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I never realized I had this fear until I discovered a dreary, depressing B&W photo of the wreck of the SS NORMANDIE on the cover of a rare indie rock LP. The album, NOW VOYAGER by SPACE NEEDLE just MORTIFIES ME! I get sick, nauseous, dizzy, depressed, panicked...the enormity of the feeling is just immense.
I haven't really gone trolling on the web for photos of other shipwrecks because I'm afraid of having the same reaction. Being from NYC, this one just seems so eerily familiar....particularly the photo on this LP cover. The view from the West Side Highway is striking to me because I've driven along that area, PIER 88,hundreds...maybe thousands of times.
There is something so haunting about that photo. It really does make me wonder if I nearby (in a past life)when it went up in flames from a welder's torch accident while docked. I think only one person was killed in this disaster. There is also a rumor that Lucky Luciano had something to do with the sinking of this ship, if I recall correctly from research I did upon discovering my horrifying reaction to just seeing this freakin' album cover.
As far as the TITANIC, i would not be surprised if I had a similar reaction if I really perused photos of that. I do recall being VERY toddler age & seeing part of an older film about the TITANIC on TV. The ship was sinking & people were gathered singing hymns on deck as they bravely descended to their watery graves. It's one of those images from early childhood that has stayed with me....definitely made an impression.
Anyway, I was glad to discover this forum & I wonder if anyone has a stronger reaction to a particular shipwreck (like I apparently do to the NORMANDIE) than others you've encountered images of. I'm thinkin' PAST LIVES...big time!

Edmund Fitzgerald--lots of triggers, WARNING
by: Sydney

I have a fear of deep water and a fear of shipwrecks (even shallow ones). I don't have panic attacks or anything but they disturb me deeply and make me feel cold and clammy. Everyone is mentioning the Titanic but for me it is the Edmund Fitzgerald that just creeps me out. The fact that there are bodies near the wreck perfectly preserved in the cold water also just scares me to death. There was a show on TV a few years ago where it followed some guys that would salvage shipwrecks and I remember in a harbor they put balloons in a small yacht that was about 15 feet underwater and floated it to the surface and I about had a heart attack. Yet I still watch these kinds of things and look at pictures. Like I'm so afraid of it I have to think about it and wrestle with it. I can't understand it.

There was a couple in CA years ago and some guy wanted to steal their yacht so he took them out on the boat and then tied them to an anchor and threw them overboard ALIVE! Their names were Tom and Jackie Hawke I believe. So of course I had to google how deep the water was at that location--6,000 feet deep! And it didn't take them that long to sink. The thought of sinking in such deep water ALIVE (at least for a few minutes) heart is pounding just thinking of it. Yet I ponder these things BECAUSE I'm so fearful of them. I love the ocean and I'm not afraid of sharks or fish or anything but I'm deathly afraid of murky water--even if it is only 2 feet deep. My extended family and I go to Ocean City NJ every year and we go in the bay to fish. Some of the water there is only 2 feet deep because of sand bars and my father-in-law was joking that if we get stuck I'll have to jump in there and help push the boat off. Just the thought of jumping into that murky bay water is TERRIFYING to me. Then a girl's skeletal foot was found washed up on shore near the bay. Her foot was in her sneaker and they never found her body. She had been missing for a year. So then I envision her body floating in that murky water. I just shake thinking about it....

There is a harbor in Canada where this shipwreck called "The Sweepstakes" is known to be "the most beautiful shipwreck in the world" and that one FREAKS me out even though there was no loss of life and it is only 20 feet deep. ACKKKKK....I just hate it!!! I can't look at the pictures without sweating.

I grew up with a pool in my backyard and learned to swim at 3. I'm an excellent swimmer and so I'm not necessarily afraid of drowning. I used to hate the deep end of my pool as well. I just don't know what my fear of submerged objects and deep water is all about.

So I just shared all my triggers. Sorry bout that but it was deeply therapeutic for me to type it all out.

fear of titanic shipwreck
by: pragadeeshindia

Well m glad that m also joining the committee... this is shat happened.. whenever I see the picture of titanic ship wreck.... my chests are tightened and goosebumps allover... teeth biting... I feel I was in titanic in past generation .....sounds stupid .. but this is true... for past 14 years m facing this...

At last I'm not alone!
by: Phyl

My phobia is seeing an image (either a moving or still picture) of a ship sinking (worse if it's vertical - OMG I feel panicky already!) I feel I could cry, my heart rate increases and I feel I'm in the water, I even think I can taste oil and seawater - it's awful. I've read some comments on here about past lives but I was wondering if we could inherit memories (after all, we inherit everything else). My mother saw two men in a small boat drowning in a whirlpool when she was young and my father was on HMS Eagle when it was torpedoed, he spent a few hours in the sea before being rescued and saw the ship sink. I know it sounds crazy but I don't understand why I have such a terrible reaction to ships sinking. I was brought up near the sea and went to many children's parties on board because my father was in the Navy and I've had no bad experiences with ships - I just feel that I'm reliving some terrible happening when I see a ship sinking. I have to try and avoid it because it makes me feel so bad.

~{Haunting Memories}~
by: ~{Miranda Harris}~

~{My phobia started when I was about eight years old. My brother and I and a few of his friends were at a rock quarry taking turns jumping off the ledge with obout a forty foot drop. What I saw beneath the murkey water after I jumped will tear everyone here apart. It...was a crane. Sitting straight up with the lift all the way extended. I didn't resurface. I COULDN'T resurface. I couldn' move. I sank to the bottom.....and it touched me... I don't rember who saved me because all I could think about was the crane,with chains hanging as far as I could see. THIS ISN'T RIGHT! THIS PHOBIA SHOULD HAVE A NAME! LOOK AT HOW MANY OF US ARE ON THIS SITE FEELING LOST AND CONFUSED! THIS MAY BE ONE OF THE RAREST PHOBIAS IN THE WORLD, BUT IT'S STILL A PHOBIA AND IT SHOULD AT LEAST BE AKNOLEGED!!!!

