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Overcome phobias and fears
by: Jan

by: Anonymous

i have this same fear. I break down crying every time i see things like this, imagining the bumps on my skin. it's getting worse and scaring me.

Freaked Out
by: Anonymous

Im so freaked out so i was waching the discovery channel and this special is going to be on about a man with the bubble face and how he sufers from a strange disease! And i felt bad for him but as soon as i saw him i went crazy, goosebumps everywhere and itching! Now i cant get the picture out of my head:(

Holes in the sidewalks, clumps of holes....
by: Mehak

Things that I see disgust me sometimes! I really like to catch ants for pets and stuff, and I love the outdoors, but I can't even look down at the sidewalk without noticing those strange clumps of holes in it! I'm freaking out just thinking of it! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this ...

by: Felipe

My mother had it (she passed away) and I have it too. Comparing to what she felt I have nothing but once in a while my skin crawls and I get itchy...haha...a bit right now

Im Not The Only One
by: Anonymous

I hate it when little pieces of rice are stuck together or in a group and I just don't like seeing little things in a group period it makes my skin crawl..I really want help

Wow so many people
by: April

It's comforting to know so many people suffer from this phobia too. I have had since I can remember. Sometimes even certain words will set off a thought and ill get disgusted. My skin will begin to tingle and ill become really itchy and then I can't stop thinking about it. I came to look this up because I had a dream about seeing a bunch of onions growing in the dirt (wierd I know) but I woke up sooooooooo grossed out and the image will not leave my mind, now I can't sleep. :/ does anyone know what this phobia is called?

by: Donna

Oddly enough, my oldest son has the same problem as I do.

by: Donna

I cna't even READ about this stuff without getting freaked out. I wish there was something I could do to make this go away. I'm just glad I'm not the only one. I've never been able to find out what's wrong with till now. Thank you.

by: Anonymous

I didn't know this was a real thing! I just found a web-like scratchy thing on my phone and I couldn't do anything without taking a pair of scissors and scraping it off first (I'm getting itchy just thinking about it). Also, The Thing from Fantastic Four always creeped me out so I finally decided to look up what was going on with me. I'm so happy I'm not crazy!

Me too!!
by: Pfepper

I'm so glad I'm not mad, people have laughed at me when I have told them about being afraid of clusters of bumps, in fact I am making myself feel sick just by typing about it. Those bumpy pavements that show where to cross the road are the limit for me.

My first memory of this was from a soap dish at my grandma's house with little raised bumps on it, it was all slimy and it makes me cold, itchy, sick and shivery just to think about it.

Bless to you all, it's nice to not be alone. x

fear of small, groups of bumps or lumps
by: Anonymous

Oh my God! Finally some people who understand! I don't have it as severe as some of you, but I used to work at a fresh smoothie shop and whenever I would cut into a papaya and see all of the little black seeds I would freak out. Those frogs that hatch babies out of their backs? Ughhhh. I got cold sores for the first time not so long ago and my lips were so swollen and bumpy, I cried every day because of how disgusting it was. It reminded me of that damn frog.

Weird but true
by: Sharne

I have this phobia too.. I think it orginated when I had chickenbox as a teen & I just couldn't deal with the rash on my skin...& it was EVERYWHERE!!! My parents insisted I shoouldn't touch them and it took everything I had to not go crazy and and pop all the little blisters!!! I used to cry at the thought of living out the rest of my life feeling like that! After I got better I got shivers thinking back to when I had the chickenpox, but then I realised when ever I saw a bumpy texture I would get that same sickening feeling! Oh no!! It's horrible too, because it can be on something so unexpected...for instance, there is a kids program on TV called 'Rory the Racing Car' the trees in the landscape on that show almost made me sick and I had to switch it over immediately!! Also, if anyone has ever driven from Gold Coast to Brisbane Airport, there is a texural wall lining the highway (ON BOTH SIDES!!!) and I had to drive through it, it was so difficult fighting the urge to close my eyes & also drive & stay alive!! I had to kind of go cross eyed lol!! People with Tryophopia should never visit the Irish countryside either... they have these little cottages built with white exterior walls wit1h huge bulbous bumps in them....ewwwwwwwww!!! I screamed when my husband (who's from Ireland) said "honey...look what's over there!!) Not happy!!! Anyways..enough of y rant...just glad to not feel like the only understands in my family!!!

