Fear of Shipwrecks

by Katie

I have this major fear of shipwrecks and anything that submerges in water.

I can't stand looking at deep sea fish the ones that are in the hidden depths, because they scare me so much.

I love the sea I think it's beautiful, but things that lie beneath it's depths creep me out, so much.

I have no problems with sharks or any other tropical fish, I think they're cool.

But shipwrecks or submarines or any such shadows in the sea scares the living day lights out of me.
My friend sent me a picture of the Titanic once whilst it was rotting in the hidden depths of the sea, I was in tears after.

I realised it got worse when I was doing the dishes and a cup fell into the washing bowel, and it sunk and all the bubbles rose to the top and it just disappeared into the cloudy water, I was so scared I wanted to run away.

I'm also ashamed to say it happens in the bath too, when I drop something and it sinks to the bottom and I can't see or find it, I just get uneasy and I feel sick and have to have a shower instead.

I think it started when I played a game when I was younger, you were a scuba diver and you had to swim through the misty ocean and all these large shadow fish and shipwrecks were around and it scared me so much.
I hope I'm not alone.

I won't add a photo because I'm too afraid to find one.

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