Never alone
by: Jackson

Funny seeing all of these posts from so many who I share this fear with.
I am now 51 years old and have had the fear of large objects under, or on the water, especially ships, or barges...I also fear smaller vessels that are have sunken, or under water and as an example, while snorkeling in Key West many years ago with friends, I encountered the remains of small sunken more than 12' long, but still, enough to have me swimming away from the area as fast as I could...also, I have a fear of large underwater creatures, such as a shark, or whale and often have nightmares about fishing and pulling up a large unknown species of sea always makes me wake up shaking...these fears are not limited to large bodies of water, I also feel the fear in ponds, lakes and rivers that run deep and the bottom cannot be another example I experienced...I was using my old tractor to mow by my pond and when my mower stopped running, I got of to check the PTO and did not set the brake...ugh he...well, the tractor turned and headed right into the pond, still running and disappeared! I was petrified to say the pond is 2 acres big and 30' deep at the middle, the tractor sits 5' tall and was submerged in the black...I got out my small row boat and got my chain and followed the exhaust bubbles and went fishing...eerie to say the least and after many tries I hooked it and was able to pull it out with my was still upright as it came out and just seeing it come out bit by bit was enough to make me shiver with that weird feeling that is so hard to explain...glad to see so many sharing and posting here...we are not alone after all!

So, it's not just me!
by: Luke

I've been looking for anyone with the same kind of strange phobia, and I'm glad I'm not the only one! It's weird, because it's not a specific fear of shipwrecks; by that I mean, I'm not afraid of seeing skeletons, and I'm "okay" with wooden shipwrecks (though not great). I also think that they're really theory. I love to learn about old shipwrecks, especially famous steamships like the Titanic and Lusitania, ships that were beautiful above the water, but...just even thinking about the wrecks now, I feel the need to look over my shoulder, and make sure they're not creeping up on me! And I live hundreds of miles away from any ocean! I even sometimes feel nervous even thinking about shipwrecks in the shower or in a pool. I was watching some footage of the Titanic wreck on my computer, only half-looking out of fear, but then they showed the two exposed steam engines in the wreck, and I had to close the window quickly. (P.S. Sorry if this really scares any of you; my heart's racing just thinking about it now!)

I've had this fear for a very long time, and while I don't generally have a problem with going on large or very small boats (I went on a cruise two years ago without a problem), this fear seems to extend to anything metal underwater that could've moved: cars, trains, planes, and of course any kind of ocean-going machine. Fortunately, I don't really have to go out of the way to not have to confront this fear, and sometimes, if I commit to it, looking at pictures of wrecks online can lessen the fear for a while...before I quickly close the computer and try to think of something else. But in any case, I'm just glad I'm not the only one with this fear!

by: Millie

You and me both, i cant stand to look at shipwrecks, and its not just shipwrecks that scare me, even planes underwater make me petrified i cant stand it, i use to have dreams of swimming in the ocean and looking down and seeing myself swimming over a shipwreck or a plane. Whenever i see a photo of a shipwreck, plane ect underwater it makes me have anxiety, ive only just come across this new phobia, even though i have a phobia of the ocean i LOVE swimming (in pools) however, i have to stay away from the grate at the bottom of the pool, that scares me too, but your right, Shipwrecks are horrible!

looked for the fb group for naufragiaphobia, couldn't find it
by: N

I share this fear too, but on a very particular level...I'm not scared of ships afloat, except for the hull; the part of Titanic where it's sinking and the propellers come out of the water always gives me chills. And the wreck of the Titanic doesn't scare me as long as it's a close-up; if it's a view of the whole debris field where you can see a complete chunk, either bow or stern but especially the bow, makes my skin crawl but fascinates me so much I force myself to look at it. I could look at the Costa Concordia on its side, but the underwater shots of the divers creeped me out, and oddly enough, the aerial satellite shots of the ship...

I love Ken Marschal's work (the guy who paints the Titanic) but a really creepy idea I had: what if he painted the ship as it looked RIGHT after it sank, with the exterior still the correct colors...for some reason picturing that makes me have to take a deep breath.
And shots of the Brittanic wreck scare me more than any of the Titanic wreck, probably because you can see the whole hull, and something about it being all in one piece makes it worse. I can't put my finger on exactly why. Whether it's wood or metal makes little difference to me. It definitely has something to do with size though, because the thought of a canoe underwater doesn't freak me out too much. But if I was swimming and my toe touched it and I looked down and saw it I'd probably swim away in a panic.

I never liked pool drains as a kid, the bigger they were the worse it was, nor snake-like objects underwater--not particularly afraid of snakes on land, but eels are the worst--I totally had the same probably with the ship level of Mario 64 also, but it was the eel part that I had a hard time playing. Also in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the part where you have to kill the giant eels when they lunge out of the underwater caves, I had to turn the sound off.
I bring this up because something about the Titanic's hull while it's sinking and wet reminded me of snake scales and really irked me.

It's a weird love-hate relationship. I have to be in a brave mood to look at photos of shipwrecks for a long period of time, and I don't like to enlarge them

Amazing that I finally know!!
by: Cruise girl

Ok so I have the exact same symptoms as the majority of people. The only difference is I have been on cruise ships...the biggest one in the world Oasis of the Seas which holds 10,000 passengers and crew.

The first time I went on this ship I was crying my eyes out walking along the gangway seeing the massive structure above and below me, but the fact the ship is so big, clean and new, makes me forget about how scary it is.

Anyway I thought I was crazy but yeah I have a massive fear of ships below the waterline. Massive cargo ships and tankers literally make me cry, and if I ever saw a propellor I'd probably faint. I can't even walk through a harbour without running past even the smaller boats, sometimes even narrow boats of canals make me uneasy.

I also am very disturbed and repulsed by piers, oil rigs, submarines, any kind of metal in water, rocks etc, cliff faces. Sometimes I think I am megalophobic, but my biggest fear is of metal in the sea. When people jump off boats on holiday, dear lord that is making me panic even right now.

I don't know if I'll ever be cured but I'm glad to know its not just me as my family, friends and boyfriend all think I'm a little crazy!

Never would have thought it...
by: Anonymous

I'm not alone...thank god...

