Fear of Rust

by Morelia

Rusty swing...

Rusty swing...

I can't stand rust, freaks the crap out of me! I can be near it but I can't touch it or else I freak out and feel like I will die, because you can if your blood is exposed to it. I believe it is called iophobia. I also fear some metals, when I get scratched by any metal I over react and freak out. I HATE the smell of metal, and when you touch it the smell is in your hands and I refuse to eat or touch myself until I wash my hands. So I don't always like touching coins.
I never want to swing on swings because a lot of them have rust on the chains or leaves that metal smell once I'm done touching it. So I will get on the swing but I don't touch the chains therefore I don't swing high or at all. Just looking at rust makes my heart weaken!
I remember when I started this fear of rust, I was at a friends house and her mom got scratched by metal and said "good thing I got my tetanus shot" then she told me that you can die if scratched by rust or metals if you don't have a tetanus shot. So the fear of dying makes me so scared of rust and certain metals, even though I have a tetanus shot.
I hope someday I will over come this, but as of rig now... I don't think so.

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