Fear of Smoke Detectors and Drains

by Kat

I hate an irrational fear of smoke detectors and pool drains 1st things 1st smoke detectors. I am terrified of smoke detectors they are effecting my sleep and grades I don't know why but they just scare me one time I heard a smoke detector beebing rite next to my room I went under my coves AND ALMOST SUFFOCATED MYSELF! I can't get two sleep until 11:00 just thinking about a smoke detector I freak out when ever I look at one becuz mine have a little green lite on them so it looks lite a cyborg cuz a little red lite flashes every minute and it freaks me out and it looks like an evil face so it's pretty scary. Now to the drains I can't even explain this one I don't know how I got his one but I think this Is it when I was little like five or so I remember looking into a drain and like maybe I got something stuck or I put my hand to it and I felt some suction or something but I won't even do swim team and I won't go play with my friends becuz when I go of the diving bored my eyes play a trick on me that looks like the drain is rite in front of me I really want to get rid of these fears but how?

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