Fear of sofa polyester foams

I have this sofa polyester foam phobia since i was like 8 years old...when me and my cousins are playing at our auntie's house,they own a very old sofa..it looks very disgusting as i can see the polyester foam scattered everywhere,and the worst part,some of my cousins started to play on that sofa!they jumped on it until all the foams was floating in the air(the fan is 'on' so that explains it)and unfortunately,one small piece of that foam reach my mouth and yes..i throw up!i don't know why i don't like it so much!after that event,i avoid touching sponges in the kitchen,when someone touches foam and they're trying to touch me..i run so fast,when going into a taxi or in any public transportation vehicles i always check if the chair's cover is still good and no foam showing.Whenever i found one,i choose not to ride on that vehicle and wait for another one coming,whenever i was in the house of other relatives or friends and offer me foods and so yeah i have to sit down..i always check their sofa,when i find something like a part of a foam..i always have excuses just to avoid sitting there.so yeah..i can't even breathe whenever i know that i'm near to a disgusting sofa and i can't stand looking at it while i'm eating my meal(self-experimenting).

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