Fear of screaming something out in a public place

I don't think anyone can help me. Psychiatrists have never been able to solve this problem. I have NEVER met anyone online who has what I do. I think only my Precious GOD can help me. But it's worth a try. Maybe he is leading me to find an answer on my own.

I have serious panic attacks in public. Almost all of it is the fear of screaming something out in a public place. Something like the awful N word for black people, or F...k. mainly the fear of the N word. I Hate this. So many of my old friends are black. But this is unlike anything I have read or heard about. I think I am one in a zillion. Any advice? I am already on klonapan and various anti depressants. Has anyone ever HEARd of a case like this. Just going out in public is a nightmare. Please help if you can. thanks!

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