We're all in this together!
by: Anonymous

GAHHH! I am SO comforted to know that I am not alone with this fear! Every time I see a diseased tree or leaf,hives, cluster of tics, the back of a fern sporophyte, even goosebumps...i get goosebumps and that freaks me out, it is so frightening. Sometimes to the point where i get teary and the thought of it manifests that I can't think of anything but it! but this website is amazing! Thanks everyone for sharing! Know you are not alone!

so what is it called??
by: Anonymous

what do u call this phobia?

Thank god
by: Anonymous

when i see a cluster of tiny eggs, or zits or anything like that. i would get so disgusted, my skin crawls and i'm even getting itchy right now. Omg i used to think i was really weird but thank god i'm not the only one!. And just now my friend sent me a picture of a disease called something...fibrosis it was the most disgusting thing i have ever seen in my entire life, i think i might cry. And i'm even a little afraid to go to sleep in a little. But does make me feel a bit better to know i'm not the only.

So I'm not crazy!
by: Kait

Thank God I'm not alone! This phobia started a few years ago when I was about five when I saw cluster-like mold in the shower. I'm seventeen now and I believe it's been getting worse. I told only a few of my friends, and my parents don't even know. I can't look at clusters of holes, circles, dots, or anything like that! I refuse to eat corn on the cob, pomegranates, even peas! I had an odd skin rash last summer from a chemical in a pool, and bumps were all over my skin. It made me cry whenever I looked at it because there would be a couple in little bunches. Now I'm scratching my head and skin just thinking about it!

thank you
by: Jamie

I'm so glad I found others with this fear. I hate zits, bubbles in soda glasses even the white circles on the freeway. I can't stand honeycombs or barnacles or any imperfection in the skin. Thank God there are others or there like me

by: Anonymous

Now i know what its called! man i have this for years and noone seems to undertsnd what i was on about.

Circles in clumps
by: Diana

Hi everyone, I try to explain my fears but no one else understands. I seriously fear circles in clumps, caviar, birds on power lines, tons of ducks in a field together, seed pods, pomegranates, frog eggs on back, Hersey kisses new candy Hersey air with all those holes, the leafs with black dots on them, bumps, just anything with a bunch of seeds, clusters. beehives, honey combs and honey comb cereal. I just hate all of it. It makes me want to cry.

Clusters of insects or seeds and bumps on the skin of others
by: Gretchen

Omg! I am itching as im typing here. My scalp, face, arm, legs,you name it! Just thinking about it gives me the creeps and for days i will try to erase the images from my mind, i wish it would go away!!! I remember as a toddler i once saw clusters of seeds on a fern and i could not stop itching. For years it went away and now recently the symptoms are back and now its worse. Clusters of insects and skin rashes of other people are the worst!!!

Im not alone
by: Anonymous

Im so glad I am not crazy...ive only told but a few people about my fear of holes especially holes in the flesh. I realized my fear when I was very very young and I saw a wasp's nest and ever since I can not look at anything like that with holes. Its to the point now if the ceiling tile of public bathrooms looks like there are holes in them I can not go or somebody is coming in there with me. I recently was on youtube and there is a video that asking if you have trypophobia. Its about a two minute video and I stopped it within a minute. Before that video and this website, I had no idea that there could possibly be anyone else that was creeped out and disgusted by holes. Im so afraid that i check my body many many times a day for bumps and holes to make sure nothing is in my flesh!!!

