Fear of small tubes, hearts and veins

I have several phobias which are probably connected. I'm afraid of small tubes. Mainly I'm afraid of things getting stuck in them. This includes choking, things falling in my ear, using tampons, or even losing a ring down a plumbing pipe. I am also afraid of hearts, heartbeats, and pulses. I'm not afraid of blood at all, but being exposed to any of those other things makes my heart beat very fast, which understandably makes it worse. I'm afraid of being touched on the wrist or neck because I feel like I will die. I heard once that it takes little force to crush a windpipe. Ever since then, I've gotten hysterical whenever someone has touched my neck. Besides these, I'm afraid of all internal organs. I don't like the lungs or the intestines or the stomach. The brain is part inside the body that I'm ok with.

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