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I feel your pain...

Hi. I'm Marissa and i'm 12. I feel your pain... I am also, DEADLY afraid of spiders! But you know what's strange? What's strange is that I know sooo much about them! The reason why is because i fear them, so I try to soak in as much information as can about them. I scream when I get near one somewhere, but you know what I NEVER let anyone do? I NEVER let them kill it(most of the time)because I have been an animal lover since I was 2 and can't even stand to see one of GOD'S creatures being hurt! You know what gets me TERRIFIED of them? Not to freak you out- but it's the picture of their tiny little eight legs and their fangs sinking into your precious flesh- OH NO!!!!! I'm scareing myself! I'm soo sorry! I hope I didn't scare you! :) please don't be mad! :) Well, I have overcome this fear a little bit though! You want to know how? By keeping yourself occupied, or by thinking that your safe with your surruondings, or by meeting other people with the same fear that have it worse, or by learning a lot about spiders so that you know how to understand them and avoid them, or by thinking that everything that GOD put on this very Earth, has a purpose. All those help me a little- wait a LOT! Good luck! GOD bless! :)

spider phobia
by: Anonymous

i was terrified of spiders....had the building janitor come over one day to get rid of a spider in the bathtub.
i lived in the caribbean for two years, where i had tarantulas in my house...after a while of that, i realized that spiders are just another living thing. they still make me a little anxious sometimes, but i can manage around them,

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