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I'm not alone then
by: Anonymous

Ever since I was 5 I've hated stepping on wet dead leaves.
I used to cry and try my hardest to tiptoe around them (my mum would laught and say that i was being silly) and even though it's not nearly as bad as before, it's still horrible for me to this day when I step on them.
I hate it so much, and I want to know why this fear even started.

Wet leaves phobia :(
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same phobia. I hate when it rains and the leaves are everywhere. My grandma has a huge tree over her house and the leaves terrify me when the leaves fall. It really drives me crazy if they are in my house or mom thinks I'm just being silly, but I'm dead serious scared. I won't even stay in a room with dozens of wet leaves.

wet leaves
by: Chimelle

No way!! I've wounded for years why I'm soo scared of them and I will actually cry if I step on one... My friends tease me all the time and chase me with wet leaves and I have like a heart attack nearly lol! Dry leaves no problem just wet ones and I can remember as a child not stepping on wet leaves.. Soooo strange!

I hate my fear of wet leaves PS. I'm a girl
by: Jamari

I have the same phobia I am terrified if wet leaves I cry when I get near them I thought I was the only one I am very happy to see there are more people like me I don't know why I don't have a problem with leaves dry but once they are wet it's horrible I have never told anyone about my fear only my two close friends I hate when it gets dark and it's a rainy day because I can't see them I used to tippy toe to try to get around them I HATE WET LEAVES I hate being scared I just want to be normal I hate my fear of wet leaves I just want it to go away.

wet leaves
by: Anonymous

Omg! I have that exact phobia. I thought I was the only one or I was weird because no one could understand why. People always look at me strange when I tell them I can't step on them. I will actually cry from stepping on them. I'm ok when they are dry though which I find odd. It does make me feel better that I'm not the only one.

Me too i hate wet leaves
by: Anonymous

I to hate wet leaves specially in the fall i will do anything to avoid them i make ppl wipe there shoes off a bunch of times b4 they can come in if i see one indoors it has to go immediately or else i wont b able to think about anything else u can have a dirty car and i will ride wit u but not if there's wet leaves my gf is the only person i told about this i just typed phobia of wet leaves on Google and this page came up.

I sort of do...
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't go so far as to call it a phobia, but I HATE stepping on wet leaves or petals or any kind of wet plant matter that covers the sidewalks. I get shivers and yes, I think it's the idea of them sticking to my shoes that bothers me. I also get this feeling when I DRIVE over them.

mee 2
by: kayla

i have a phobia on stepping on wet leaves 2 it got so bad i cried every time my mother made me get out the car to go to my grandma house she has leaves all around that place. maybe your friend doesnt like them getting on the bottom of her shoe and leaving prints in her home or car. i still have a fear and since its spring i really get droven crazy because of the constant rain. tell your friend she is not alone and she has another person like her. p.s. nia dont get irrataded by this its just like if you have a fear of somthing like spiders and your friend doesnt so when you see one u freak and she doesnt just b patient with her.

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