Fear of Speeches

by Reecca

I happen to have this irrational fear of speeches. Recenlty, my teacher informed my class of a speech to be started presentations on the 24th of February, boy did I freeze quicker than an object being hit with liquid nitrogen. My heart quickened and immediatiatly i stated "I can not do another speech i just can not I am too afriad of them."

After that class my parania stood. My fear started in grade 7 when during a speech, I completely blacked out. The following year my teacher forced me to stop, for he was certain i were to faint. In grade 9,I was in hysterics, pale and shaking. Somehow, I got through the speech but my fear is too much for me to handle.

Now in grade 10, I am terrified of the outcome of my worse after each year taditional speech syptom. I thrive to end my fear, but it just will not come. I need help.

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