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by: Anonymous

You are not the only one. I am African-American and I grew up down south in a small town. You would think it would be different, but I am terribly afraid of small towns. I think because of the history in a lot of them. They scare me to death.

wicked little things
by: Nick

I know completely what you mean!I'm in a small town called La Pine Oregon right now visiting my mom and my little brother for Christmas. My father and I like in Southern California, so the drive takes about a day and a half, I got here not five hours ago and I'm already ready to leave. I love my family, but I hate this place so much. I hate my life right now. I'd do anything to leave, I feel like I'm in prison. This place feels like the welcome center to Hell. It feels devoid of all things good and human. I miss the city immensely. There's an eerie silence that becomes me when I stay in most small towns, its like something important is missing. I feel nervous and anxious, I want to tear off my skin and irrationally lash out at the air around me as if that would bring me some kind of freedom, some kind of escape. I thing this is how cats who have been forced into sacks and thrown into the river must feel. Small towns and I don't sit right together, this one especially.

your not the only one
by: Abby from kansas

your not the only one my sister hates when we travel because we go through many small towns she always tells us to lock the doors too.

fear of small towns
by: Anonymous

yes, i feel completely the same way

me too
by: alicia

this is my biggest fear!!! is there a name for this??

small towns terrify me
by: Anonymous

I agree, I am absolutely terrified of being in a small town!

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