Fear of Rows of Slices/Lines

by Macy
(United States)

Say, if you were to slice an apple horizontally with a knife (without cutting through it completely, I can't even look at it. Something about the slices. Like a hasselback potato. Ew I'm getting itchy just talking about it... I can handle wavy chips just fine, I can handle sliced things just fine when they're separate. But when you put them all next to each other...ugh. Or when you accidentally slice your thumb across a razorblade and it leaves four or so slices in your skin. Oh man it makes my skin crawl. I also have major trypophobia, fear of small holes/cluster of bumps. Which is made even worse by my chronic eczema and problem of breaking out in hives almost every single day. I can't help but wonder if all of this is related. But man, it really gets in the way of things.

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