone!
by: Becky

I totally thought I was alone! I hate telling people about my fear cuse their first response is to find a sticker and try and stick me. It's so nasty, gross and even frightening to me. I can't take a shower if someone left a used bandaid by the sick. Ugh, I hate even talking about it! Gross!!!!

stickers on apples
by: Anonymous

im not scared of all stickers just the ones you get on apples.. i cant stand them, even thinking about them makes me shake and want to cry does anyone else have this fear?

by: Anonymous

I can't believe there are so many other people with the same fear as me! Nobody believes me when I say I'm scared of stickers, but they haven't experienced what I feel when I look at a sticker... I get choked up and can't breathe; I have to leave the room when I see them; I can't eat around them in fear of eating one... Basically any situation with a sticker frightens me! My friends and family just laugh and try to put them on me as a joke, but it makes me want to scream and cry. "Exposure therapy" has only made my fear stronger. Um stickers need to just get the hell out of my life.

wow i thought i was alone
by: Gemma

i am so pleased to know that i am not the only one and i strongly beleive it's those stupid people who put them on there face that are the wierdos not us. i have hated stickers all my life since a child and i thought once i had children of my own i would sort my self out but unfortunatly not my little princess bless her knows all about it and is really good when they give her stickers in school but i have to get my husband to get the stickers off her top otherwise i would just throw it out. stickers make me feel sick and panicy. i'd like to wish all you wonderfull people all the best with your fight against stickers

So glad I'm not alone.
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way as all of you...and it's so nice to know I'm not the only one!! My close family and friends know about my little problem and they think it's stupid, even funny. I've built up some tolerance over time, but just the thought of stickers (any CLEAN NEW DRY STICKER) being anywhere but on a clean dry piece of paper makes me want to vomit. I can't stand them being wet, dirty, peeling, old, or on someone's body. I used to get gaggy around girls who wore them on their faces, especially over makeup. And it's true, I hate fruit stickers. My mom leaves them all over the sink. But yeah. I once saw a baby with a piece of tape in his mouth. I nearly threw up right there. Now I fear accidentally getting stickers in my mouth. I would die. And someone noted that they get a disgusted look on their face when they remove stickers from fruit... I do the same thing!

by: Anonymous

HATE THEM WITH A PASSION!! Especially wet plasters.. i think just anything sticky, wet makes me wanna throw up. Ive never told anyone just cos I don't wanna seem like a complete retard, luckily I found this!

sticky tape
by: Anonymous

I don't mind stickers or band aids as much as I HATE sticky tape. I can't stand the stuff. I feel physically sick when it touches me. Everyone makes fun of me so I try to keep it to myself, so I am soooo happy to find out that I am not the only one. We should start a support group or something!!

Thank God
by: Vicki

Everyone who knows makes fun of me and I don't tell people cause I'm afraid of what they'll do. I hate stickers in all forms, and I really hate the little stickers they put on video and book rentals. I can't stand to touch them! I have figured out that I can get temporary relief by scraping the place they touched me against a sharp corner (not knife sharp). I had to get an MRI and there was a smiley face sticker right above me and I was stuck there like two inches from my face for like an hour. I almost threw up. Then my family leaves those damn apple stickers all over and I have to pick them up with a paper towel and wast my hands so I don't freak out. Augh! Why are people such jerks?

by: Anonymous

I'm a 23 year old,and I have always had this problem! It isn't as bad as it used to be, but stickers totally gross me out (make me want to throw up). I have the same feelings about being drawn on and also wearing clothes with certain things on them. I am so excited that I am not the only one.... wow.

Eww, yuck! Sticky things are GROSS!!!
by: Anonymous

It's quite nice to know I'm not the only one out there who dislikes stickers, but I don't just dislike them, I'm actually terrified of them. If there's one nearby I try to get as far away as possible from it. In class this sometimes means hanging over the side of the table if the person next to me has one. This was fine in Primary schhol, but I recently moved upto secondry. Someone find out, and it's spread around quickly. My older brothers quite popular, so it was soon spread around that, 'Rian's little sister fears stickers!' Even the boy who I have a crush on asked me about it. It's a fear that's built up. And it's not only stickers, plasters, Sellotape, anything with a sticky side on makes me squirm. It makes me loose my appetite if someone has one while i'm eating. Even worse, in DT we had to use masking tape on our work. Understandably, this soon became one if my hated lessons.