Thank you!
by: Lily

I thought I was the only one with this. I've always had it, no idea why. Ever since I was a little kid I've been freaked out about shipwrecks/any man-made object that is submerged. Don't even get me started on buildings or airplanes. Airplanes are the worst. And I have no idea why. The funny thing is, when I got older I learned that some relatives drowned a long time ago. Go figure.

by: Anonymous

I am so glad i found this. Thought i was a complete weirdo but i have a terrible fear of ship wrecks and the dark depths of the sea. I remember when i was young and my family took us on holiday to Spain and Florida. I love to swim but i found it absolutely terrifying to swim over the picture mosaic logo thingys you get in some hotel pools. Its an unusual fear as i dont cry when i see pictures of shipwrecks but i get terribly anxious and i feel as if my body is covered in creepy crawlies ewwwww! I am honestly completely terrified.

by: Ferg

Well like everyone has said, I am very glad to see there are others like me. I remember ages ago as a young kid we had this titanic book in the house, and I had to view the pictures by looking at the corners of the book with my hand over my face. The front of the titanic really scares me. It's just in complete darkness at the bottom of the sea sticking out and eroding. My stomach shivers and my heart stops when I see pictures of shipwrecks and other man made items underwater. They aren't supposed to be there. It's not as bad with ships and planes etc in tropical waters as the water is very blue. But in dark waters like the Titanic, I find the pictures terrifying. I imagine myself closing my eyes and when i open them i am standing at the bottom of the ocean in the freezing cold not being able to breathe. The ocean in general scares me. I also have a strange fear of old rusty anchors underwater. Yet at the same time, it all fascinates me. This picture is HORRIBLE

Makes Me Ill
by: Jill

My fear of underwater started as a little baby. My mom swears that anytime Sea Hunt was on, I would wake up screaming about the water. As an adult my real fear is looking at any photos of anything underwater. When I see the photos of that grounded ship in Italy, I feel so nauseous. It's like a very nervous feeling in my stomach. When the issue of NG containing the Titanic photos came out. I almost threw up looking at them. I had to put the magazine somewhere so I couldn't see it. Someone talked about that "underwater garden of people statues" when I saw that I felt sick again. I want to look, but I just can't. The worst is an aerial photo that shows a boat or plane under water....barf.

Sooooo please.
by: Mrs vicarage

Just reading all these comments has brought my phobia back. I started water skiing when very young like 5. I used to wate the boy markers as there were ropes and breeze blocked just hanging there! It made me a good skier. I was a school champion swimmer and love the sea but have to stay very close to the shore. Once on a pedlo out in Ibiza we got of to snorkel and I swam into an anchor rope, I nearly drowned. I have never understood this fear, I can't what underwater scenes on films that show anything like a bomb, sub or ship wreck, I have to put my feet up on the chair and shut my eyes. I recently challenged a diver friend to take me diving to try get over this, so far I haven't gone. I can cruise, canal boat holidays I love, but I don't like a smming pool with the big cage for wave making. I did some diving in the swimming pool and actually when up close under the water I was ok with it ish. Glad to have shared my feelings

Never dive a shipwreck
by: Anonymous

I have a horrific memory of a shipwreck experience. I joined the Royal Navy when I was 16 as a diver. I did not anticipate having to do wreck diving as I primarily dealt with minor ship repairs and mine disarmament. I have a slight phobia of the ocean anyway, which is kind of why I opted for the navy to conquer my fear. Anyway, as a training/recreational exercise we were told we were going to dive a very famous wreck off the coast of Greece in the Aegean. None other than Titanics sister ship HMHS Brittanic. Due to it being in shallow and calm waters it was deemed safe for a non internal expedition. It was my worst nightmare. I can just remember slowly descending and then this enormous black mass emerged like a phantom ghoul thing. It took a lot to not urinate myself. Ended up hovering just above the stern by the propellor before my fear hit me with a hammer. My heart began to pound, I started to have a severe panic attack and felt as if I was going to die such was my anxiety.Started to writhe around and nearly dislodged my breathing apparatus. My mates grabbed me and ascended me back up to the surface. Eventually I blacked out and woke up on board our boat shaking then puked everywhere. Luckily didn't puke in my respirator at the bottom or ida been in a world of...etc.

Rest assured I changed job and moved to surface fleet after that as a rating (wasn't given a choice seeing as I.put my fellow crew in danger and myself by going berserk)

I can't see WHY
by: Alice, 12

I haven't always had my phobia of shipwrecks, semi-submerged, submerged, or washed up objects. I think I started when I was about 5-6, but I can't be sure. It started (I'm pretty sure) when I went for a walk on a beach with my parents. I can't remember where it was, but it scared me. It's just this horrible rusting boat on the beach, and it lies in a pool of water, where it's made a dent in the sand. I was holding my Dads hand, while (Ok, this is kinda funny) while my Mum bobbed down to have a pee in the pool of water. Suddenly my chest tightened and I found it hard to breath, like asthma. I felt very sick, and I felt the horrible wave of fear sweep over me. Dad tried to make me laugh by saying it was Mum who made the huge puddle of water that circled the boat. I didn't laugh.
That was the first time I've ever shared my story, and it's made me feel somewhat relieved to get it off my chest. It's my true story, and I remember it very clearly, although I was very young at the time. I want a cure for my phobia, because no-one believes me about my phobia anyway. Even my parents don't believe me.
There's one more thing I want to share with you before I stop commenting.
There's a big pipe (I don't now what it's for)on a local beach, called Dinas Dinlle, North Wales. I don't know what the pipe is for, but I can't go anywhere near it. It makes me panic. I don't go near it anymore, but a couple of times I have walked over it. I touched it, only with my feet, but it brought me very close to a panic attack. I hate it, and therefore hate that beach, and the very name of it reminds me of terror.
I don't understand my phobia. I don't under stand WHY

Alice Wooden, age 12, 26/11/12

by: Anonymous

I went to the Arizona memorial in Hawaii a few months ago and I was terrified at the idea of it while I was still in Sydney, but as I learnt and approached the memorial I was humbled and I appreciated the situation was not about me, and I looked upon the vessel with no fear but respect.

that said, if I was to ever get close to another ship and I could see it under the water, I would freeze and need to get out of there straight away.

re reading others posts I identify with so many things
1. Lights in the pool look like port holes and I need to get out.
2. Being terrified and thrilled of google search images ship wrecks
3. I love the ocean and going to sea ( I wrote a post on this board a year ago or so) and I do it for work, it never occurred to me my biggest fear ever is ship wrecks or the hulls of ships... It just felt so natural to go to sea. I don't believe in past lives and I don't mock those who do, I just can't see myself doing anything else.

Same phobia!
by: Lacey

Anything submerged, but most commonly sunken ships. I get the chills. I think it started a long time ago, reading this book about a boy who was swimming in the ocean and lost his shoe, when he dove for it, he saw the ribs of a ship. CREEPED ME OUT! I never learned to swim because I'm terrified of being above a sunken vessel.

I was reading about the HMS Bounty that sunk in Hurricane Sandy and was really feeling the phobia seeing the mast sticking out of the water. >_<

Creeps me out!!!!
by: Anonymous

Wow! Spiders, snakes, just about all the usual causes me no problems but the sight of a sunken boat/ ship: ANXIETY on steroids!!! I'm a logical, highly educated man but this turns me into a bowl of jello!

by: Sue

Shipwrecks are the worst, but I can't even look at sunken logs and rocks when I'm swimming or kayaking. I can't look down or I have a panic attack. So I never swim and rarely go out on the water for fear of seeing something sunken below me. Is there help out there for us? It just gets worse as I get older. Even pics of sunken logs and boats scare me. Can we all start a discussion group or something?It helps knowing there are others like me out there.

