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by: William

I've been afraid of spiderwebs since I even knew what they were. Honestly dusty ones are easier for me to deal with because they're harder, rougher and don't cling at all. More like decoration. (Halloween cobwebs don't affect me at all.)

I still occasionally have a nightmare about them, being trapped by a bunch of them and unable to move or else I will touch a web very close to me. I'm almost shivering just typing this

The scary thing isn't the spider for me, it's the clinginess and shininess. However if I had to place the fear on a single word I might call it "distortion". Because feeling a web get on me, but not seeing it, is a strange, distorted feeling. I had a nightmare once where I couldn't see anything at all except a blue screen with a bunch of long sentences on it, and then walking around I fell down into a huge ground nest of webs, and as I struggled to get out of them, the words I was seeing became scrambled and the letters became splotchy and corrupted :/ distortion.

I have a similar, less extreme fear (which supports my distortion theory) of identical directions, such as if you're trapped out at sea and every direction looks exactly the same, or if you're underwater and there is nothing around but miles of solid objects, no defining scenery that I can always turn back to and say "okay, I'm here".

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