I'm not too sure, but me and my parents think that my fear is from when I was 1 mum tripped on the stairs with me and I broke my leg. They put me in a (I think it's called) gelatoes hold, which is a very sticky bandage thing.

Apple stickers :l
by: Anna-belle

Thank goodness i'm not the only one! I hate stickers they gross me out so much, apple stickers are the worst. I can't eat apples because I am discusted by their stickers. All my friends tease me and put them near me just to freak me out, even though they know I hate it. I don't know what it is about them they just make me sick everytime I look at one. And then people put them on their faces err I feel like i'm going to puke just looking at them :l personally I think we are the normal ones :)

by: Rob Hick

OMG i am terrified of stickers! the way they stick to things makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. the fact that things stick is just not natural i dont know what it is about them but they freak me out! glad im not the only one in this world with this odd phobia

by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness I hate stickers and all things sticky! I can't stand it when people at school put apple stickers on your arm coz they think its funny. Its not. Its foul. They make me feel sick and want to cry, along with bandaids. I always avoid bandaids when I cut myself. When I was in primary school I didn't mind them except for those ones with the simpsons or the wiggles on them like my best friend had. They always creeped me out. I also can't stand wrappers, especially lolly wrappers. Yuechhchh don't even get me started on wrappers! Anyways, glad to know its not a unique phobia to me

by: thesizzle

okay,my friend found this site and sent it to me and i am SO happy i'm not alone.i really get disgusted by stickers.I CAN NOT stand public pools/water parks for fear of nasty,wet band aids. If there is one on or near me,especially dirty ones or fruit stickers i will gag or throw up. Does anybody know if this is an actual phobia?like if there have been tests done on this. I would really want to know.
i think my phobia was caused, because up until i was 6 i was obsessed with stickers. I collected them,stuck them all over myself and just loved them. Now I'm 15 and i can't stand them -_-

by: Anonymous

I have nothing against tape but I can't stand stickers! I gag every time I see them, EWE AND WHEN THEIR ON PEOPLE'S FACES. Band-aids don't bother me, unless there the ones with pictures on them. It's not that I'm scared of them, they just gross me out so much that I can't stand even talking about them!

by: Kat

It's good to know i'm not the only one! I don't know why I dislike sticky labels as i've not had a bad experience or anything, it's just kind of developed the last couple years.

I can just about deal with sellotape but stickers and sticky labels make me very nervous and it feels like its pulling the skin cells off my fingers :S If I can't get a sticker off me quickly, my initial reaction is to cry. It's a silly reaction but I can't help it. It's quite difficult explaining to people, especially boyfriends bout it... lol

We're the normal ones...
by: Bek

It's everyone else that has the problem! My coworkers showed me this site as a way to make fun of me, but I started reading the comments and they were almost word for word what I've been trying to explain to people for years! I just don't like stickers! I also don't like being drawn on. I think it's the fact that there's something on my skin or clothes that I can't just wipe off. I can't stand to see them stuck on anything other than paper, but above all I hate bandaids. I've already decided I'm getting the spray on stuff for my future kids or they can just get as scarred up as I did as a kid. I really don't think I have a debilitating fear (it just grosses me out and occasionally triggers my gag reflex to have any type of sticky object stuck to me or my husband, who is an extension of myself, or to see a bandaid out of its wrapper) but it sure makes me an easy target.

by: Anonymous

I cannot stand to touch scotch tape. I feel like it is pulling the tips of my fingers off! I put all Christmas presents and other gifts in bags.Does anyone know what this is or means? I also can not have 1 hand wet or damp with out the other one wet too. I must be OCD.

by: Jenna

You guys are amazing. literally knowing that there are other people is the best thing ever! like even when people have them on their shirt or their cheek i want to puke, idk why but its NASTY. for some reason, im not sure why, but i can touch them myself but only for a couple seconds , the fact that i cant just drop them REALLY bothers me and when they have dirt stuck to them to them is the WORST! uhggg well thanks for hearing me vent :)

by: Anonymous

one time i was at a public pool with friends and there were alot of bandaids. I thought it was nasty but went in anyway. well i went under water and when i came up my friends told me there was a band aid in my hair. there really wasn't but ever since i wont go in a public pool and i have a phobia of band aids, stickers, and tape.