Shipwrecks/ Submerged objects TERRIFY me
by: KS

I too have a growing fear of shipwrecks and similar submerged objects in the water. My family has a beach house near Cape May, NJ and my dad would take us out on his boat to the tip of NJ to see the wreck of the USS Atlantus. It's rusty hull sticks out of the water, and thinking about it now just scares the hell out of me. I'm getting anxiety sitting here and thinking about it. It didn't bother me when I younger, I loved jumping off the dock into the bay at my beach house. I can't do it anymore without panicking. I just can't help thinking something will come out of the depths or my foot will hit something submerged, even though I know nothing's there. I recently have been searching pictures of shipwrecks to see how I would react. I am literally recoiling from the computer, getting goosebumps and getting very anxious and TERRIFIED. I feel so haunted, like I'm looking at a ghost in my room. I have never had any kind of reaction like this to anything else. Nothing has ever happened to me that would cause this, it seemed to have started randomly the last couple of years, I'm 23 now. I love the water and love the idea of one day visiting Pearl Harbor, scuba diving, jumping off the dock again at my beach house. I'm becoming more and more anxious about the deep water and submerged objects, and I can't even look shipwreck pictures anymore without having a panic attack. There has to be some meaning to it.

by: Anonymous

I didn't realize that other people have this fear too. I'm not scared of the water or anything on the bottom of the ocean other than shipwrecks. I went to the Arizona memorial in Pearl harbor and I could look at the ship for some time but then I just got too creeped out and I wanted to leave right at that time. I can look at pictures for a little while too but then it's too much. And I can only look at one picture at a time.

++++OMG i get this so bad ++++
by: joe

I can not believe i found this,

i just been looking at shipwreck photos and i get this all the time

i sit looking at them and i start feeling scared and have to look away because i think im going to fall into the water or if i blink or something i will end up in the water.

i get constant shivers when viewing them and have to look away,

im kinda ok if i have my cat on my lap or my son is sitting on me but i still get it,

sometimes i have to lift my feet off my wood floor because i think water might start coming around me.

damit i just tried to look again now what is wrong with me!! i think what i feel is

the ship is alone, cold, dark, goastly , decelet, in the middle of no where.

i mean i surf and go on speed boats but if i was to see a ship wreck come up or in the water i would die, just thinking about been in the water next to one is making me shiver....

I fort I was alone!!
by: Anonymous

I am not scared of going on ships or anything it's not fish that scared me but the pics of the titanic make me panic!! I had a nightmare from the age of 5/6 about the titanic pushin throw the ground and the front of the ship being high in the air like how it's meant to sunk!! I don't know how I know about the ship cos the film wasn't out til I was 10/11. When I watch the film it seems familiar and in recent yrs I have found myself unable to watch some parts!! Its jus the titanic I have this prob with I have research all I can about the ship and I have seen pics of her sisters 1 of which that sunk to and it didn't have the same affect as titanic x

Glad im not the only one...
by: Anonymous

Im so glad i found this page.. I homestly thought i was the one in the world with this strange fear. I always talk about being scared of sunken ships to my family and they just dont understand. I mean i cant look at pictures i cant watch the titanic or anything like that it puts me into tears. But i use to be very facinated with the titanic and use to read books and look at the ship underwater on google images. But now i cant do that anymore for some very odd reason.. Like one day it just hit me & ive been afraid ever since then.. But im very very glad to find im not the only one with this very weird fear.

Glad to have found this
by: Anonymous

I'm very happy to have found this site, or more exactly this phobia. I thought i was the only one with this problem, only the thought of some shipwreck or airplane wreck in the water makes me very uneasy. I think that in my case it started when i was 4 years old, it was on the news that divers and searchers found the Komsomolets submarine. I was watching TV and when I saw the conning tower out of the dark and in that light and then the rest of the sub I was TERRIFIED. I had this bathtub in blue when I was a kid, trust me, i could never take a bath, only showers. When that Titanic movie came out, I was totally blasted by the images of the wreck in the beggining. Thing is, now I'm 26 and my fear has gone worse, I googled that stupid thing Ufo in the baltic sea and the next thing I'm taking a shower with the doors opened and I'm not able to wash my hair in the shower cabin because I picture myself in that water, even hearing that particular noise when you have your head in water, the dim light, and of course the wreck. And this phobia is sadistic in a way, because sometimes I feel the urge to look at a shipwreck picture and afterwards I'm really FUBAR. Anyway, I,m really happy to have discovered this site and find out that I'm not the only one with this thing. And excuse me for any possible mistakes in english.

Read This:
by: Barbara

Firstly, I'm so glad I'm not alone with this fear! I am 15 years old and when I was 6 I visited the Great Barrier Reef with my family. I went diving and saw a small sunken boat in the water. I panicked and later saw a large creepy anchor in the water, too. I didn't go snorkelling for the rest of the day.
Also, when I first played GTA Vice City,I used cheats to steal a boat and explored the sea in the game. I then came across a giant sunken cargo ship in the water. I started crying and getting panicky and instantly quit the game without saving. Now, I play the game without going near the water!
I also have lots of recurring dreams about being stuck in the middle of the ocean alone with shipwrecks below me!

by: Anonymous

I honestly though I was alone with my fear! I am only 12, but I have always hated shipwrecks, and submerged "things". I think that I really wouldn't be able to look at one for more than a couple of seconds. I went to the beach today with my mother, and there is a huge pipe that is for a small freshwater stream to run into the ocean. I have to close my eyes and walk round it, because I can't even bear to touch it. I practically have a fit. And to rub salt into the wound, I spotted a rotting seal carcass *cringe*. I hope that one day I will be able to "get over" my phobia. Damn their scary.

Thought I was nuts too...
by: Dave B.

