Fear of Someone Hiding Inside Of My House

by Carol

Hi. I'm not exactly sure what this fear of someone hiding inside of my housebphobia is called or if it even has a name. But I've lately been afraid that some bad person, like a burglar or murderer or predator or somebody will break into my house and hide and wait for me. It's a scary thought to me because it's irrational, but not impossible. Everyone tells me I'm safe because my parents are in the house and we have an alarm and protective dogs, but what about one day when I'm in college? Or living in my own place? Also, part of my fear is that the alarm is off or malfunctions when the person would break in and hide. I mean, in the daytime when I'm home alone I am okay. But in the afternoon-evening time and after dark, this fear is so bad. Like one night I heard a noise and I knkew for a fact that it wasn't outside my house because it wasn't my dog that barked. But my curtains blew outward (due to my ceiling fan I guess) when I heard the noise, so I literally ran into my parents' room to wake them. I didn't have the heart to wake them at 2 am since I knew the noise was mere street/neighborhood noise that scared me. But I was petrified of the noises so I just sat in a fetal position and eventually went to sleep on the floor in their bedroom. Also, I have to use my phone as a flashlight when walking around the house. And I do lots of double-takes when I walk through my house because I keep thinking that the furniture/pillows/curtains is people. I even lock the bathroom door when I'm home alone. It's all a problem because I don't feel safe in my own bedroom which is in a secure home with dogs and an alarm. What is wrong with me? I'm afraid scary stories from when I was 12 ruined my life because I'm so jumpy and paranoid. (FYI I also have an intense fear of cockroaches, katsaridaphobia.)

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