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by: Anonymous

Hi there.,,, i have this similar issue.. I am fearful of sleeping next to a man or woman.. i feel unsafe and as though they can "see me" .. i am volnerable.. I have had a few "man" friends come to sleep the night,. purely to SLEEP to practice and on these occassions we have not slept a wink because my energy is soo strong that they can not sleep as well.!! so now they will not come for a sleep over..

I am now starting to date and am very worried about how to overcome this FEAR ..

i need help.

Fear of sleep
by: Ashley clark

I have the exact same fear not sure how mine started , I slept beside my wife for about 7 years all fine. One night I woke up and it started from there we have since divorced over this problem as no one understands.
Now when I go somewhere where it is different or someone else is in the same room I have to take sleeping pill to settle my nerves.
I did try to use hypnotherapy but with no success. I think it is about trusting that person you are with and telling them about it and hopefully work on it together to make your combined bed feel safe and peaceful. I hope this helps you

Fear of sleeping next to someone
by: Anonymous

Did you ever solve this, I've same issue and have gone to lengths not to sleep next to someone even sleeping in bath or climbing out of window!

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