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Fear of right turns phobia – sounds odd isn’t so? However, for your better understanding you can rename the condition and refer it as fear of corners.

Jan Heering

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Corners and intersections are certain points on the road, which may make a driver, feel extremely endangered. At such circumstances, the irrational behavior of the victim suffering from right turns phobia can affect his security and may even cost his life.

A person suffering from fear of right turns phobia feels quite uncomfortable to see a high way sign bearing the illustration of a winding road. Automatically he slows down his pace and feels utterly disturbed.

Now this is indeed quite alarming. For such an unstable and disturbed psychological condition can cause accidents on road leading to fatal consequences. An unstable nerve is surely unsuitable for a biker or driver especially in streets on higher altitudes.

At times, the victim suffering from fear of right turns phobia may face a blind corner where the way is usually obscured by rock or trees. He simply cannot decide whether he should move ahead or just turn away and choose a safer way to reach his destination.

However, conditions become worse when the victim knows that this is the only way left for him to choose. Now, either he has to proceed or return just from where he had started his journey. He really finds himself in a bowl of soup.

It is a universal suggestion that you should be extra careful while overcoming a blind corner on the way. Nevertheless, being careful does not mean that you have to feel nervous and panicky.

Fear of right turns phobia is not at all a cautionary attitude. It is a sign of unreasonable apprehension. If you keep your head cool and behave rationally, you can easily overcome any condition of fear causing harm either to your ownself or to anyone else.

In order to overcome fear of right turns phobia you have to learn the skills of smart biking and driving. Knowing the right method isn’t enough. You must practice how to stay cool and confident while riding motorcycle and driving cars especially round steep corners.

You can also take the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to increase control on yourself.

NLP is definitely a tested way of hardening your nerves. It is natural for you to be afraid of street dangers, especially the danger of overcoming sharp corners. But fear of right turns phobia is a diseased psychological condition, which definitely creates fatal problems for the victim.

NLP teaches you the art of controlling fear so that you may be able to handle things confidently.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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