Fear of Sports with Hard Balls (don't laugh at the title)

by Joey

My. Worst. Fear.

My. Worst. Fear.

I'm 13, male. It was mostly football (soccer if you're American). But now it's expanding to basketball, baseball, and any other sport including a hard ball. I just cringe at the thought of getting hit in the face. I can play the sports though (I have to in PE), but not well, due to the fact that I'm slightly overweight, not confident physically, and that I'm scared.

It's kind of partially ruining my social life when it comes to hanging out with other guys. A rumour was even spread that I was gay, just because I didn't like sports. I also hang out with girls a lot, and the same the other way. I'm not exactly incredibly good-looking, but I'm not horrible either. However, the only reason I MOSTLY hang out with girls is because mostly all the guys talk about is football, and I don't seem to fit in. (The girls don't talk about girly stuff, so no, I am not actually gay.)

I don't get panic attacks and stuff like that, but it makes me extremely uncomfortable. My parents didn't 'accept' this fear, and told me I was overreacting, just because I'm the only boy in the school who DESPISES football... Now, my parents are going to help me get over this ball-o-phobia.

My mum has told me that her brother wasn't a football fanatic, but he played with his friends to keep in the group and fit in, etc. But, the difference is, I'm SCARED of the sports, not just bored with them or not liking them...

Please, any other boys around my age who have the same/similar fear, comment!

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