I've been dealing with this fear for almost 40 years. Discovered the problem when I was 7 at Cypress Gardens Florida on a glass bottom boat ride on a man made lake. In the middle they have a sunken sailboat for decoration. My first sight of the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor almost put me in a coma. TV shows, photos even written stories about ships going down fill me with the classic symptoms and the longer i'm exposed to the images the worse the sensation gets. For 13 years my wife has tried to get me to go on a cruise and I would manage to change the subject or come up with any excuse why we shouldn't/couldn't take one. I finally gave in and agreed to take a 5 day cruise. We left Galveston Bay on April 14th, 2012...yes the 100th aniversary to the day the Titanic went down. Anyone care to venture a guess as to one of the sights to see in Galveston Bay? You guessed right if you said the rusted remains of the bow of an unknown ship run aground poking up out of the water as the lovely Carnival Triumph glided by. I actually took a photo of the wreak. I've stared at it for hours and hours and it still fills me with anxiety. I did discover a few things about myself while on the cruise. 1) It's a general fear of shipwreaks and not any particular vessel. 2) I'm not affraid that the ship I am on is going to sink so I plan to go on many more cruises because it was a very enjoyable experience. 3) Teratothalassophobia (fear of sea monsters)sounds much better than telling people you're afraid Godzilla or Cthullu is going to rise up out of the ocean depths and attack the ship.

by: Marti

I can go to a busted out old building and walk around!! I love the Haunted Prison I work a Halloween Haunted House at, but get me in the water ner a shipwreck or anything submerged and I will have a heart attack!! I don't even like large rocks!! I thought I was th only one that felt this way!! I think I could go snorkeling in like the Caribbean or clear water like that. But dark water. I just want to die!!

by: Anonymous

I didnt realise i had it until i saw a picture of the titanic shipwreck. I coiled up in tears and shut my iPad. the worst was when i went back on the internet unaware that the page of shipwrecks was still open and a huge image of the interior of a shipwreck appeared. Also, an artist called Jason Taylor put scary underwater sculptures in the sea. Stuff like a circle of people holding hands and a man sat at a desk typing. i imagine closing my eyes underwater and opening them and seeing horrible people staring at me.
I am begining to get over it now. I'm sorry to say i did so by typing in "underwater shipwrecks" into google images and scrolling through. it was torture at first but i amn now less scared of them. I know if you have this phobia that this seems awful but seriously try it. if you have to, look out of the corner of your eye and work slowly. Hope this works for you as well.

by: (Anonymous)

My fear has only recently come on, but my younger sister is learning about the Titanic at school so she's been talking about it and getting quite involved into it. She was first showing me some pictures of it and it made me feel physically sick. She started telling me about the film and i thought i was going to vomit, it scared me so much and i didnt even see the film. Since it was the 100th anniversary there have been so many GIFs and images on Tumblr of the film Titanic. Everytime i saw one i would burst into tears and have to turn off my laptop and calm myself down. I keep having strange dreams about being on a ship and it sinking and me being the only one surviving. Starting to think maybe i was on the Titanic in a previous life and that is why i am still absolutley petrified of it now? Sounds silly, but thats what i think.

by: Hollie

I'm so glad I found this page. I thought I was alone in my phobia because anyone I tell about it finds it really strange. I can't look at pictures of sunken ships or ships half submerged e.g the Costa Concordia, it makes me feel sick and my skin crawl. It utterly terrifies me. But not just ships, any man-made objects really. I don't understand it though because I'm obsessed with Titanic and I love the story but I find it horrifying to look at pictures of it on the seabed as it is now or as it is sinking but I also find it fascinating so I sometimes force myself to do it. Also I sometimes have dreams where I'm seeing it going down under the water and it's horrible. So confused. But glad I'm not the only one with this fear.

Also I'm only 16, and I used to be in a swimming club when I was little but then around the age of 8, this phobia started and I had to quit because I was always scared of looking down in the deep end and seeing the wreck of the Titanic which sounds silly but it really scared me, so I barely ever go swimming. What is this phobia?

So glad im not alone in this!
by: Liverbird

I am so glad i found this website and read that a lot of other people feel the same as me with regards to shipwrecks of any kind. I cant explain why i feel the way i do, i cant watch the beginning of Titanic, i was watching a docu on the Concordia and it cut to underwater pictures...and it freaked me out!! I cant even look at a picture of one, or a cartoon picture of one either. I am petrified of any ships/boats that have sails...they freak me out even more...which is a shame cause I really like the movie The Goonies, but the ending is just too much for me to take. Everyone thinks its strange that I have this fear and no one understands it...i dont myself..but I would love to know a name for this phobia..surely there is one out there somewhere....

by: Anon

Thank you. I thought I was the only one.

I thought it was only me
by: Anonymous

It's unbelieveable that others have this same, strange phobia. What always gets me is attempting to view images of sunken ships/boats underwater. Every once in a while I test myself by googling "shipwreck images/photos" and it gets me every time, especially pulling up a large image of a shipwreck, whether it's underwater or on the water. I get that panic feeling in the pit of my stomach for a split second and close the page. Kind of the same feeling watching a scary movie and something spooks you. I guess it's knowing that the boat/ship isn't supposed to be like empty & abandoned & submerged like that. It's so weird! Never had any water related incidents and only in my recent adult years has this affected me. I don't even have any problems watching submarine movies, or Titanic. It's just the still images.

by: Danny B

I am over the moon there are others like me !!!

Costa concordia, titanic anything huge underwater, rotting or new scares the hell out of me ! And now im not alone !

Whenever i see a picture of the titanic at the bottom of the dark ocean all green and rustic with a spotlight scanning the wreck, especially the front of the titanic because i know thers loads more left of it in the dark ( people who have the phobia will be feeling nauseous at the description ! AS I AM ! ) ...

I sheer panic and lose my breath, feel like im compressed and have to go outside whenever i see these pics of ship wrecks !

Anyway its good to know im not alone with this rare phobia ha !

And i think its called megalaphobia.. look it up.. or better yet email me if anyone finds the name at, dannyb_peak at

Peace x

perhaps a previous life?

first of all, i want to say that i am glad that i am not the only one who is seriously freaked out by this.
Anytime i see anything underwater that is not supposed to be there i start going into panic mode. the beginning of titanic of course kills me.
its not just ships though, buoy chains, ropes, cables, pipes, anything underwater that is not natural sends me into instant panic.
but at the same time, i am completely fascinated by it. I love reading the stories and finding out about the history of it, i just cant even look at the pictures without freaking out.
I have never had a personal accident or any life changing event that caused this fear, but i do remember at a very early age that i found an old metal gas tank in the lake and flipped out and never went back into lake mead again.
a suggestion of my father and even some things that i have personally read while doing research on this strange fear is the whole past life theory.
i did tarot readings about past lives and was amazed, without giving any clue to my fear, that i was supposedly someone, possibly Spanish, that was very involved in sailing across the ocean and adventuring often. (the adventuring thing is still very, very true, so I almost want to believe it more! if you believe in this sort of thing)
the one thing that i can think of that would cause a complete fear of something i have never experienced would be a death in a previous life and some sort of distant memory of it..

perhaps we were all passengers on titanic, the mary rose or maybe even something like andrea doria, where lives were lost in large quantities.

