Cure Your Fear Of Spiders

You suffer from the fear of spiders when it comes to spiders, and you can relate yourself with “Little Miss Muffet”. These creepy crawlies can put you in a state of panic, an abnormal kind of fear, which results in a phobia and is famous as arachnophobia.

This type of fear is actually the fear of something that poses very little or no threat at all.

Those who suffer from arachnophobia are always feeling uneasy whenever they spot any spider webs or come in an area where there could be spiders.

The reason behind the fear of spiders could be one's traumatic encounter with spiders in childhood - even if you do not remember the incident, the fear just stays on.

When one suffers from arachnophobia, he/she will be tempted to search for spiders in any room they feel there might be spiders. When they manage to find even one spider, they will be following the motion of that spider very thoroughly.

There are other people suffering from arachnophobia who will be trying very hard to distract themselves so as not to see a spider.

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History also was a witness to this fear.
Since the Dark Ages, people are known to have fear of spiders. Spiders then were considered to contaminate food and water. The spiders were feared as they were considered to bring about Bubonic Plague. This kind of fear associated with the spiders was handed down to the future generations since the 10th century.

The Symptoms.
For the ones suffering from arachnophobia, just mere thinking of spiders can result in the phobic symptoms like dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, excessive sweating, sick feeling, dry mouth, heart palpitations, shaking, fear of death, a sense of detachment from reality, losing control and getting mad, extreme anxiety and the inability to speak and think clearly.

Self help NLP.
As the famous maxim goes, “self help is the best help”. Yes, this is indeed true. You need to have the willingness to be out of such a mental state where you abnormally have the fear of spiders.

In the self-help Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP), it depends totally on you to restructuring your mental set-up. This will result in the elimination of your fear of spiders.

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