I feel so dumb.
by: Anonymous

I can't look at a sticker for more than a second without gagging. You know the stickers of condiment bottles like mustard? I put a paper towel around them to use them. I can use band-aids and tape though. I hate the ones they put on fruit, the reason why I don't eat fruit is because of them. there is no reason to have that tiny sticker on every damn apple in the grocery store. Someone actually recorded me spazing out when they put a sticker on my hair. so rude. Its the WEIRDEST thing. I wouldn't say I'm afraid, I'm just grossed out by them. I don't think anything is wrong with us, its not a mental illness, we just dont like touching something sticky.

I'm not alone in this sticker infested world
by: Kelly

I am so glad I stumbled upon this site! I was just trying to find out the name of a sticker phobia, hoping I could validate my fear to other people!

I have a real fear or maybe a hate for stickers and sticky things. The worst has to be fruit stickers, either dry or wet. I think people that put them on fruit are disgusting, and people who peel them off and put them on their skin or on tables for me to accidentally touch are horrible and foul.

Wet bottle lables, wet pieces of paper and generally small bits of paper are gross. They make me sick a little when I see them.

Band-aids and any other type of sticky tape put on your body makes me feel ill. People who take them into swimming baths to fall off in the showers and float towards my mouth when I'm swimming should be beaten!

I'm not sure when the fear started, sometime about age 5 when everyone was swapping stickers at school.

Most of the time I see stickers and can feel them in my throat, making me gag. If they're on my skin I feel sick and might throw up. Lets not mention if they go near my face or mouth. I once almost swallowed one and puked.

So, to all of you, thanks for making me feel better. We should all stay together, and remember we aren't complete freaks of nature any more. Just send your friends this page, and they'll see there's more than one!

Love to all xx

by: Kelly

When I was a little kid my uncle worked at a grocery store and he had one of the prices guns that shoots out the orange price stickers and he stuck them all over me. Ever since then I can?t stand to be around them. They make me so sick to my stomach. If there?s fruit that has stickers on them I make my mom take it off and throw it in the trash can where I cant see it if I walk by, im 19 and only a handful of people know about it and I work in a place where I have to make labels to go on boxes and they make my skin crawl, but if I tell anyone I will have them covering my desk the next day? I hate them so much and its not just the orange kinds its all kinds.

Fruit Salad
by: Cooper

I am going to have to show my friends this website so they might accually belive me. I have always wondered why i litrally cant eat in front of stickers, my mum seemed to think it was because when i was younger she made me a fruit salad and left all the stickers on the fruit, but unless this has has happened to all of you then it could quite possibly be something a select few people are born with.

P.S Apple stickers are the worst.

OMG.. me too.
by: Liz

Hello everyone, I am 13 an i too have a fear of stickers. I have never met another person with this fear, you dont know how happy i am that i am not alone. I believe my sister caused this fear by telling me ( when i was little) that they would never come off... I do know that isn't true but i think thats why. I think that my fear has decreased over time but i still do fear: little circle and square stickers, the fruit stickers, the stickers that they put on items at checkout. Although,others might make me sick.Bandaids and tape dont bother me. When i am near a sticker i get kinda pukey.. Since i am still in school they do use stickers but i just have to deal with it...


Weird Phobia
by: Ford

Im 18 and am glad Im not alone. Im not deathly afraid of stickers, but if someone tries to put one on me, I run away like a little girl. I hate the fact that my friends just laugh at it. The other day my friend tried to put a sticker on me. I looked at her and said "I never told you? Im an ipocondriac. I have a fear of stickers." She started laughing. Figures, people dont understand how we feel.

by: Alicia

Thank goodness! I thought I was like the weirdest person on earth for hating stickers...I hate everything about them!! And worse, my friends think its funny to put stickers all over me. But I'm perfectly fine being around tape and bandaids and stuff...why is this?!

sticker terror
by: Tom Moyni

My worst nightmare is tredding on a wet plaster in the changing rooms at a swimming baths.

