Fear of someone holding your nose and/or mouth closed.

by Maggie

Nose and mouth

Nose and mouth

This fear of someone holding your nose and/or mouth closed started when I was young. My older brother and I used to wrestle but, he would always hold my mouth AND nose shut and wouldn't let me breath until I surrendered. He also used to wrap his legs around me and squeeze until I couldn't breathe. When I exhaled, his grip would get tighter. My lungs felt as if they were going to burst. Being a girl, this wasn't my idea of fun. Ever since then, whenever someone would come up behind me and put their hand near my face, I freak out and become really stressed. According to other websites, I am alone. I don't think so. I guess this would be the fear of losing control or of suffocating because I can hold my nose and mouth shut but when other people do it, I lose it.

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