Fear of Shipwrecks

by Philip
(Birdsboro, PA, USA)

I am creeped out by shipwrecks and derelict seagoing vessels. Whether they've sunk, run aground, or are just sitting unused and rusting/rotting away, the very sight of them makes my skin crawl, even if it's only a photograph.

I remember when I was little (maybe ten or so), my grandfather took my brother and me on a boat ride around Boothbay Harbor, in Maine. At the time, the back coves were home to several old wooden-hulled schooners which had been abandoned and left to rot away over the decades. I remember Grandpa steering our boat right through the middle of one of these hulks, which had broken in two. The inside was dark, wet, and slimy, like peering into the body cavity of a dead whale.

I can't even look at pictures of sunken ships in National Geographic without having an averse reaction to them. To me, ships are supposed to be "alive" as they sail the seas, so seeing one that's abandoned or wrecked is like looking at a corpse that's been left unburied.

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