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I know how you feel!
by: Valerie H.

I know how you feel! my friends always laugh at me because im afraid of them and they put fake ones on my desks and things and they really scare me. My mom tried to help me once by hacving me pick one up and stuff but that just made it worse. whenever i see a starfish i always like freak out! its funny because im not afraid of spiders and snakes and things..... starfish.

by: Anonymous

Here I was thinking I was the only one terrified of starfish. I get sick to my stomach even thinking about them!

I made the mistake of watching a time lapse of a brine pool. There was all this movement at the bottom of the screen, which I thought was a bunch of crabs scuttling about.

It wasn't. It was starfish. Thousands of them.

I started crying hysterically. XD Well, at least there's a name for it!

starfish make me cringe :S
by: Anonymous

I feel the exact same way I am absolutely terrified of starfish!! The thought of seeing one even if its just an image makes me cringe, my friends think its funny and always take the mick and try scaring me by drawing them or sending me images of them :( but starfish in general freak me out :S

Will this help?
by: Anonymous

Look, I get it. I used to be scared of starfish too. But believe me, it's not that bad now. One day at the beach, my mum told me to toss a few stranded starfish into the sea. I freaked out at first, but when i actually had to PICK THEM UP by the tentacle, it wasnt all that bad. just a tip: Try not to look at those white suction pads underneath the starfish. Those were kinda creepy. As for your fear of spiders, I would either hire a proffesional to poison the little creeps or squash em all dead. Hope this helps :)

I know how you feel!!
by: HannahElizabeth

When I came into the house tonight I was bringing in the laundry. I was so scared because as soon as I got in the door I noticed something in the basket. I say 1 large spider larger than 2 quarters laid next to each other. It was big and yellow I threw the basket and screamed on the top of my lungs and looked down and saw that 2 of the same kind but smaller were on my arm. I shook my are and they came off and then three more came out of the baset and they all kind of went by the first one. I HATE, and I'm PARANOID of spiders. I have been since I was younger. It's been since I was born pretty much and I'm 13. It sucks. Starfish also scare me. My friend got me one and I hung it on my wall when she was over to make her feel better. As soon as she left I threw it in my moms room.

by: Anonymous

I'm so glad that I'm not alone with this fear of starfish. When I was young I picked up a starfish and all those tentacles started flailing and latching on to me, so I threw it. Next thing I know, my cousin is chasing me down the beach with it. To this day, I can be about 5 feet from a starfish in a tank and feel uncomfortable, but there's no way in HELL I will ever touch one again. They've caused my worst nightmares, hundreds of starfish in the ocean dragging me under the water, tentacles getting into my ears and mouth.. just horrible.

by: Anonymous

i am sooo scared of starfish. i thought id be like the only one. i cant even look @ the fans in our beach house because..starfish shaped!!!!
does anyone know how to get over this?

phobia of starfish
by: Anonymous

Hoestly ive never found any1 else with this problem other than myself. it happened a few yrs ago i think like 5. well i was chased around the house by a dead one after i told my friends i was seriously scared. they didnt care and put it in my face. i cant look at pictures, sculptures anything that has to do with them. 2 yrs ago i cried when my bio teacher purposley drew one on the board. everytime i see a picture of them i have a ritual i close my eyes curl up and try to relax after ive gone into hysterics. then i have to check around me like under the table my chair and anywhere else i feel they can be. its so bad i dont like going to the beach b/c of them i wish i culd get rid of this phobia :/

by: Anonymous

Echinodermophobia thats what its called!

by: Anonymous

I am scared of starfish because today some one threw a huge starfish at my face....... and then they told me that they can swim and was soooo scared!

by: Anonymous

I am also scared of starfish. I didn't think anyone else would be too.

by: Anonymous

Oh my god!! I have the SAME problem and EVERYONE thinks I'm lying when I tell them that I am legitimately deathly afraid of starfish. What makes it worse is that because they think I'm lying, they like to test me and do stupid, stupid things to see how true it is. When they see how I react they don't even know what to do because they had no idea how bad it actually really is.

Anyway, point of this is that I've been trying to find the name for this phobia too. I really thought I was the only person on the face of the planet afraid of starfish. Ughh, I'm getting antsy just even writing this. If I find the name of it though I will definitely be sure to pass it along.

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