Do You Suffer From
Fear Of Rodents?

Fear of rodents is evident especially in the warehousing, food industries, households, shops, engineering plants, agriculture and anywhere you can lay your eyes. Rodents are famous for chewing anything they want to.

The worst thing about the rodents is that, they are the carrier of diseases of all kinds and can get you sick in the most unexpected times.

This type of fear is also referred to as 'Musophobia'. The first three letters 'mus' stands for 'mouse' in the Latin language.

The term has other synonyms, like 'Murophobia' and 'Surophobia'. Murophobia is named after the Muridae family, that encompasses mice and rats and 'Surophobia' is from the French word 'souris' meaning mouse.

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Discussing in details about the fear of rodents
The most reasonable concern is that, rodents contaminate food supplies and cause damages to most of the objects. They not only consume the food products, but also poison the same, making it impossible for further consumption.

Since ages, fear of rodents has been associated only with the female gender. In cartoons, television shows and films, women has been portrayed as the hysterical type screaming and jumping atop the chairs and beds at the sight of rodents.

However, post 21st century, the misconception has been eradicated and it has been found that the experience of the phobia is common with both the sexes.

Steps to terminate the fear of rodents
If you get scared of mice or rats, then remember that the circumstance can be defined as the socially conditioned response or startle response. It may so happen that a person may simply get scared of a mouse, by seeing it on the television.

Suriphobia is catapulted by a traumatic experience with a mouse. If Suriphobia is diagnosed properly and treated, then that will include elimination of the other mental disorders.

The intellectual way to treat Suriphobia is by seeking the help of a professional. The Desensitization therapy or the cognitive behavioral therapy may work for some.

The other types of treatments include hypnotic regression, supportive therapy and drugs.

Counseling is also considered helpful in some cases, since the process enables you to reason out the causes of fear by yourself and seek another person's help to solve the same.

Dealing with fear of rodents with the NLP self-Help technique
You may have come across the proverb that self-help is the best help. The same applies in case of self-help NLP techniques too. Here you gain confidence to face the reality and attempt to transform your mental “construct”.

Self help NLP techniques work to eliminate all negative thoughts and fears and help you to think rationally.

Hence, it can be concluded that if your mind is controlled and you have the courage to fight the fear residing in you, only then you can combat the fear of rodents with triumph.

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