To me stickers are okay if they are completely flat, stuck down completely and are clean and new. As soon as they start wrinkling, peeling and getting dirty and old I feel literally sick.

by: Anonymous

When I go to a seminar I refuse to put the sticker with my name on it on my person...I put it on my pocket book and then take it off with a paper towel so I don't have to touch it.

Mean mean brothers
by: Marissa

This is the greatest thing ever. No one ever believes me when I say that I am terrified, literally terrified of stickers. They also think its hilarious to attack me with them. My brother-in-law even went so far as to put at least 50 stickers on my bed, sticky side up. I wouldnt go in my room for a week until my mom took them off and washed my blankets. Im not afraid of tape though, strange i know...its different to me. I HATE bandaids and would rather bleed everwhere then wear one. I HATE "hello my name is..." stickers. I hate them all. I refuse to wear them. No body really understands this, but I'm glad you guys do! Thanks for the support!

So relieved I'm not alone...
by: Anonymous

I HATE STICKERS SO MUCH. They're the most disgusting things ever. It makes me gag even to think of somebody having them on their skin, in their mouth (PUKE) or on the bottom of their shoes. My family teases me about this, but I've almost always had this revolted feeling whenever I'm around stickers. I can't stand fruit stickers. Sometimes my mom just puts them on the sink and leaves them when she's washing fruit! And I can't stand wet paper either. That is insanely gross. I really don't like bandaids, not even the fabric kind, though I can stand them. I get so freaked out whenever I see peeling stickers with dirt on the underside. It's just so disgusting.

I just wish they'd never been invented.

by: Olga

I too have been a victim of this horrible disease, er, well, phobia. I don't think mines too serious I just really, really, HATE the feeling of anything sticky touching my skin. If something is sticky like food, I'll instantly go and wash it off. My friends think it's weird and they kinda make fun of me but I can't help, it's just gross...

by: Anonymous

YES ! I totally thought I was the only one , I felt like such a freak :p

Beer and stickers
by: Anonymous

i cant even go to the grocery store to get beer without a big ass thank you sticker slapped right on the side, and a 6 pack turns into a 5 pack cause im giving the one away with a sticker on it...

I would rather be tazed and mased at the same time then have a sticker put on me against my will...

why and what caused this??

by: carla

I really thought i was weird and so do the people I work with. I do not like children's stickers anywhere near me[which is difficult when i have 2 children]. Also i agree with what someone else said in another comment they make me feel queazy and if a plaster has begun to peel off then it's worse so it has to go. My husband makes fun of me by sticking the stickers off apples on either me or somewhere i will find them and i absolutely hate this.
I wonder if this is actually a genuine phobia or we are all just weird?

by: Anonymous

People are alwasy saying how weird I am for hating stickers but I con't stand to be around them. I HATE when people wear them on their shirt and thier cheek. It grosses me ouch so much. Honestly, it makes me wanna puke. This is awsome that there are actually other people who have the same problem.

by: Anonymous

I wish i was the only one with this phobia because no one should have a horrible and a weird phobia of children stickers. my friends and family always tease me they won't understand. Some are upset because I avoid them for having some in their house. To pervent this I will ask them to take them down but then their attitude towards me becomes worst I don't like breathing, eating, or sleeping around it. I don't care what caused it I wish it will just go away so I can live happily

by: Anonymous

just reading about all these sickers makes me sick. im really glad to know that other people out there have this fear too. people think im crazy, but im not stickers are horrible, gross, nasty...uhg. i cant even think about them.i cant see them, touch them, or even be around where a sticker used to be. its even ruining my routines. i have now grown a phobia of the stickers on bottles and shampoos, and cleaning suppliess too! but unlike other people,i dont have a reason for this sticker phobia i have. i actually used to LOVE stickers when i was younger. but now i just cant even be around one.:(

by: Anonymous

thank god i am not the only one! i always thought that i was completely abnormal, until in year 7 i met this other girl that was completely terrified of them too! i have always been TERRIFIED of them, and i feel like i am going to be actually sick if someone puts one on me, or puts one on themselves! at school our food has them on, i have to get my friends to rip them off! if someone who is sitting near me peels them off at sticks them on something, i have to walk away. i have always hated them, and i probably always will!!!

by: Anonymous

How bizarre, I only put the this in the search engine not really knowing what would come up, but hey!!! My daughter has a fear of stickers and has for as long as I can remember, but I have no idea why. If truth were told, I don't think even she would know where this all came from either, but it is a very real phobia to her. If we buy a CD or DVD or anything electronic, she won't touch it until the stickers have been taken off. As for the dentist and the "well done" stickers, well, let's not go there!!!
Atleast there are other people like her and this is not just down to a quirky personality.