drug that helps
by: Ugo

I am taking invega papileridone for this phobia. Its a delusion and invega is working for me.I am less creeped out by some items. I hope it completely irradicates it.

by: Anonymous

so freaky my daughter and me suffer really bad from this ,we talk about it all the time no one seems to understand how you just want to just destroy something that looks so creepy and even its even freakin me out writting this eeeeewwwwww helppppp

by: tanya

i cant believe how many people have this same thing as me, me and my mum have this problem so bad we cant look at anything even circles like in a sauna or a big freezer in a shop all the water on the celins all even, or a disease with red raised lumps, theres so many things we find creepy and we find it so annoying we actually scream and want to rip the things apart, i find if i think in my head about burning the thing or rippin it to pieces i feel a bit better but if i see something thats relli annoyed me that was so creepy i cant get the image out of my head for days, and the girl who said about the birds on the wire, that relli annoys us to so much, i wish i didnt have it its so annoying,

cluster bumps & spiders!!!!
by: Jen

Seriously this is the first time i have ever looked anything like this up and wow! I have been dealing with this my entire life!! I think the clusters and bumpy things for me more so than the holes but those descriptions were making me anxious as well. I also have arachnophobia (fear of spiders or eight-legged creatures) and for me I belive that they are related....I am terrified of spiders and one of the main reasons is their legs - there are so many it is like little clusters and it makes me sick but also scared. When I see other random clusters of things it doesn't make me scared so much as just sick and I always want to scratch off all the bumps (for instance a gourd) eeehl!! I end up sometimes scratching myself or sometimes the object (depending on what it is) I feel enraged to destroy the clusters via scratching with my fingernails if possible. whew disgusting and yes it really does feel better to let it all out! How do we help this?????

This is so crazy!
by: Sarah Bailey

I cant believe I actually found out that people have the same fear as me. When I was little I would always see bug eggs and I would get very disturbed. I saw maggots on a pile of roadkill and it freaked me out so bad I had to run away from it. I dont like the look of bug eggs or any type of hole or openings close together the word is "disturbing" Its gross and I dont like it.
It gives me an embarrassed or grossed out feeling. Im glad to know Im not the only one!

fern seeds on the back of the leave freaked me out

I know I am not alone, my mom has the same 'phobia' as I do. When I see the back of the fern leave, I start shaking. Those little dots in a perfect arrangement makes me throw up~~~eeewwww...

by: Oh gosh must eradicate holes

The fear of small clusters of holes. Like lotus pods or holes in the concrete. I get sickened and VERY itchy. Oh no... I can feel it right now. FFFFFFF-

by: Anonymous

it can be clusterphobia.. or trypophobia... I have both!... ugh

by: Anonymous

I had no idea, seriously was happy finding out this is an actual phobia. Everytime I tell someone they give me a weird look LOL. Every time I see a honeycomb or cluster of tiny holes I cringe and get a shiver up my spine!

by: Meghan

While little bumps creep me out to no end, little holes are what make me feel sick. I hate them, I always have.

I'm not the only one!
by: Meghan

I'm only 18 but I've had this fear or aversion since I can remember, my family makes fun of me, but I can't see little holes, little bumps or really tiny groups at all. Does groups of birds on a wire get anyone else? I just feel so relieved that there are other people out there, and I'm not just a fruitcake.

does this phobia actually have a name?
by: Anonymous

WOW we are not alone, thought i was crazy till i started to look online and found this page!. Just thinkin about things with a small group of bumps get me chills. There was one time, at my workplace, it rained soooo hard once, we had a leak in the rest area and one of the was actually IN the wall.. well, between the paint and the wall. When it dried, obviously the paint didnt go back to its normal appearance, and somebody thought that itd be cool to slip their fingers in that part, the paint sticked back to the wall but leaving all this tiny bumps on it... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW disgusting
Does this phobia has a name?, or its just a phobia of bumps?

