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by: Anonymous

Try falling asleep to noise. TV, music, etc. Sometimes a bright light helps to. For me, I pray and it helps a lot.

by: Anonymous

i cant be of much help - but i do suffer from the same thing, frequently. it has led to an intense fear of sleep which some nights sees me just sitting up in bed crying for most of the night. i find it goes away if i am falling asleep drunk/high, which i realise is not a practical way to deal with things, or, if i am sleeping with somebody, if i am not sleeping in my own bed, and occasionally if im lucky, i forget about the possibility of the episodes and dize off pleasantly. however, sometimes i forget about the possibility and then it occurs which is rubbish.

Fear of sleep
by: Anonymous

I developed the fear of sleep after having a heavy head cold and woke in the early hours gasping for air due to blocked nasal passages and ear problems. Since then I have been treated for the infection but have been left with the fear of experiencing the systems again.

When I go to bed or drop off on the sofa my body wakes me up by jolting, if I eventually drift off to sleep I will wake thinking i can't breathe and then have a panic attack.

I have also been diagnosed with depression and due to start taking anti depressants and sleeping tablets to help me out until they kick in.

Never experienced anything like if before and wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy!

Me too.
by: Samantha

I have just recently developed this, I read about it and now I am terrified I will have night paralysis as well.

night paralysis
by: Anonymous

I have night paralysis to, when it happens you get soo scared because you can hear everything thats going on around you but there is know way you are able to move or speak.I some times feel that some one is watching over me aswell because it has never happened before but has occured about 3-4times. Just try to relax and clear your mind before you go to sleep try saying a little prayer for guidance through the night that seems to help me out.

I hate sleeping!
by: Anonymous

I just can't sleep so the result is, I'm scared of it. Can somebody help???

here if u need
by: Anonymous

that nite paralyss happens to me to least once a week its scary and crazy

Tips on sleep paralysis
by: Anonymous

I have the same sleep paralysis issue occasionally, and here's what works for me: First of all, calm down. Panicking isn't going to help at all. If you are able to open your eyes (I dunno if all people are), close them again and try to wiggle your toes. I dunno why but that always works after a few seconds for me.
As far as feeling something evil, I have two suggestions (since it's hard to be calm if you think there's something evil watching you or doing something to you). The scientific reason is if you don't believe in things like having a 6th sense. The other way is if you do.
The scientific way: When that happens, you're not fully awake and so it causes hallucinations. So just keep in mind that it is not real.
The other way: Summon your guardian spirit. He or she will protect you from whatever it is that is bothering you or trying to hurt you.

Fear of Sleeping
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a similar problem. I too am a college student and have always had one problem or another with sleep for as long as can I remember. I fear sleeping. I wish I had some tips on how to overcome fear of sleeping for you and me. I'm currently researching on the internet about what sleeping is and fear of sleeping. Hopefully, knowing that you're not alone is helpful.

fear of sleep
by: Anonymous

I have bipolar disorder and my first major manic episode lasted over 6 weeks and put me in the hospital. During my episode I experienced horrible insomnia, a problem I had never had in my life. Now after hospitalization I have developed a fear of sleep. Even thinking about it makes me want to cry. If anyone has any ideas please post.

panic disorder
by: Anonymous

A few years ago, I got into a bit of trouble. I had to reveal it to my wife, and stayed awake all night fearing how I would tell her. The trouble has cleared up, but now, on occassion, when I get into bed, I develop panic attacks. I never know when they will occur. I can go weeks or months without them, and then all of a sudden, it will hit. This has caused an arrythmia in my heart.
It sounds silly to fear going to bed, just because that was the place that reminds me of the terrible incident I got myself into, but that is the case. Any suggestions???

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