Fear of Spiders and Holes.

by Christina
(Northwest USA)

There is something so evil about spiders. The way they move sideways and jump at you, just scares the living daylights out of me. The intricate webs, those alone freak me out. They seem to know your next move, and I have had many showdown with spiders where i feel like they know what I am thinking, I know that sounds crazy but its true! The thing is they seem smarter than us, sometimes I have wondered if they are aliens or something of that nature. I dread nightfall, because of the constant panic that there is a spider lurking in the darkness, then at night often I have horrifying dreams of them. All spiders give me a panic attack when encountered, but my most feared are hobo spiders, crab spiders, and any odd colored spider like gray or off white... I carry a can of spider spray everywhere I go throughout the house at night, and during the day I just keep it close by. I am even afraid of the spider once it is dead. I also have a fear of holes in the ground and the walls, I feel there is a spider burrowed in them or some kind of camera device recording me or something of that nature.

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