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i thought i was the only one!
by: natalie

i didnt have this fear of semi-trucks until about 4 years ago im 24 now, well 4 years a kid i knew back in high school drove a motorcycle infront of walmart, he was struck by a semi, as i pulled out i saw his mangled body i didnt know it was a semi until afterwards i dont know to get over it, but every since then its been really hard for me to drive especially going to school since i have to take the highway or when anyone else is driving once i see a semi my muscles tense up, i start to sweat & sometimes i get anxiety attacks. im sure my fear derives from the idea that semi trucks can kill you instantly, and passing by them increases the chances of death. i never thought about this before and i've been driving since i was 16. dont know how to get over it any suggestions?

by: Alyssa

Wow! I didn't know other people felt this way too! My fear of semis just keeps getting worse! I always turn away from the car door or hold my breath and tense up when driving by one. My fear isn't really that it is going to crash into the car I'm in, but that a tire is going to blow and hit my car. I've had this phobia for a long time now and I'm 15. I'm dreading getting my license because I don't want to drive on highways or interstates! I wish they had an actual name for this! At least I know I'm not the only one!

so I'm not ALONE??
by: Kimone

I live in Africa and here we get a lot of Semis, I am so afraid of them I actually choke myself with the seatbelt trying to get away from the window if I'm in the back I lie flat when I see one I don't care whose lap I end up on, my little brother always teases me and laughs at me cause he thinks its stupid, but now seeing that there are other people like me I feel better!

by: IsuperluvBOTDF

I thought I was the only one with the fear.. Everytime I see one, I start hyperventilating and I squeeze my eyes shut and scream. If I'm with somebody, I squeeze their hand. Then I start shaking. I always have a fear they're gonna turn and crash right into me. Whether I'm in a vehicle or not.

I thought I was the only one
by: Devin

I have been scared of semis as long as I can remember. They are literally the only thing I'm scared of. I shake really bad and my eye twitches. The worst time was when I went on vacation in New Orleans and we was on a bridge and there was a semi on both sides of trhe vehicle. I got so scared I cried and shook like a dog. And for about 20 minutes after that I couldn't move at all, I was so scared.

scared stiff
by: hannah

When ever my mum drives past trucks i move into the middle seat for fear they might crash into the car i shake and bury my head in my arms they are really scary and i breath really fast once near one too :L

I thought I was the only one
by: Mason, 17

I have anxiety attacks on and off throughout the day, almost everyday. I've been on Prozac for about 6 years now. Whenever a semi-truck drives past me, whether it be in a car or on foot, I have uncontrollably harsh attacks, and i can't control myself. I've stopped breathing and even injured my self because of these attacks. I need to find a way to get over this before something too bad happens..

me too
by: Jakie

For some reason i also have that fear, just i also cannot find anything on the internet for it...

silent fear
by: Shawn

i dont know why but when im next to a semi, i tense up and it makes me feel weird. I dont freak out extremely they just creep me out.

The Fear :/
by: Sierra<3

I HAVE THE EXACT SAME ISSUE! Ugh, when I see one I feel my eyes feeling with tears, my heart rate speeding up, and my throat closing. Whenever I'm riding in the car, my mom knows to either speed up to pass them, so I don't flip out. Or she just stays behind them. I can't take it. I've been on so many road trips, I'm terrified! I just feel like they're going to smash me. It's the worst feeling ever; I always just want to cry, but I don't because I don't want to seem completely crazy!

I have this too!
by: Elizabeth

I am the exact same way! Once, on a road trip, my grandma was riding next to one and I nearly drew blood from digging my nails into my leg. It's nice to know someone feels the same way as me. I can get my permit in less that a week, and I don't know what I'll do if I get stuck next to one!

i have the fear too.
by: hayley nycole

yeah i have a fear of them too..i do the samething when i see 14.i really dont knwo what im going to do when i have to drive.

by: peterbilt trucker

thats interesting i didnt know there a phobia thing about semi trucks. i love semi trucks even when they pass by the road i watch them go all the way down the road

No joyride for me.
by: Jake, 18

I have searched forever for the name of the fear. I have it too. Mine is only when they drive next to me, while I'm on foot.

by: Anonymous

Hodophobia is the fear of road travel, and Ochophobia is the fear of vehicles. But there is not one just for Semi's

my fear.
by: Stephanie

I totally know how you feel. My fear has been going on my whole life. And it's even worse now because I drive and I try so hard to keep my distance and I HATE highways and interstates because they're always full of them.

by: Sierra.

I feel the exact same way, I start to cry just about everytime I see one. I even wake up from having nightmares about them. I get picked on all the time, like my friends pushing me infront of them on the highway. It sucks, but I'm curious to know what's called, too.

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