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by: Anonymous

i also have a fear of shipwrecks seeing a picture of a shipwreck has me frozen to the spot in fear

Very Relatable
by: Avi

I'm really surprised by Jenna and Matt's comments. not that they are weird but that i have the exact same feelings! As a kid, i loved the titanic, i was so interested in it and i still am. I would read all the books and loved to look at the pictures. I even had the books "lost liners" as a kid too! When i started getting older however the Titanic wreck started to look more and more creepy to me. I still thought it was interesting but it got to a point (and even still) were i could not look at the wreck without being freaked out of my mind! The stern is not a real problem but the bow is just so scary! I remember in 8th grade i was turning through the pages of my science book and i came to page 90 (still remember it) and it was a full page clear view of the bow and i was so taken by surprise that i jumped back. My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. I closed the book shut with my eyes closed. Just a memorable story i thought i'd share. I'm the exact same way with the Britannic!

fear of anything to do with ships
by: Anonymous

My uncle when down on the prince of wales before I was born I don't know whether this has bearing on my phobia but I am terrified of any pictures of ships if I pick up a news paper or magazine and come across a boat or ship it makes me go hot and cold and scream, my husband usually scans magazines or newspapers first though he cannot under stand it. Its hard if I walk in a house and they have these pictures on the wall, I am now 66 and it is still no better I did try watching the film titanic but hid behind a cushion until my husband said it was scenes of inside the boat is anyone as bad as this?

by: Jenna

It feels good to know that I am not the only person out there who is scared of shipwrecks!! Actually, a picture of any underwater wreck in general just makes me feel cold and anxious and trembly. I've only noticed this recently, however, since when I was little and watching the Titanic underwater scenes, it didn't really bother me. Now things like that just terrify me. Once I was with friends on a raft, on a calm river. At one part in the river there was a historical place where an old steamboat had sunk. You could still see large metal bits and parts of the hull down through the clear water, and even though it was a hot sunny day, I was absolutely PETRIFIED. All my friends were got down and swam in the water when the raft stopped to admire the wreck, but I sat in a scared ball on the raft, not wanting to touch or look at the water. My friends thought I was crazy, and so did I. But, I'm not alone. :)

Same here
by: Adri

Omg me and my best friend Jodi are so scared of shipwrecks. I never knew of my fear until we started looking at pictures of them for some reason. I was so scared!!! The especially freaky ones are the ones in dark water, and the scariest one in my opinion is the Titanic.... idk why its so scary!! Im glad to know my friend and i arent alone :)

by: Zephyr

I have no idea why I'm freaked out about shipwrecks. I've stopped swimming in the Lake because I'm so afraid of stepping on one. On shore or submerged they both scare me...I get very anxious when seeing one or looking at pictures. YET, I love watching documentaries and books on them because I try and fight the feelings. I really want to learn how to scuba dive because I love the water but the thought of wrecks stops me. I also relish the fear because not much frightens me...I like the thrill but if I actually come close to one in real life, I break down. The pictures and documentaries are less frightening than being near one in person.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I am also terrified of shipwrecks. For the past 2 summers, I went kayaking in the Bruce Peninsula with a friend and we went over a few different shipwrecks and I don't know why, but I had a paralyzing feeling of anxiety and helplessness when we were over top of them looking at them. I had an inexplicable need to escape and get out of the water, but I tried to remain calm because panic out on the water isn't good. I'm glad I'm not the only person who is freaked out by this.

I'm also afraid of anything huge under the water; ie; cliffs, boulders, pipes, logs, mountains, etc.

I suspect it's more of a fear of the unknown than anything else?

by: Be

Yeah, I can't explain why I'm afraid of shipwrecks! I watch a video of a submerged shipwreck and it scares the hell out of me, the darkness and the whole atmosphere of it. When I told my friends about it they thought it was silly but seriously they are unbelievably freaky!

by: Pohjoistuuli

omg I even thought there were other people with the same fear as me! I'm absolutely terrified from shipwrecks. Especially the ones left on the shore, visible... I try to fight my fear with looking at pictures of Britannic, Lusitania, etc. , but I always end up crying or with high heart beat... I think that if I see a ship like that in live... I'm gonna feint and die O.O My heart will just stop...
My worst nightmare that has been terrifying my dreams since I'm little is how I'm swimming and then diving, looking down and seeing a huge sunken liner under me :X

no, rly. What's the name of your phobia?

Me too :(
by: Matt

I'm absolutely petrified of looking at pictures of shipwrecks too. I used to have a book called "Lost Liners" which had illustrations of whole shipwrecks lying under the water, and it frightened me so much I havent looked at the book in years. Even seeing them on tv makes my pulse get faster and I begin to feel anxious.
Its good to know I'm not alone in feeling this.

Fear of Shipwrecks
by: Kalash

See, my fear is specific, its of ships that have sunk close to shore but are still visible, ships that have been adrift for so long that they've begun to rot, and ships that have become beached and begun to rot and rust and such. If it's in the water, under the water, it doesn't bother me (unless I am near it). Only images and the sight of ships as I noted above invoke fear for me.

Im not sure why, other things relating to death don't bother me. Im not afraid of death, infact I tend to embrace it...

by: Sarah

I'm absolutely terrified of them; I remember being a young kid (now 30) and they had discovered the Titanic and it appeared on the news, this ghostly skeleton at the bottom of the ocean. Even thinking about it makes me go cold and panicky. No idea what it means but as long as I stay within the remit of land, I won't have to face it!

Shipwreck fear
by: Radar

It is amazing to hear of people afraid of shipwrecks like myself. I think part of the fear is in a sense it relates to death. Whether a machine or a person who may have died in the ship relating to a grave. I am fasinated with war wrecks, however I would have no guts to visit one. The idea of being trapped or perhaps even finding a body would be the death of me.
It is comforting to know I'm not alone in this very odd fear.

me too!!

I share the same fear.

by: Anna

I totally understand your fear of shipwrecks. I could never possibly explain it to anyone and all of my friends think thats it's so funny.
I think it might be the rust and the size of the ship??
I've never had a bad experience when I was younger and my Mum and siblings have the same fear!! It's just so strange but nice to know othe people understand.

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