Does anyone else think this could be a legit reason for such an out there fear?

I would love to email with anyone who has an opinion on this!

beholdsara at

by: Anonymous

Pretty incredible that we all have this same fear. Everybody thinks I'm crazy for hating the movie Titanic, but I keep having nightmares about being inside a ship that turns over. Does anyone know if there's a name for this?

by: Danica why I love the internet. I was trying to find a name for this phobia that I have and can't really describe in a sane way....but it's so real and now I feel validated!!

Paralyzed by shipwrecks
by: Eric R.

I am so glad that I found this page. Searching the web for years, I guess I never put in the right search terms. I absolutely love the ocean - I snorkel in Cozumel, surfed in San Francisco, and I would love to take a cruise one day -- but the thought or image of the Titanic or other dark/darker shipwrecks immediately tightens my chest and my breathing gets very shallow. From one of the responses regarding swimming over the Arizona -- that would be game over for me. My anxiety would probably send me into such a deep panic attack that I would simply lock up. The thought of anything that large sitting in deep water petrifies me.

Anytime that I see pictures of cruise ships and their beautiful interiors, all I can think of is, "What would it look like at filled with water and rotting away at the bottom of the ocean?" and the shallow breathing starts.

The thought of being one of the search and rescue divers on the Costa Concordia swimming in dark hallways and parts of the boat that are submerged makes my fingertips and toes numb. I really wish the medical industry would recognize this fear and phobia that many suffer from.

I'm so glad I am not alone
by: Anonymous

I tried explaining this fear to my husband once and he looked at me like I was bonkers. I'm glad I am not the only one with this fear.
I cannot watch the opening of the movie Titanic, can't look at pictures of submerged planes, ships anything. I feel like my skin is about to turn inside out. Anytime a part of a movie involves something underwater I hide my head in my hands. Which is odd because I can watch any movie with blood and guts and not flinch.
I just saw underwater pictures of the Costa Concordia cruise ship and I had to rush and close the computer screen. It's awful.

That sunken ship in Italy
by: Anonymous

I can barely look at he pics...but I have no idea why...I have always had the fear of large objects in water....kind of forgot about it...until this shipwreck now it is all I see in the news and online...ugh....

by: Anonymous

Have any of you tried Google Earth and double clicked on it's link for the Titanic? I give myself a heart attack every time. I make myself do it from time to time just to gauge my reaction...but ugh...horrible. All deep water really gets me. But especially the Titanic.

Same here
by: Brad

I have nightmares where I am on the decaying Titanic or I'm underwater looking up at boats sailing over me and it truely is horrible. It's not the dark or the weight of the sea that gets me, any man made object underwater even in shallow depths creeps me out.
My parents were driving past a submarine on display in this town when I was young and asleep in the car and they woke me up just in time too see the bow right next to the window in the dark and I freaked out!
Also the image of the iceberg underwater is scary as and makes my chest tighten. I'm in the Navy and go to sea all the time which is fine, I just can't stand underwater things.

by: dwyer

This fear has driven me crazy. I am horrified by sunken ships. it's hard to explain. Just reading everyone's comments put me into a state of anxiety. I think I would actually die if I was forced to swim over the USS Arizona. I would panic and die. The idea is giving me a panic attack right now even.

A few similar things bother me as well. I went snorkling in Hawaii last year and encountered an underwater cable. I was having a blast until that moment when I found myself panicking in 15 feet of water. It was a surprising and terrible experience - I would not have guessed a mere cable would set me off, but there I was. I am happy I was able to swim away from it and still enjoy myself somewhat for the afternoon. The worst part was having to swim by it again on my way back in. I nearly had a heart attack.

Also, grated drains in pools, especially those large mouthlike ones in public pools that have gates over them? Those bug me so much I sometimes will not swim. And buoy chains, rotting piers.... Ugh!

Above all, a rotting, rusting corpse of a ship.Beached is bad, but half in half out or sunken? Kill me now.

by: NorthernKaled.

I have to say I am honestly amazed that there are others like me who feel this way. RMS Titanic is the one especially frightening to me but all deep ocean wrecks are scary and yet at the same time have an allure.
Some of my most recurring scary dreams are of wrecks and they do occupy many thoughts. Strangely though as mentioned I have developed any eerie fascination with them to the point where I read books and watch documentaries.
An example was just a few days ago when I was in a bookstore. Now if I know what I'm getting myself into I guess I am mentally prepared to take in the visuals, but this time I turned over to the back of a book where there was an unexpected photo of Titanic's bow and I audibly yelped.

I can't believe I'm not the only one
by: ANON

Wow, it's really comforting to fall on this page, I just starting looking for pictures of the sunken Titanic and I felt that same creepy fear that I felt when I was a kid and my Dad got the National Geographic issue with those pictures. I couldn't look at it then, and I didn't even realize that it still gives me the willies. I got about half way through the page and I couldn't go on...and I LOVE to search the net for all things paranormal, I can watch the most terrifying horror movies and curl up with an issue of tales from the crypt before bed, but as soon as I see that ship on the ocean floor I just can't take it. I really thought I was some kind of weirdo. Anyways, take care of yourself whoever reads this and you're not alone

About to face it
by: Anonymous

Ship wrecks and other man made structures protruding from the dark depths creep me out as well. The worst is horned mines. Seeing an anchor chain disappearing into the deep abyss is another uncomfortable sight. Several members of my family suffers from this phobia. But despite this, I'm actually going wreck diving next week! Scuba is really an awesome experience. The trick for me, though, is to pretend I'm flying rather than swimming. Approach the fear gradually. That's my plan, anyway.

Me Too
by: GS

I think Grahambag has the best combination of potential reasons above. For me I think it's the fact that man-made objects in the sea is a totally unnatural thing. Beyond that, the fact that they are rotting away and making the ocean dirty with their unnaturalness creeps me out. At the same time, the ocean is polluting them with crap not designed to ever come into contact with them, like coral and algae and the like. It's just really freaky. Otherwise, anything natural in the sea is fine... if I see a bit of garbage like a plastic bag, I feel like the whole ocean is polluted.

by: Anonymous

I do not fear pictures of shipwrecks, but I can't stand looking at the bottom of a boat. I think the reason why I fear this is because I watched the movie Titanic when I was young. Anyone else have the same thing?

by: Anonymous

There's not a lot I can say that hasn't already been said. I hate anything man made submerged, or semi-submerged in water. HORRIBLE! Just wanted to say it's nice to read that I'm not alone

wow. weird...
by: Anonymous

i have always been fascinated with the deep ocean, unusual aquatic life and, of course, shipwrecks. some say that one way we deal with fear is to take a deep interest in the thing we are afraid of. you know, from a distance. but, shipwrecks, particularly steel boats, like the titanic or military vessels, creep me out. not as bad as the author of the page, but i get a real jittery gut kinda feeling. i didn't really think anything of it until playing the video games fallout 3 and fallout: new vegas. in fallout 3, there is a settlement on a docked, dilapidated aircraft carrier where a lot of gameplay happens. i could play it, but the whole time i had this uneasy feeling. in new vegas, your character has to retrieve a sunken b-29 from the bottom of lake mead. i've played through the game a few times, and that mission always scares me.

