Fear of small, groups of bumps or lumps.

I was on myspace one night, and I have an App. called "Truth Box" where people share their truths, secrets, etc.

one night, I was looking through the "All Time Most Popular Truths" , and I came across a picture of a disease on a womans breast, where it looked like holes, with tiny little rocks or pebbles in them.

it COMPLETELY grossed me out, and i could barely think straight after i had seen it.
and now, every time my friends talk about something with bumps, or I see some form of continuous lumps or circles, I start to freak out and I cant listen to them, or I start gagging or something.

like today, my best friend was talking about her hamster, and how it was starting to get tiny little bumps all over its body, and I had to leave immediately before I heard any more.
I felt sick to the stomach.

I feel sick to the stomach even talking about it now.

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