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Same Fear As You
by: Michael

That's another fear I have, although I do have some solutions for it. My fear of this was worse when I started college. That was when people would usually come up to me, out of nowhere, and ask me for: the time (I don't wear a watch), money, change, and directions. It was to the point where I spend my study time in the quiet area of my school's library where no one is able to drink, eat, smoke, or talk. There are always library staff and police walking around down there.

I am not a New Yorker. I wasn't born in New York City and thank God for that. I do not know everything, I don't ride public transportation because it sucks, and I do not speak with that loud, retarded accent. People seem to somehow think that I know everything, when that is not even true. That's impossible, even in New York City.

Since 2009, things have been better. Whenever a complete and total stranger asks me something, I simply keep walking, look down, or to the side. I refuse to give anyone money, change, or directions. Never take these people for granted either. Chances are, they want to steal something from you and make you angry. Keep valuables to yourself and be yourself. Be normal and don't look around all the time when in public.

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