Same here.
by: Matt

I have had this same phobia since I was a child. When I see things like the Lotus plant or the Gray Moon Sponge my mind immediately pictures that on my own flesh. Usually arms, shoulders and back. I am having extreme chills with horrible itching right now. When I saw the previously mentioned photo os the breast and the asian girl I wanted to burn the image from my skull. It has been a month since I have seen it and the only thing that makes the horrible feeling go away is Zanax. Don't feel like your alone, there are many of us.

by: Natalia

I've always always always had this little thing about groups of things - particularly small circles or holes. When I was younger, I couldn't look at an ant's nest without feeling faint. At first I thought it was a phobia of ants, but after seeing a medical television programme I realised I hated lumps on the skin too. I still cringe when I see lotus seed pods or a close up of spider eyes. Thank goodness I've found a name for it and know that other people share it!

I'm so freaked out right now!
by: Creepy Crawlies

My skin is crawling after reading all the posts! I am glad I am not the only one to have this phobia but it was torture reading all of your posts.
I'm from Arizona and we have Prickly Pear Cactus all overthe place. In my neighbors yard, the mall parking lot, my kids school...On the Cactus grows these little clusters of red prickly pears and I CAN NOT LOOK AT THEM! another thing I can not stand is on the back side of a fern leaf, there is almost always immature sporangia. It's little perfect rows of bumps all over the leaves. I recently had surgery and received 5 seperate floral arrangemnets and each one had the darn discusting fern leaves. I freaked out and started screaming at my 15 yr old son to "throw them out!!! throw them out!!" He thought that was funny!! I must say it feels good to share with others!

by: jlane

Yay found people with the same fear. I've always hated clusters of bumps and holes. I was reminded of it last night when i had a dream that i put some facial mask on my face and it started to irritate my face and soon my skin tore into dime size ovals/circles all over my face, i could see the red stuff under my skin. to make it worse my face started to swell...ewwwww soo sure those who read this are getting soo grossed out too but i had to share because no else understands. im getting goosebumps and my neck hairs are standing up.

I think now i am going to have a hard time washing my face and looking to the mirror. grrr.

i can't stand bumps!
by: Anonymous

omg i dont feel alone anymore! :) I'm 19 years old and i crench at the site of a bunch of tiny bumps! and to MAKE IT WORSE i just recently got a rash with bumps in my body! I feel like crying! I can't stand the site of just bumps and now I have to feel them as i put lotion on them! :,,( all my friends think I'M CRAZY but its so nice that other ppl know what i am feeling!

by: scared

i really think this fear started when i was lost in a building once and accidentally walked in on a smallpox convention. they had many blown up pictures of people with smallpox. it was the most horrible thing ever.

At last I found a name for this
by: Mint

I have always felt extremely queasy when I see clumps of things. For me, it's more to do with 'organic' things, things that move. Dots on a paper don't affect me but swarms of fishes for example will freak me out.

My boyfriend is a diving instructor - a few weeks ago, we were reading a book which had underwater photographs. I felt sick seeing the school of fish and he thought I was mad. So I had to find out what my phobia was called!! and here I am :-)

Glad I am not the only one ... phew!

i hate burnt milk!
by: Anonymous

i didn't know there was anyone else out there that had this phobia! i don't hate a lot of the things you guys hate, but burnt milk and things that are very... bubbly, but not bubbles drive me crazy! they're like evil bubbles that form on normal everyday objects! ie. my pot, which i accidentally burnt milk in, and when i threw out the milk i was bombarded with a million black holes surrounded by white fillament/membrane sick looking stuff! it made me gag, but i had to clean it, which was even worse because i had to franticly scrape everything out and wash it down the drain. but when it was all gone i felt SOOO MUCH BETTER, i think this might be a step to over coming my fear, i should just burn milk everyday and scrape it down the drain until i'm not afriad of it anmmore! and i don't like spider eyes, and the frog thing is just disgusting, but i'm sure everyone is grossed out by that, not just us phobics! thanks for reading!

by: Elna

At last! At 62 I found out that I am not crazy!! For years I have this thing that everybody looks at me weird! My son left his chinese fighter fish with me to look after. a week ago it started with a white jelly like 'lump' growing out of its one eye. I nearly went beserk! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the other eye started. I die everytime I have to feed it! Since I was little I had this phobia about little holes - just a fleeting image makes me cringe! I can't believe there are other people with the same phobia!

