fear of singing and playing insturments

by larry
(cookeville tn. putnam)

i have always been good at art,drawing, is my passion since the age of 3. around i3, i goot caught up in the rock and roll mirage most teenagers do in the 70,s 80,s i tried out guitar, and have been playing ,self taught for decades.ive got a great ear and admoration for a varity of music .but to pick up a guitar to improvise or write songs, i get all nerveous, agiatated,tense and so hot ,i take off my shirt and turn on a fan,i am umcomfrtable, andi guess desenitizd.i seem to have some talent in music.but i am better at art ,wihout all the ill feeligs and frustration.art is spiritually and focuses me,and gives me peace. it makes me feel that a higher power is telling me that that isnt me.or im not cut out for music

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