Fear of stairs or elevators

by Lisa

I searched about it, and I think it's called Climacophobia. Whenever I go to malls or anywhere, I am just fine with going upstairs, but the problem is I am just terrified going downstairs. Instead of going down with escalator, I'd prefer taking stationary stairs. But still, I take longer time than other people to go down by stairs, so I usually have to grab the handrail to go. My friends always make fun of me for this. And if I HAVE TO use escalator, I HAVE TO grab someone's hand and go very slowly. I'm pretty fine with elevator by the way, but I don't like being in closed and small spaces either..(wait.. is this Claustrophobia..? I checked up a bit about phobia). At times, I feel bad for the others that have to use stairs with me.. Some say I am still a kid, that's why. Some say I'm just being dramatic and attention-seeker. It's like.. Arghh... I don't even want to be this way AT ALL. I'm trying to overcome it slowly, but it's still pretty hard for me. I wasn't like this when I was younger. I used to mess around and play and even go the opposite of the escalator (like when it was going down, I ran up. When it was going up, I ran down). But ever since my Daddy told me a kid has died from falling from the escalator...I guess that's what made me this way.. I don't know how to fix it! I don't like being this way....

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