This is Crazy!
by: Jenny

Like everyone else on here, I can't BELIEVE other people have the same phobia. So weird..... I agree to the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with all those barnacles and holey textures. The Lotus seed breast makes my teeth graze together, and I start itching. This might be the worst thing but I actually lived with this, when I was little, I had like in inside out wart on the bottom of my foot. It was like living a nightmare. It looked like the gray moon sponge on the bottom of my foot. I would itch at it and pick it away. Thank god it went away on it's own.

This is kinda neat sharing such an odd fear :D

Nastiest Fear
by: Anonymous

I'm so relieved that there are others like me. I thought I was the only one. I don't know anyone in my family with it. One night I had a dream I had a hole in the back of my head and somehow I could see that there were a bunch of seeds in there and I cannot stand the sight of hair follicles, open pores, pomegranate, like a person with millions of blackheads or whiteheads makes me sick to my stomach. I couldn't believe that people hate those chickens on Chicken Run. Even polkadots on a dress makes me turn away.

bumpy leaves
by: Anonymous

whenever i see those leaves that have bumps on them it makes me really freaked out. my friends think its weird and funny so one day they filled my bag with them and i had panic attack. do you know what leaves i'm talking about. idk if they are bug eggs or idk what but the thought of them is making me want to cry!

I'm not alone anymore!
by: Anonymous

I thought I was crazy too! Pheww! Seeing holes bumps and spots makes me want to scream and recoil away!

i thought i was the only one
by: Anonymous

I felt like a freak because my friends and family look at me crazy. I just cant help it, the thought of small bumps clustered in together just brings goosebumps all over my body!! GROSS. everytime i see something like that, i shrivel up so bad and the hairs on my arms and legs just stand up, even though i try rubbing it, it wont go away.

by: K.K.

I hate this phobia! I have had it for quite some time. I thought I was crazy and the only one that had this fear.

The Lotus Boob IS very terrifying!! I'm crying by just thinking about it.
Whomever photoshopped that pic should have his/her ass kicked by people with this fear of holes, circles, clusters, etc.!!!


argh, me too
by: elva

oh my god, i cant believe other people have this too, i thought i was a complete freak and couldnt explain it to my family etc. i am terrified by small tiny holes. The hairs on my right arm stand up and i just want to get sick if i see a cluster of them, anything from the holes in a flower stalk when it is cut in half or even the holes of macaroni or pasta shells against a packet etc. also im not good with lots of seeds, like when you cut a melom or pomegranate in half, ARGHHH .....

gray moon sponge
by: boonar

If you can bear to check out the photo of the gray moon sponge, its my ultimate cringe. Also the dream about things getting stuck in holes in your feet has the same affect! For me, the holes have to really belong to something that was or is living and its when they have something in them that really should come out l feel the worst

by: Anonymous

oh gosh i feel the same too it just freaks me out so bad i start rubbing my hands and legs just to make sure they ain't on me!! :( its soooo gross and yea even mine started after i had this disgusting dream where i saw someone lying with all these bump in a hospital its just so creepy! :(

hate spots,bumps,holes
by: tonia

my skin literally crawls at the thought of any of these to the point i dont want to type it. i fear not snakes or the most disgusting big bug--but even the memory of tiny groups of anything spotted leaves me sickened for at least a week

finally I know whats wrong with me
by: Anonymous

I was watching POTC three and all those fish people on Davy Jones ship, all those clusters and bumps and barnacles....I coulndt even watch sickens me... I use to think this was some carzy thing of mine, but to know it has a name gives me hope that its not something neurotic and delusional. sometimes I cant stand leopard spots or even giraffe spots....

im not alone
by: Anonymous

yes im not crazy yeah bumps drive me nuts anything clustered together and bumpy makes me want to destroy it like i go into extreme fits of rage to get rid of it cant look at it or be near it freaks me out whoosh feels better getting that out.

