Fear of Spiders

by Amanda
(New York)

I was deathly afraid of spiders for nearly my whole life. If I saw a little, tiny 1/2 inch spider, the entire street would know. Spiders creeped into my dreams by day and by night. I HAD to do somthing!

I was scared to face my fear. I had to find a new way.

Well, I did.

I would ponder this little thought whenever I saw a spider. If it wasn't for spiders, the earth would be covered in bugs. EEEEWWWWWWW!

Also, I thought about it. Is there REALLY a good reason to be terrified of spiders? What did they ever do to me? Nothing.

It didn't happen overnight, but after a few months, I felt my fear of spiders begin to fade. Now, I am totally fearless of spiders!!!!!

Now, I have to apply this to my fear of dead humans and human skeletons (science class was pretty terrifying)


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