I am neurotic and so are you.
by: stickyicky

I'm 20 years old and have a real fear of stickers/sticky things. My fear of stickers/sticky things has deep roots and is most likely here to stay. It all started with swimming lessons as a kid when there would be bandaids stuck on the side of the pool/in the water. I found this so disgusting I would have to leave the pool, which makes me believe that I am not necessarily turned off by the stickiness of stickers, but by the idea that they are unclean. Ever since I have hated band-aids and all stickers. I remember crying as a child at the doctors office when the lady stuck my finger to draw blood, not because I was in pain but because she wanted to put a bandaid on it. If I ever have a cut I usually just leave it be, if it is so bad that it does warrant a bandaid it absolutely must be a fabric bandaid and can't stay on for more than half a day at the most, if the bandaid starts to peel up at all it has to go. It's not just bandaids though, stickers really bother me too. The worst are old stickers that the edges have peeled up allowing dirt to gather underneath, this makes me sick to even think about it. Stickers should never be anyplace except on a piece of paper, if they must be used at all. Anything I buy that has a price-tag sticker must be taken home, the sticker strategically removed first thing and then cleaned. Goo-Gone is my best friend. A few months ago I nearly had a panic attack while driving upon realizing that the size sticker, which was clear and blended in with the fabric, was still on the front of my new shirt. Not only do I have a problem with stickers but if they are not immediately thrown away when removed I become so anxious.
I always feel bad when I have to go to meetings and they make you wear "hello-my-name-is" stickers, because I absolutely cannot. I just usually pretend that I lost mine or never saw the sign-up table because it would be too awkward to explain that I can't have a name tag because I'm afraid of stickers. Finally the sticker fear has transferred also to a fear of gum that is in the stick form. So gum with a candy coating is ok, and chewed gum OK, but not stick gum because it makes me think of a sticker going in your mouth. Lastly, I avoid telling anyone about this because I'm afraid they will torment me by putting a sticker on my back and I won't know. But thank goodness I'm only afraid of stickers and not something important like food.

sticker management
by: Anonymous

I have this phobia (mostly) under control. I know they give me the creeps and I want to chop my arm off if I touch them, so I make sure I deal with them right away. Rip it off, stick it on a scrap of paper (thus rendering it unstickery) and throw it in the bin. Then I chop off my arm.

I especially hate papery ones and price stickers that separate. My daughter comes home with them on her shirt or hands. Oh, the horror!
What a stupid fear ? and yet, here we are.

Stickers, paper and badges are EVIL
by: Sophia

I have always feared stickers, the smell, the touch everything. My mum told me I've had sticker phobia since I was about 3.
I've always wondered if it had something to do with the dentist though, because I didn't mind going when I was little but burst into tears when the dentist tried to give me a sticker. I hated badges too because they reminded me of stickers.
But then I'm not too keen on little pieces of paper, newspaper or magazines. Again its the smell and touch. Urgh!

by: Erin

OMG!!! THANK GOD!!! i also have a HUGE phobia of stickers!!! i am soooo glad i'm not the only one!!! yea it's sooo true i start to gag and i can't breathe when i see them...haha

i hate stickers!
by: Kayla

I am sooo glad to see that other people hate stickers too. I don't remember not liking them as a kid, but when I think back to when I would wear them when I was younger I think its gross. I don't remember when this fear started, but I haven't always been like this. I really don't like the way they feel on your skin. I don't even like them on clothing because it gets caught in your hair, but I can deal with them on my clothes more than I can when it is on my skin. ew. I am grossed out just talking about it.
Like the one guy said, I've heard it being called panniophobia too.

