How To Get Rid Of Fear Of Selling

Failure and embarrassment crop fear of selling in our minds and we try to sneak out from the situation to help ourselves.

Jan Heering

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What give rise to the fear of selling? First let us understand what fear is. When we start dreading something, then our mind starts gathering evidence to encourage our inner doubts and this makes the matter worse. In reality, the evidences are all false, but our subconscious mind translates it into fear.

The image that we carry of a perfect salesman is full of positive attributes. We are our worst critic and therefore promptly find our flaws in our characters. When we take up the task of selling, we lack the confidence to convey our communication properly to fix the deal.

Sometimes, we are also afraid of recalling the vital statistics to make the sale and this erupts fear of selling in our mind.

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A better way to confront the fear of selling First and foremost, be clear about your market position and what are you trying to sell. Sort out a few questions, like who are your customers, what are the advantages of your product that the customers are going to benefit by its usage.

You should bring in the confidence in your voice so that the customers will be compelled to buy from you.

If you feel the fear of selling clouding your mind, then try to sort out what is bugging you really, is it any defect in the product itself. If the answer is yes, then try to solve the defect and then sell the product.

Examine your friends, how they are handling the process of selling with dexterity.

Prior to selling, be clear about numbers, since selling is a number's game. You should also be confident about calculations. Learn to close deals with your own creativity, instead of following the same stereotypical rules.

This will enable to relax the pressure on you. Practicing helps and therefore keep on practicing prior to communicating with your customer.

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Try out a few experiments with yourself, prior to selling to the customer. Find out a quiet spot and relax your body and mind and taking slow and steady breath.

Once you find your mind relaxed, recite the strong, self image qualities you had identified earlier. Find out the reasons, which are blocking your mind and languishing your self confidence. Get rod pf each of the reasons with effective NLP techniques. This will enable to get a clear view of your critical situation and solve the same.

Fear of rejection is the greatest obstacle, and it gives rise to fear of selling. It is true that you will definitely not want to hear the word 'no' and therefore, you should be prepared to accept it with more ease.

Make yourself self understand that, rejections do happen and therefore you should be aware of the circumstance. You should also avoid fear of presentation, as this will help you to fight back the fear.

Hence, to combat the fear of selling, you need to tame your mind and boost the confidence in you to make your deal a success.

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