Holes and Bumps
by: becky

I'm glad i found this site, my phobia of holes and lumps started when i was little, i had a dream i had holes all over my hands. Since then its developed so much i cant stand to look clusters of holes anywhere, especially holes and bumps on skin. I now have a dream almost every night where the bottoms of my feet are covered in holes and things get stuck in them when i walk, it makes me want to throw up. Its more a uneasy, sick feeling then a scared one though..

Family thinks I'm crazy!
by: Stephanie

Don't get me wrong, I don't wish this specific fear (or disgust)on anyone, but it's a relief to hear that I am not the only one with this phobia. It is also a relief to hear that picture of the "lotus boob" was fake....I have had nightmares about that ever since I've seen it! My brother, who doesn't have this phobia, said that he would smack me if I ever mentioned that picture to him again!LOL
I can't be normal & have a fear of heights, clowns, none of those fear is pipes piled next to each other, wasps nests, lotus pods, perm rods in hair, ETC!

bumps AND holes!
by: Anonymous

I have a fear of bumps AND holes. Do any of you have a fear of holes as well? Like a cluster of uneven holes. It's worse when there are holes with bumps in them. My shower head looks like a bunch of holes with a bump in each one, and then there's a hole in that for the water to come out of it. UGH! It's gross and freaky. I have to use the shower downstairs.

by: Anonymous

I know the pic you are talking about.. saw it a couple days ago.. same reaction

by: Anonymous

Or a spelling like that. It's what we have. Stress makes it so much worse. Lack of sleep too. I had to agree with the other poster. This link talks about it as well. Hello? Scientists??? We need someone to look in to this!!!

by: Anonymous

this is crazy! ive had this ever since i was little!!! the old woman who used to live next door to me had wrinkly skin and when i was about 8 i looked at her elbow and it was all lumpy and bumpy like EEEEWWWW it makes me cringe. last night i was watching this show called amazing miracle stories and this man had bubbles, like boils allll over his body! i screamed and ran out of the room, i couldnt breath, i literally had a panic attack. everyone makes fun of me but im glad im not the only one!

It's a fake picture
by: Anonymous

That picture is faked. Photoshopped.
Try reading and see.

do your research
by: Anonymous

that picture isn't real. it's a photoshopped combination of a a fruit/plant or something and a woman's breast. look it up

Lotus Breast
by: Anonymous

The picture was a photoshopped image of a woman with the texture of a lotus pod integrated into the skin. There's also an expanded one where the pods have been integrated into the arms and legs. It certainly does give you the willies looking at it, but know that that image isn't real.

by: Anonymous

i literally started crying after i read this and looked up the word trypophobia.. i hate it more than imaginable

sweet!!! I'm not crazy...or just less crazy than I thought
by: Anonymous

YAY....I have major b/f's aunt has a bump on her head and it seriously freaks me out. When I had to do first aid, I was able to deal with many goose eggs and such, but had a major melt down afterwards. I CANNOT handle bumps. My kids have a toy that you squeeze and looks like lots of bumps on it, they torment me with it!

glad i'm not alone
by: Anonymous

eeeww jus reading about some of the things described in some of the comments makes me quiver. i'm glad there are more like me out there. In response to another comment left, i remember faintly having dreams about bumps or holes that are close together in the past. i always wake up cringing and covered in goose bumps,,,how ironic that the thing i want to get away from just ends up all over my body (bumps),,,lol,,,i also have a fear of veins,,,,just typing thatword was hard to do,,,i can't even look at the word,,,ugh!

by: mommymoshpit

I have this phobia also. My daughter recently told me she felt that way too. Its got an actual name, its called trypophobia. It seems that a large amount of people with the phobia aslo have an immediate family member with the same phobia. many people seem to be able to trace the phobia back to a particular dream they had. Its really crazy how many similarities there are. Anyway, Ive had this phobia for many years and told very few people beacuase of most reactions. I found a website called Check out the section for fear of clusters.