Also I am not a fan of bandaids. they are basically stickers so I can't deal with them on my skin.

gross gross gross
by: Anonymous

omg many people have the same problem as me im glad im not a freak any more he he they r so gross!!!

by: Matthew

I too hate stickers. Specially the circle ones. Ever since i can remember i have hated them. Fruit stickers are the worst. I shiver when i look at one. I cant eat anything or drink anything when i think of one. Last month there was a rolled up apple sticker in my drink and it went it my mouth. I cant drink out of a glass. I must use a straw or a bottle now. Please help. This affects my relationships because i cant go near someone with a stikcer. I freaking out writing this. AH!

by: Anonymous

Why were stickers, tape and band-aids ever invented. Staples work great to hold things together, hand drawings are pretty instead of stickers and letting the air dry out your wounds works for band-aids. Please people, do not make people wear those stupid "Hello My Name Is" stickers in front of me.

Scientific Name
by: Tortus

Oh, and I've heard it called panniophobia a few times.

by: Tortus

I didn't realise it is this common. This is probably my biggest fear, to the point where I haven't ever told anyone about it before, partially for fear of ridicule, partially for fear that they might test me and partially because I just don't want to discuss the things themselves with anyone.

I have no real problem with sticky tape and can stand the things themselves when they are clean and sitting flat coz some of them CAN be pretty. But if someone is wearing one or one comes off or starts peeling or there's a dirty one... It totally messes me up. I can stand to touch one for a few seconds if I need to remove it and it's clean but I can't have them touch anywhere on my body other than my fingers.

There were kids at my primary school who loved them and thought apple stickers were so cool they would wear them... sometimes even on thier face. That is like the ultimate worst possible thing for me to think about.

I also have a massive dislike for bandaids because they are unclean AND sticky T-T

your not alone
by: Anonymous

whew good im am very afraid of stickers the freak me out and i hate when stickers touch me and when there in unusual places

EWWW stickers!
by: Lindsey

I absolutely HATE stickers. I think they are gross. My cousin's 3-year-old plays with them and I don't ever want to be around them because I am afraid of him putting one on me. I don't ever remember having a terrible thing happenning to me to have this phobia, but I do!

Like Most of Ya'll I'm Glad I'm Not Alone
by: Anonymous

I've been sticker-phobic since I was like 5 or 6. I used to be obsessed with them. When I was 5, I really hated wet paper and one day my pre-school teacher forced me to stick my hands in a tub of wet paper mashe. From what I'm told, I freaked out. I looked at my chair a few minutes later, that I covered in stickers, and flipped out. It was then that I hated stickers. I loath when stickers are peeling off (thinking about it makes me feel faint).
Some of my friends find it hilarious. They always try to put stickers or tape (which also bothers me) on me. I don't react well lol. No sooner did my friend put a sticker on me did I go on a rant of angry words.
Like someone said before, I too have no problem with post-it notes, as long as they're in a book. The tops of pudding packs make me queezy and I actually determine how I feel about people based on whether they lick the top of snack packs. I got really ill once, when a kid sitting next to me licked the lid of his snack pack. It's so gross. I also don't like wet water/soda bottle wrappers.

i'm puzzled!
by: Anonymous

Hi how weird. my brother has the same problem as well and hates eather wearing or seeing people wear stickers.It's a relief to know that he is not an abnormal weirdo.see ya!

holy jesus..
by: Kaylee Sue

im in a nursing class and we were just talking today about phobias and my teacher asked the class if anyone had a phobia and my best friend pointed at me and said she hates stickers. ugh, everyone was like making fun of me thinking i was weird b/c i have a fear of stickers!! i hated it. but my teacher said it was normal for other people to think your fears are weird b/c they are different than you.. but i really glad that im not the only person with this fear! lol.. in school, if i get a sticker on a test i have to have someone else take it off b/c i will just sit there and almost cry and sometimes its so bad that i gag and almost throw up!! gosh, im relieved to know other people have this fear!! :D

by: JB

I absolutely hate stickers too. I am also creeped out by scotch tape, non-cloth bandaids, glitter, and wet paper/water bottle lables like someone mentioned above. It's awesome to know that there are other people out there. Just today, someone was making fun of this phobia so I told them to look it up and sure enough, they found this website.

stickers suck
by: Matt

Same my friends always try to put stickers on my like its some kind of joke...but after they put it on and i freak out on them i have to take a shower or wash the place off where they put it on me. And for the rest of the day i will be paranoid and check if there are stickers on me.