Semi submerged ships and objects
by: JB

I have this incredible fear of semi submerged objects in the ocean and pools. I love the sea and swimming but cant even look at the bottom of a li-lo in a swimming pool. I recently had a picture pop up on an internet site of a person kayaking near a semi submerged water-wheel and it terrified me, it totally took my breath away. If I see a painting of a sinking ship I can almost feel the weight of the water and I cant breath, I have to leave the room. My friends and family think Im crazy.

by: Anonymous

Basically mine is mainly man made objects under water and like open water in general. Ship wrecks are the worst, even when out of the water but even like a sunken tree or something scares me. If I look at pictures I feel sick and feel like i'm going to cry and my chest just tightens up and I get all panicky. I'm absolutely fine with fish, in fact, I love fish. It's mainly the bottom of the ship or boat, like the sharp part, and the anchor. I reckon its just the general openness of the water and the silence and emptiness under there, and then the thought of man made items rotting away. It's like man made things shouldn't be allowed in the water. I also dislike iceburgs, the under water part, just freaky.

Glad to find others!!!
by: Anonymous

I love being on the water! I love being on boats and ships. But as soon as I see a man made object underwater, that wasn't designed to be underwater, my breathing gets very erratic and I start to panic. Ships and aeroplanes are the worst for me. Submarines are tricky. When I see them as they should be, in the ocean, with no damage, I'm fine. It's if I see them crashed that I then start to panic. This is a fear I've had since I can remember. I'm the only person I know who suffers from this so I'm so glad I've found this page!!! :)

titanic ship
by: Annonymous

The titanic is a grave. I get that. But I wish that ugly rusticled thing be pulverized by time. it should have corroded and turned to dust years ago. I'm into necromancy, the occult most things about me is the fascination of life and death, but the only thing I fear besides not getting the love of my life is to see the hideous wreck of the hms titanic. funny how to see a goth afraid of the rusting wrecks of the condemning depths of the ocean. I pray in a past life that I wasn't one of them

by: Nicholas

I can take everything, I study the occult and my religion is Kemetisicism (ancient egyptian). the thought of the power of the ancients invigorates me, but above all the horror movies and stuff including hostel 1 and 2 I am a juggernaut of know-no-fear. But my achilles heel is the titanic. I thought I was compeletly out of my my mind as necromancy is one of my favorite things in real life and fantasy settings. Death does not scare me as those hundreds that perished aboard the colossal ship, I am only freaked, by the wreck, or any other super-wreck as I call them because of the decay, rusticles and pitch black void. I love alien because of the derelict in the movie, buts thats in space. In water, its a completely different spiel. There is no up or down seemingly. in darkness when I shut my eyes I see it. I have even struggled in nightmares to keep adrift in water no matter the cost to my body. As its silohuetted bulk rises up to snare me like a shark for a fish. I couldn't care less if it was on land. All death and life fascinates me but the titanic is something that is so unnatural it repulses me. I can watch the movie. Just not the part with the wreck. how robert ballard could have been fascinated with such a horrific and disturbing rusted nightmarish beast is beyond me. Was I one of the victims, I do not know nor do I want to know. I can't wait for time to pulverize that wreck into oblivion, then my fear will be extinct. I eagerly await that day

Wow I'm not alone after all.
by: Anonymous

Yea I actually enjoy looking at pictures and vidoes of shipwrecks, yet it gives me this weird fear that starts in the pit of my stomach. For long I've wondered if i was the only one who felt this way. Seeing the old rusty,rotting ship in the deep,blue green depths of the largely unknown gives me the creeps no haunted house or ghost story ever could! It takes on this personification of this huge beast that is sleeping or was slain and taken by the cold,cruel waters,reminding us of our mortality. It's a weird feeling and I'm often awestruck as I am paralyzed with fear.

You are not alone!
by: Anonymous

I am also petrified of shipwrecks!

I find them very creepy and uneasy to look at. They just remind me of a graveyard and the creepy part is how they just sit there at the bottom of the ocean, rotting away.

My brother is mad about history and has many books about the titanic and even a book devoted to horrific pictures of shipwrecks that make me shiver when I look at them.

But you are not alone in being terrified. I'm not sure if it is a phobeia or not but they are quite horrible. :)

by: Anonymous

I am traumatised by Shipwrecks. I live with my father who doesn't believe me and he says that he is going to make me swim over the USS Arizona in pearl Harbour! I cry myself to sleep and panic whenever i close my eyes and i cannot even submerge myself in water!

by: Isabella Sullivan

I have had this fear for quite a while now and i am constantly made fun of by my friends and family for this! So i decided to look it up!. I am so relieved to find others like me i was reading the comments and shouting at the screen that i had the exactly the same problem :D! I cant even look at pictures of shipwrecks and sometimes i cannot even close my eyes or wash my air in the shower for fear of seeing a shipweck in the darkness in my mind! CALL ME CRAZY! I cannot watch Titanic and whenever i see anything submerged ESPECIALLY submarines i go into a state of panic and feel tears and cant breathe. Even the submarine in finding Nemo makes me feel sick!!
I try to conquer my fear by researching shipwrecks and the fact is that they really interest me but i cannot look at them!

Thank Goodness!!!
by: Anonymous

I am SO glad to find others with the same fear. One of my friends actually shares this fear as well, which is crazy because I can't find anything about it online, it seems to be too unusual. I too love the beach, am always up for a trip to the pool, and have no problem with things like aquariums, sharks, or being on a cruise, but I am absolutely terrified of pictures of shipwrecks. I also hate the sound that water makes when your head is completely submerged. If I see a program about fishes of the deep deep sea, or even a photo of a submarine under the water, I start panicking. I do not have any past traumas related to water or ships, but even swimming in pools that have the underwater lights one send me into a panic and I have to get out of the water, because it makes me think of submarines and ships. I thought I was crazy!!! But at least I am not the only one. Even right now reading all these comments are freaking me out because I can picture seeing a rotting ship in the dark sea right now!

