Fear of shooting skywards

Ever since a little kid, I've always had a fear that gravity would turn off and I would shoot up skywards. For me, I know the reason.i went on the roller coaster ride called dr.dooms free fall.you start on the ground and if shoots you two hundred feet in the air, and when I went on it, I looked up and I saw the blue sky. It's odd because heist don't bother me, I would love to skydive, and my Dream job is being a helicopter pilot. I also love roller coasters.this fear only kicks in when I'm in a wide open area and there is only blue sky. I was looking at the sky with my friend and I was laying Down and once the fear kicked in,I clenched onto the grass as hard as possible. I think I can get away from this fear by going back on that ride and looking at the sky,now that I'm older, I think I can conquer this phobia.

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