Fear of Someone Touching or Holding My Wrist.

by Aria

I've always had an extreme phobia and fear of someone touching or holding my wrist. I remember one time at school, my best friend grabbed my wrist, and I just started yelling and screaming and actually hit him.

Last year another friend grabbed my wrist who didn't know about my fear and I did the same to him.

I can't handle some guys who hold my hand, because they dont watch themselves, and end up holding my wrist instead. I hate it because I can't control my emotions and I have strong rage and lash out at people. Sometimes I even hit them and they are people I care about which then leads to guilt and shame.

I also have a hard time calming down after wards and have the anger for up to hours after someone has touched my wrist.

I also had another time when I wanted to cure myself of this fear, so I held my own wrist for a really long time and ended up biting myself.

Thinking about wrists creeps me out and thinking about cutting and hurting my wrists makes me feel a little sick. But I can look at them no problem :)

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