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Bad Phobia
by: Dora

I was in an old house in Houston where I lived. WE were clean folks, but had tons of generations of roaches in the house, it was an old house. To this day I get itchy, wont go into a room with a big roach and if I do I shake and breath hard and get jumpy at least little bump or sound. I spray the roach and run like hell. My family thinks it's stupid or funny, but it isn't. I saw a big roach by a register where I work and I wouldn't even go near it. A lady picked itup with a napkin and threw the dead carcass away in my garbage can, wouldn't go near it dead or alive. I got scolded and I said "fire me, I am not going near it, it's like being scared of spiders, by god this isn't funny." In our old house as a child, they'd fly all over the place and sometimes fly and land on me in bed. Huge ones. I'd scream and cry until my mother or father came in yelling at me "ohh it's only a damn roach Glenda" and daddy would sweep it off of me. One landed in my hair as a child and my friend down the street laughed at me as I screamed and cried. I remember my daddy when I was a 6 year old killing a pile of them and my mother holding me up as he held one by the feelers/tenticles while it kicked and was still alive. I screamed and cried in terror but they thought it was funny. I guess they thought making me face my fear would rid me of it, no it made it worse. All those roaches in that old house caused my phobia. I get itchy and just thinking of one makes me itch right now and im starting to get jumpy and look around so im getting off this page. I just wanted you to know that I am with's no laughing matter.

by: Anonymous

i feel your pain sister... i was working on my home work one night on the computer when i noticed something out of the corner of my eye on the wall... It was a roach! i freaked out and ran out of the room. I went to the closet to grab some roach killer spray and slowly walked back to where i was working. I took a deep breath and shot it from a distance... THE NEXT THING I NEW IT WAS FLYING STRAIGHT AT ME!!!! I screamed and ran to go get my brother... But we never found it...

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