Fear of Semi Trucks on the Highway and Driving at Night

I have a Fear of Semi Trucks on the Highway and Driving at Night. i didn't used to have these fears but in the past couple of years it has gotten worse and worse.
once when i was a passenger, a truck just tried to come into our lane and it seems that the truck drivers are becoming more and more aggressive on the road.
i am always worried they are just going to come over into my lane.
i notice that no one uses signals on the road anymore, too, and this also makes me nervous. if i see a blinker on, i feel better but i have seen so many cars and trucks just come over and almost hit someone with no blinker, i think that is always going to happen.
my night vision has also gotten really bad and last year i could barely see driving home on a two lane road from my parents house. it was rainy and dark and i was sure i was going to die.
i also had an experience where a big truck was either stopped or going super slow on the highway in the night and my partner had to swerve to not hit it. we could have died. i cry whenever i think of it. that is when my fears escalated and i am having anxiety right now even thinking about getting in a car for the holidays.
i have stopped driving on the highway and at night and i am sure this has perpetuated the whole thing.
it feels good to write about it. i don't want to be this way!
i used to drive all of the time and actually enjoyed it and found it relaxing. now i feel like i'm going to have a panic attack because i always am thinking about me or my partner and dogs dying in the car when we are on the highway.

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