Fear of sleeping in a car with friends or family

by Emma
(United states )

Well, I have no idea what this is called. I have a phobia of being in a car and falling asleep. But I don't mind sleeping, it is just with people that I try to impress. I think that my step sister Kristen is one of those people that involve my phobia. my phobia is falling asleep in the car and friends/ family/people I try to impress all the time, laughing at how I sleep or watching me. I also have a problem with other people sleeping. Everytime someone falls asleep I get tingly all over and wanna watch what they do. I think I am a hypocrite. I just start breaking down when I talk about it. Right now I am crying. I dont know why! I am so ashamed because everytime at sleepovers someone falls asleep I wanna mess with them and nobody cares that they fell asleep. I feel soo weird right now. This is the worst thing to tell anyone. I hate sleeping infront of people. Whenever someone in my family falls asleep in the car then I want to to but I can't because I feel like my mom or dad or broher is staring at me. Please help it makes me so upset. Like tonight! My friend and his family and I were ridiing into town and he started falling asleep and was bobbing his head and no one cared but I was just staring what is wrong with me. Don't judge me!! Please I feel soo weird!!! I feel like nobody is the same as me. I can't find anything online and I am so ashamed to tell my parents!

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