by: Chloe

It's amazing that we all get the same sickly gagging feel. If I'm gonna eat an apple I have to take the sticker off first and then I realise that my face automatically goes in to some weird disgusted look. I don't mind tape or post it notes but I also hate when things get attached to condensating water bottles for example a cold bottle of water with the water condensating on the outside and a piece of paper stuck to it is HORRIBLE. Just talking about stickers make me think about one in my mouth and makes me feel so uncomfortable :( WHY COULDNT I JUST BE AFRAID OF SOMETHING NORMAL LIKE HEIGHTS x mail me if you agree or wanna talk about this deadly phobia: kissy.kissy_x at

Good, im not the only one
by: Anonymous

I hate stickers. One time somebody put an apple sticker on me and I almost threw up. They are dirty little disguting things and I hate them but i feel better knowing im not the only one.

by: Ace Pimp

i never knew other people had the same fear i hate it when people stick them on u i cant breath around them it sucks to have this fear but we stickerphobias have to stick together.

Dose anyone know what the scientific term for this is (the fear of stickers)

I truely have no idea wat the fear is

love u all peace

Ace out

Stickerphobia clan....LOL
by: Anonymous

OMG ME TOO!!! I can't believe that there are others out there with this phobia...everyone makes fun of me all the time for it!

so I'm not alone
by: Anonymous

I am always being made fun of for having this phobia, thank goodness i'm not alone

Whenever a sticker is on me or i see one i flip out

We stickerphobias have to stick together!

I am not alone!
by: Vicky

I am so glad I am not alone in this! Whenever I see price stickers in stores I freak out inside my head. Just a couple weeks ago my friend put an apple sticker on my leg and I freaked out! I started screaming really loudly! And my friends looked at me like I was a freak of nature! I am just glad I am not the weird one!

Fear of stickers
by: Whitney

OMG Ya'll don't know how happy I am to know that I am not alone out there. I am so bad that i have actually started crying during work because of a sticker. But i do get some relief from knowing there are other people out there like me

it's sticky
by: Anonymous

The fear is a fear of things sticking to you. You don't want anything sticking to you, for whatever reason. You may be afraid that it'll pull your skin off, you may be afraid it'll tear your flesh off.

Or you might be afraid that you'll never get it off again.

Or maybe you're afraid that the stickiness will rub off on you, and everything will stick to you (including dirt n' such, with may lead one to be have an acute fear of germs.)

im so glad im not the only 1
by: Anonymous

it feels so good to know no im not the only 1. thanks for posting your feelings. i absolutely hate it when people put stickers any where near me and when they think im really crazy for being scared of stickers or any thing sticky.

I'm the same
by: Caixa

I feel exactly the same, I get completely grossed out just thinking about stickers! No-one understands it. It's the same with little scrappy bits of paper too, makes me want to physically be sick.

i feel ya
by: Anonymous

I'm the same way D:
But I get gaggy and alomst cry. It really sucks when people find out and decide to chase you with them for "shits and giggles".

Fear of Stickers
by: Megan

ME TOO! I can't stand it when people try to hand them to me or if they walk by and are on their shirts and eeeghghghhg. I can't even think about it!!

I"m glad I'm not the only one.

I totally agree!
by: Anonymous

I was totally about to write the same exact thing! I have such a fear of stickers. Especially when they're not in the right place. Like if they're on the ground or shirts or anywhere else. The worst is when they're on the ground and they stick to your socks. I've been on the verge of throwing up multiple times because of that. I'm cringing just thinking of it.

me 2
by: Anonymous

Like I can't stand stickers! Like they r gross and they make me wanna throw up when I see one and if someone puts one on me a freak out I just think they r gross!

me 2
by: Anonymous

Like I can't stand stickers! Like they r gross and they make me wanna throw up when I see one and if someone puts one on me a freak out I just think they r gross!

by: Rachael

i have the biggest fear of stickers i wont touch or go anywhere near a sticker, if someone has a sticker on an apple im out of the room, its really bad..... i hate unwrapping presents because it has celotape on it. the worst thing of all is when i see people pulling stickers off it makes me cringe, its gross.

rach x

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