Fear of Roaches

I my name is Betty. I have for years ever since I was a little girl been afraid of height, deep water, but the biggest fear I have is flying black roaches big enough to ride at least that is what I tell myself. I got this phobia from my mother. We never had bugs in our house because mom was a walking bug spray killer.

I lived once in Atlanta since 1962 to 1998 and I moved back to Alabama. I feel I moved back to a horror movie. Sue we had bugs in Atlanta but not like these. I live in the country and these are big black flying roaches and I have a severe phobia to locust. Didn't know we had them until I came up on one. My fear is that if a roach or locust gets on me I will have a heart attack. I have tried to find help for my phobia, but can't find anybody who can help me.

I am 61 years old and too old to live in fear all the time. My husband keeps our house sprayed outside. He spays around the house and under the house. I may go a long time and not see one and then one morning I get up and there is one and I can't breathe I start crying and shaking all over.

I wish I could find help because this is so bad. I can't enjoy life without fear. Hopefully I will someday find help.

The fear I have for heights came when I was a little girl I fall off my uncle’s house. I also almost came out of a ride at a fair. It was a faireswheel and the cage door came open and half of my body was hanging out because the seat belt didn't fit tight.

My fear of bridges is because my whole life I have dreamed I was going off a bridge into water and my seat belt doesn’t open and I drown. My father use to tell me to get in the floorboard of the car when we would be going over bridges and then when we got across he would tell me to get up.

I have gotten better about going across bridges I still can't hardly breathe when crossing a bridge I would hope and prey nobody would be in my way so I can just fly across it without looking at the water. Well this is my story. Thanks, Betty

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