WOW! It's just great knowing I'm not alone on this one!
by: Ayla

I thought I was the only one that had a problem with bumps and especially clusters of bumps. I'm cringing just thinking about them never mind seeing them. If I see lots of bumps close together I have to look away quick otherwise it will just freak me out. I've asked loads of people about this and they just don't get it. I would love to know what this phobia is called. It seems to be a rare one. My other phobia is spiders but that's not so unusual! Still I would rather have a spider walk across my room then have to touch or even look at anything with bumps. After seeing all your comments, I guess I'm not so weird after all!

I'm glad I'm not the only one!!
by: Anonymous

I get sick too, just thinking about bumps. Ever since I got poison ivy in 8th grade. I can't look at bumpy ceilings (I think they call them spackled ceilings). When I see anything bumpy I start to itch and feel sick to my stomach.

Finally Other People With The Same Fear!!!!
by: Leanne

Omg i totally know what you guys mean :| i have that fear too :| it makes me want to cry thinkin about it :| like the other day in history class our teacher put up a picture of a guy with smallpox and i was nearly crying. Omg it is sooooo disgusting =(
I really wanna know what this phobia is called!!!

Fear of lumps, bumps, protrusions, even mole hills!
by: Anonymous

Hi~ I seriously cannot believe I am not alone here! Everytime I think about anything that is coming out of something, ESPECIALLY in a group, I get queazy. Recently, moles have started digging up grass for the Spring, and I have to look away! Does anyone know anything to lessen the watering of the mouth sensation! I'm desperate!

I'm not the only weird one!
by: Currie

This is the absolute only thing that creeps me out. I just hate clusters of tiny bumps and holes. I got Chicken pox; I couldn't look at my body for days. Wasps nests: Ewww... When I go down the tollway they're are all those reflectors on the divider thingy. I can't look at it. All from a dream I had when I was four. In it, my twin brother broke out with millions of tiny bumps. His hair fell out but the holes from his scalp was still there. I'll never forget that. I wish there was a name for this fear.

by: Cheryl

its totally disgusting i have this phobia too i wanna know what its called, reading ur comments made me feel so sick i also have a phobia of fish its mainly their scales i dont like but i hate their fins too it was so hard for me to just write that word. this may sound mental but the new fanta bottles have bumps all over them i cant even hold them

say no to bumps!
by: Anonymous

You're not the only one out there that has this fear of bumps. I've been suffering with this phobias for years. Not only the fear of bumps, but holes and clusters as well. People make fun of me all the time, but it freaks them out when I start crying when I see a cluster of bumps/holes. I've also seen that picture of bumps on a woman's breast. I'm worried that it's burned in my mind forever. I feel like crying and gagging and claw my skin out just thinking about it. It's horrible!

by: Akire

I have that too! My cousin got this thing on her body that she was coveredin bumps, i mean covered! Ever since then I cant stand looking at them and even less touching a them. My dog had mangie and I couldnt even pet her. Its horrible. I really didnt think there was someone else with this. I was made fun of cus it.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD , I have the same thing I was reading your story and I almost threw up. My thing started with the movie The Fly.The scene where he started to convert.GAG. Wow I thought that no one else had this. Another occasion my sons dad gave them a toy that has a net around a bag of goo. so when you squish it the clusters and bumps come out. ehh...I just got chills down my spine and my stomach.EEEEWWWW. I understand.

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