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le sponge
by: Anonymous

-_- i hate them they make me un-easy

by: Anonymous

I also have a fear of sponges I bit down on one when I was six and it made me physically sick. I have the same feeling with car upholstery and flotex carpets as they are similar textures. My friends often find it funny to hide them in my bag or throw them at me telling me to think fast so I automatically react to catching them. I had therapy two years ago and I was advised to smother them in washing up liquid and slowly wash it to get used to the texture. This only intensified my fear and now I can't go near the sink if one is their. I often cringe at the thought of them and it makes my teeth feel really odd. I agree that this phobia needs a name to it to make me feel it is not so abnormal

My Fear
by: Anonymous

My fear of it started when my mother bathed me and washed me with a sponge and I really didnt like the feel of it so I would hide the sponge from her so as I grew up the whole look of it totally turned me off , even as Im tell u about this its giving me a very uneasy feeling. And I dont know how to turn it off I need help!

by: Anonymous

i can handle all sponge, but not the stuff in like chairs etc etc. The feel of it literally makes me sick, and it makes a horrible noise when rubbed together........

Literally cannot believe how word for word perfect this description is!!!
by: Carla Serpini

Everything you have said is perfect, and I agree with the foam bit 100% it's only sponge for me it makes me heave thinking about it!!!
and the spongebob and showering jokes too!!
I think my fear of sponges came from when I was little and I was sucking a sponge in the bath (I'm literally cringing all over writing that) and the sponge got lodged in my throat and all I could feel was the texture of the sponge rubbing against my tongue and my teeth (heaving sooo much aha) and ever since I've just been terrified of them and everyone thinks it's so funny once i woke up at a party and one of my friends had surrounded me with them and I nearly had a panic attack, I don't think people understand how much of a phobia it is whenever someone tries to be funny and put a sponge near me I turn round and say "if someone was scared of heights would you push them to an edge of a building" the answer would be no so why would you do it to us lot who are terrified of sponges.
Amennnnnnnn aha

I hear you there...
by: Anonymous

I've had the same fear all my life. I missed school due to pranks (my siblings put a massive piece of sponge in the doorway) and I've heard all the spongebob jokes (he actually makes me cringe). I even had a freak out and couldn't watch my sister perform in gymnastics because she had one stunt where she flew from a swinging bar directly into a pit of sponge cubes.
At work I have to wear a sponge covering over my headset and I have adapted enough to wear it but it is still unsettling and if it slightly moves or come off, that one headset is unwearable and I need to switch headsets with someone else.

I wish I could get over this and many have vowed to help me get over it but it's no use.

by: Anonymous

I too Have a fear of sponges. I hate to look at them. My mom washes the dishes with them and the tub. I force her to throw them away all the time. My biggest fear is foam especially egg crate foam. Everything about foam freaks me out. I hate sleeping and sitting on soft surfaces because I know they contain foam. I started my new job today and my seat was ripped on the side and I saw the foam peeking out. I wanted to die. I hate my job because of this. I hope I don't have any nightmares.

it aint just me

everyones just started to make the mick out of me again cos of my fear of sponges n yes the spongebob jokes are every five seconds n very anoying.they make my skin crawl i have to call them dinks.iv recently declared war on dinks by burning one at work while someone recorded it but to pick it up i needed two pairs of gloves iv been like it since i was a kid a spoke to a medium n all sorts with a parculiar the tattoo studio i work at everyone chases me round with them lol its funny but if they ever got me id flip.wish there was a name for this phobia though so my mates would take it a lil more see me decale war on sponges on my face book look for adam steenson.xx

Nice to know someone else.
by: Anonymous

I have exactly the same Phobia I cant stand it and the teeth thing to the tee just cant stand sponges at all.

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