Fear of Showers

by Jess


So, ever since I was a little girl, I've been afraid of showers. I'm not too sure how it started really. All I know is that I wouldn't go into any bathroom without the shower being covered.

I kind of got over the fear abit and was able to take showers without any problems. But a couple of weeks ago, the fear has started to come back. I can still have showers, I just can't look at them when I'm showering. I can't look at them at all really, unless its from a distance.

Moments ago, I walked into my bathroom, getting ready for bed when I noticed the shower was off the hook sort of, so It was dangling down, the head facing towards me. I literally jumped out of my skin, and ran out the bathroom. In the end my brother had to put it back on the hook and I hhad to close the curtain enough so I couldn't see the shower.

It may sound really stupid, but I'm seriously scared of the shower. It has nothing to do with the water aspect of it. I can't desribe it word for word to be honest.

Does anybody know what the phobia is called?!


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