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by: Anonymous

Yeah and you never know what there dreaming about. (Sleepwalker comes in holding knife with zombie look on face*) I also fear pool drains. (worst) Tornado's (second worst) sleepwalkers (third) The tornado thing was only because I used to live in tornado alley and when I heard the alarms go off for the first time in my life I panicked and ran around the house till my parents told me to get shoes on and go to the cellar. haha. No explanation for the pool drains. I always feared those dark sucking holes at the bottom of an abyss. ;3 Ironicly I love diving. I want to be an underwater photographer.

by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one too!
I can't even find a name for it.
If I see/hear a sleepwalker, I go into shock.
It's scary!

I am too!
by: Kayla

Not only the fact that there's a zombie-like body, but you don't have control over your actions when you're sleepwalking. I've slept-walked once, and I'm completely creeped out about it. I walked to the door and unlocked it. My mom watched me do it, thankfully.

Same here
by: JoJo

Ha! I didn't think I'd find someone with this fear too. Sleepwalkers CREEP ME OUT. They're like Zombies! O_O

Me too
by: Anonymous

I am
Horrified of sleep walkers
It's some scary shit
Like a lifeless body walking around

me too
by: francis korre

i am very scared of them too like there zombies or somthing

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