Glad to find others
by: GrahamBag

I, too, have a similar phobia and am comforted to find others like myself. My fear is also that of manmade objects (in particular), submerged under water. Shipwrecks are the epitome of creepy in this case, but i would even have trouble touching or viewing things like the chain or underside of a buoy in my town's lake. I think the cause may be due to a combination of the darkness/"fog" of the water, the decay of the manmade object, and this subconscious understanding that said object does not belong where it is. There is this intense "unnatural" feeling i associate with it. The same feeling accompanies a few other instances i can cite that i find creepy, but would probably not be relative to this issue.

by: Anonymous

I don't have the fear myself, but I know someone who did. They did some research and found there is no official name for this phobia. They created one themself, Naufragiaphobia, and posted an article on wikipedia. It was promtply removed because they couldn't verify it's authenticity.

She and I were very angry about this, because clearly it is not that uncommon, and simply because no one has given it a name before should not mean it is any less valid.

Anyway, there is a group on facebook I started, called Make Naufragiaphobia a word. I recomed all of you join as it has not had a very good response so far.

Shipwreck and Large ship and Titanic phobia
by: Helena


I have tried googling my titanic and large ship phobia and this is the closest thing I have found. I am afraid of the actual ship, large ones. Esp. the Titanic. even picutes of it when it was brand new scares me. And seeing it shipwrecked also it horrible too. But I cannot even goto the ocean and see new cruise ships or other large military ships. it provokes instant fear, dread, and tears. It is far worse then my regular panic attacks. I cannot even google "Titanic" for fear that a picture will pop up. I cannot even look at a simple picture of a large ship. It is stupid and I am tired of it. Please, if you have this fear or similar, I would love to talk to you. Please email me. HelenaNH at I have been to therapy for this and they didnt take me seriously. Lets help eachother.

Me too!
by: Anonymous

Wow, I have almost the same phobia! Except for some reason things like the titanic fascinate me. It's awful. But just the idea of this HUGE object sitting at the bottom of the ocean scares the heck out of me...ugh. It just really, really creeps me out. I just decided to google this today to see if anyone was the same, and I guess so! This makes me feel a lot better.

thank god ive found someone who shares my fear to
by: Anonymous

when i was younger i used too love shipwrecks then they started to freak me out loads just the darkness and the death that surrounds it and it scares me so much i get a huge bllod rush and i struggle to breath, im so scared of them, when i saw titanic that was the scariest experience of my life.

Same here
by: DC

I have been trying to figure out for some time why I have such an intense fear of man made objects under water. I don't really mind rocks, or even sunken trees or anything like that. Don't mind most living creatures either. And I absolutely love being ON a boat and the ocean in general. But the thought of being anywhere near an object that is submerged and started out above the surface is terrifying. I have a hard time looking at pictures of the Titanic or other shipwrecks. I think the most terrifying thing would be to walk across the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii and see the rusted sunken ship below me. I almost can't stand to imagine it because it gives me chills. Glad to know others have this fear.

by: Andy

I've had a fear of shipwrecks for as long as I can remember. I'm not a huge fan of the ocean in general but I can stand to be on a boat. For me I find the images of shipwrecks so disturbing. I see a shipwreck and my chest tightens and I find it really hard to breathe. There is no reason for me to have this fear. As a child I did come close to drowning twice but neither of these incidents had anything to do with ships or shipwrecks and neither of them happened in the ocean. I don't have an explanation for it!

I think I understand the reason behind this
by: Anonymous

When a person sees a shipwreck, particularly one that has been exposed to the harsh elements of the ocean floor for a prolonged period, it is obviously in a state of extreme decay. I think that can play into a natural human fear of decay and death in general. Seeing something like that can remind people that all physical things, no matter how mighty or "unsinkable," can and will eventually decay. It makes people face their own mortality, in a way.

Also, the fact that it's pitch black deep in the ocean doesn't help. It's like floating through space, but with no idea what may be right out in front of you. Seeing a mangled, rotted ship carcass emerge from the darkness can certainly be unsettling.

My fear
by: Lauren

Oh my I am so glad that I have found someone else that shares the same fear as I do. Everyone thinks it is so weird that I cannot watch the move Titanic or any other ship wreck movie for that matter. I go into a complete state of panic if I see a picture or a movie with anything to do with the subject. I have no idea where this fear comes from. I have never had a bad experience with water or boats. And yes, I love the ocean and fish and all that good stuff. I think it is beautiful but what lies beneath and the fear of discovering something like a shipwreck terrifies me. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine and I went to a psychic. Cheesy I know, she did palm readings, spirtual readings and past lives. I thought it was all fun and games and fake but then she told me that my last past life was as a nurse that treated wounded soldiers in the Revolutionary War. She also told me that I treated soldiers after sea battles and witnessed lots of ships sink. I never told her of my fear and she came up with that on her own. I know that theory is way far fetched and some people reading this probably think I am being crazy to even suggest the theory but I guess it could be a possible one. Nothing else makes sense seeing that I cannot think of anything that triigered the fear in the firat place. I have tried everything to help conquer my fear but nothing has worked. The best thing for myself and anyone else that suffers from this very real phobia is stay away from the ocean and acoid watching Titanic.

then there's two of us, you and i
by: Anonymous

i swear, i have the exact same fear. this is not a joke to me. the first dream i ever had when i was only two years old - i dreamt that i fell into some water and i sank. i was not scared until i looked over and saw that there was a shipwreck beside me, then i got insanely terrified.

i didn't realize what was wrong until i saw the motion picture Titanic. in the opening scenes when it showed the ship appearing from the darkness, i almost threw up.

now, i'm actually very akin to water. i love water, but i do showers not baths. i live for pools, but i can't stand to look at the circular lights underwater because they look like portholes, and i'm terrified to be in water with a boat of any kind. on the boat, fine. in the water with a boat, gross.

today i tried to look at some pictures online of shipwrecks, and it's not a joke, i'm really scared of that! but the only explanation for this fear (in my head) is that it comes from a pastlife trauma because there's nothing in my past that connects with this. there's nothing conceivable that would relate shipwrecks and fear to me.

thinking now, though, i guess it is the shadows that are so scary. i'm not scared of sharks, but i get pretty freaked out to see anything appear from underwater shadows.

i'm basically freaked out by anything that's been submerged underwater for too long. pipes, trash, esp metal things, or anything that doesn't belong in water. i'm very freaked out by this.

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