Fear of Sleeping next to a Man

by Sleepless Kimmi

I have a major phobia of sleeping next to a man. Even sleeping next to a female freaks me out. This stems back even to grade one, where I layed in bed tossing and turning at my best friend Jennifer's house because sleeping in the same room as someone else just makes me really uncomfortable. I don't have any history of being sexually abused or anything that would be linked to this. Even seeing commercials with couples sleeping in the same bed makes me cringe. The thought of sleeping next to a man, makes my blood pressure rise and feel really anxious and nervous. I wish there was some way to fix this. If I date anyone, I haven't been able to sleep in the same bed as him. I can cuddle in bed and be intimate, just the act of sleeping beside someone freaks me out bigtime. Does anyone else have this problem or can anyone offer a suggestion to overcome this?

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