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Fear of speeches
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel.
Possible solution...
Join 'Toastmasters International' and you will be treated kindly and fair and you will learn numerous techniques in a pleasant atmoshere of people just like you.
I went from being 'anxious' in normal everyday conversation to speaking in front of 300 people at banking conventions and conventions for the mentally challenged and You can too.

Me too.
by: Samantha.

I have the same fear, I am in the grade ten as well and I just cannot to them. It is called Glossophobia. I have it bad, Trust me, you are not alone.

Conquering the fear of speaking!
by: Anonymous

I read about your fear of speaking. I can relate, but I was playing a musical instrument when I froze. What happen to you is called Stage fright. Guess what everyone goes throw the experience, even the most famous of actors, politicans, etc.
You are normal. I think what is happening is you are remembering the time you froze. Do not think about the past. It is over with.
Ask your teacher to help you prepare, or if your high school has a debate team, ask the coach to help you.
Join the speech team, I know it is scary,but I found out when I join in College, the coaches work with you to help you conquer your fears

Best of Luck/

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