Fear of Sponges

by Ellie

I started to develop this fear of sponges during my younger years, the horrible feeling of a sponge or the texture gave me goosebumps all the time. Just thinking about them makes me cold. This espically occurs when i think about running sponge through my teeth or squeezing it dry. My mum at first thought it was just a silly thing I had, but when I came home one day and told her i punched a boy in the face because he attempted to put one in my face was a little more than just a 'thing'.

Everytime someone tries to put one in my face I would atomatically attack them phyically and verbally, tensing up all my muscles. The other day this boy found one in this room and kept playing tricks like leaving sponges on my bag or around the room. Then again when he tried putting it in my face, I punched him in the ribs and felt sick after.

This fear of sponges is seriously a Phobia, I can deal with other materials such as Foam. But just simply cannot touch sponge at all. You get the occasional joke of Sponge Bob Square Pants and "What do you wash with then?". So If I was you I would tend to keep this a little quiter.
I really think this should have a classified name.

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