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dear kylily,
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same problem i cannot touch paper some times or too soft of hands or materials like those overly soft blankets or stuffed animals make my hands tingle and burn. I've cried and had a mental breakdown a few times when my mom made me wear gloves in the winter when i was younger. I always have to go wash my hands or i lick them too i do that soo often!im very releived to find out its not only just me! :)

by: Jaden

For ever I have avoided touching soft things like paper or napkins pretty much everything soft
when ever I do I kind of lick my lips or lick my hand to keep it from feeling dry it is weird

Alone you arent
by: Yaw

You arent alone. I cant stand the sight of smooth surfaces like tiled floors, cupboards and anything smooth. When i find myself walking on any smooth floor, i start to feel sick. Even watching others walk on them makes my skin crawl.

same here!
by: Anonymous

Same here! I wish I could find a definite name for this! Newspapers and velvet really set me off. I cannot tolerate it! Even just seeing it gets me freaked out and uncomfortable!

hey same name same phobia
by: Logan

I thought I was crazy tell I found this page yayy!

phobia of soft skin and clothes?
by: Brodo

I have something somewhat similar.
I actually can't stand the feeling of soft skin, especially soft hands and arms. I also hate clothes that have been washed with fabric softener.
I don't know if it is a phobia or part of my OCD, but watching people rub their hands, arms, or clothes together makes me want to cry and makes me feel antsy. The sound is definitely the worst part.

by: Kylily

Hi logan! i am so glad i found this post because i have the exact same problem! I think the 2 worst things for me are the ceilings of cars and watching the pobble horse in gymnastics. I also have this problem with touching paper, some types of clothing and really soft hands. i absolutely can not stand it and when ever i accidentally touch something like this i either have to wash my hands or lick them because i need a wet surface to protect them. what do you do to help it?

I also have this fear
by: Mary

Logan yu ar not alone. I am 55 years old and have the exact same problem. I haven't ever had a diagnosis, but I can't touch some of the same things as you. I cant couch fleece,flannel mocrofiber, and some types of velvet. I don't react the same way as you do, but I can't touch these things either.
I have 3 children and they also have this affliction but with different items. One can't touch brown paper bags. Weird huh? I'm glad to finaly find out we aren't alone. There are others out there.

by: Anonymous

I don't know, I am trying to figure out my phobia which sounds a little bit similar to yours. I can't stand wet textures, like lotion or oil or even water. I don't have a problem showering or washing hands, but I immediately have to dry myself completely. If my husband gets out of shower and doesn't dry himself completely and touches me, I feel my skin crawl. I was not able to put lotions on my kids, not even sunscreen. i would make my husband do it, but when he wasn't around i would feel guilty for not doing it. Good luck dear!

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